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The Pakistan Travel Mart, Tourism Dialogue, Pakistan Tourism Summit, and the Pakistan Hospitality Show were key events that took place in 2019 to create awareness, opportunities, and promotion of industry's public-private partnerships. A revamped web portal of PTDC was launched to promote tourism and create an information gateway for tourist Feb. 20: India halted an important bus service between Srinagar, the capital of India-controlled Kashmir, and Muzaffarabad, the capital of the Pakistan-controlled Kashmir, without explanation Pakistan Events of 2019 2019, in Karachi, Pakistan. in an important enforcement of laws to prosecute so-called honor killings, the parents of Qandeel Baloch,.

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India and Pakistan have fought three wars in the last 70 years, two of which, in 1947 and 1965, were over Kashmir. This February marked a turning point in the long-standing conflict, as tensions. Here is a list of the major events that Indiatimes covered in 2019. 1. Pulwama attack, Balakot and Wing Commander Abhinandan bccl. Not even a single Indian can forget those back-to-back events that made the Indo-Pak relations hit rock bottom

Take a look back at the most important events in politics, culture, science and the environment. Protesters in Hong Kong clashed with police, fire consumed an 850-year-old cathedral in Paris, the. Pakistan's prime minister on Afghanistan, India and the future of the relationship with America. First They Lace Up Their Skates. Then They Fight Terrorism. The police in Karachi, Pakistan, put. Take a look back at the eventful year of 2019 with a review of the most important events in politics, sports and entertainment1- Sahiwal killings2- Aleem Kha.. Pakistan will head to the polls on July 25 to choose a new leader in what will be the second democratic transition of power in seven decades. The South Asian nation has been ruled by the military for about half of its history since independence in 1947. Ahead of the historic election, we look at major events that have formed the country's. Festivals in Pakistan Christmes, Eid, Hari Raya, Ramadan, Today it is an international event to which come dignitaries from abroad and visitors and foreign tourists. The organizing committee comprises representatives of a number of agencies including army, rangers, LMC schools, the police, industrialists and the art councils..

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LIKE THIS VIDEO:This video is having all the major events from 1947 to 2019. Best current affairs for all time. Political History of Pakistan that is very im.. — Govt of Pakistan (@pid_gov) August 30, 2019 Today's event is to let Kashmiris know that the nation is standing with Kashmiris through thick and thin, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan told.

The Big Events of 2019 January 04, 2019. Willis Sparks. China is a close ally and has major investments in Pakistan, including a $65 billion economic corridor linking China's northwestern Xinjiang region to Gwadar port in southern Pakistan. In recent years,. (R) - Pakistan marked 60 years of independence on Tuesday, celebrating the end of British colonial rule in 1947. Here is a chronology of major events during the last six decades

History (Of Pakistan, 1947-2019) History ILHAN NIAZ INTRODUCTION AND THEMATIC OVERVIEW THE INITIAL CHALLENGES OF STATE-BUILDING Since its independence from the United Kingdom and partition IN PAKISTAN, 1947-53 from India in August 1947, Pakistan's historical trajectory has Table 1: Governors-General of Pakistan been marked by five major themes 2010-2019 Decade In Review 2010-2019 Highlights of the Decade 2010-2019 Memorable Events Of The Decade Trending What Richard Branson Said After Jeff Bezos' Space Fligh In November, seven Indian soldiers are killed after rebels disguised as policemen storm a major army base near the frontier with Pakistan. 2019 - In the early hours of February 26, India. Events January. January 1 - February 28 - Bangladeshi cricket team in Pakistan in 2019-20. [citation needed] January 10 January 2020 Quetta bombing. January 2020 lunar eclipse; February. February 1 - The government declared a national emergency to protect crops and help farmers. February 9.

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Pakistan Islamic events, Find Muslim Festival dates and Holidays in Pakistan for 2021. Complete list including Ramadan, Eid ul Fitr, Hajj, Eid ul Adha, Ashura, Eid Milad un Nabi, Shab e Barat, Shab e Miraj. Find accurate dates according to Islamic & Gregorian calendars Coronavirus: Travel status Since 5 October, all international travelers to Pakistan will be required to present evidence of a negative COVID-19 test taken within 96 hours of the start of travel. A list of countries exempted from this test requirement can be found at the link below and on the map. Pakistan Coronavirus Travel Guid Major political events in Pakistan's 71-year history. By ZARAR KHAN July 25, 2018 GMT. People cast their votes in the parliamentary elections in Islamabad, Pakistan, Wednesday, July 25, 2018. After an acrimonious campaign, polls opened in Pakistan on Wednesday to elect the country's third straight civilian election, a first for this majority.

According to the Climate Risk Index 2021, Pakistan ranks eighth for countries most affected by extreme weather events between 2000 and 2019. Pakistan has experienced a series of hazards in recent. The Prime Minister of Pakistan has been pleased to call for the public donations for PM - CJ Fund for Diamer Basha And Mohmand Dam. The fund details are as under: Bank: State Bank of Pakistan Top national events 2019: As curtains come down on the year 2019, Jagran Josh has compiled a list of top national events that took the nation by storm in the past year such the Ram Janmbhoomi-Babri..

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Events and News summary of 31 October 2019 - Know What Happened on 31 October 2019 in Politics, Science and Technology, Sports, Business, Entertainment and much more As 2019 came to a close, no progress had been made in containing, let alone dismantling, North Korean's nuclear weapons program. The prospects for 2020 aren't any better. 9. Brexit Upends.

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Pakistan society of interventional cardiology was established on a small scale back in 2005. It has come a long way since then despite immense challenges in a developing country. It aims at uplifting interventional practices in Pakistan to international standards and maintain adequate level of training for young interventionists across the country Future Timeline | Latest Predictions | Technology | Singularity | 2020 | 2050 | 2100 | 2150 | 2200 | 21st century | 22nd century | 23rd century | Humanity. Pakistan's economy has been growing slowly over the past two decades. Annual per capita growth has averaged only 2 percent, less than half of the South Asia average, partly due to inconsistent macroeconomic policies and an under-reliance on investment and exports to drive economic growth. Short periods of rapid consumption-fueled growth. The Global anti-terrorism watchdog Financial Action Task Force (FATF) decided to maintain Pakistan into Grey List till June 2021 on February 25, 2021. Key Facts This decision by the FATF was taken in the light of country's failure to fully comply with the 27-point action plan of to combat the terrorism. This decision was taken . Breaking news summaries and articles on current events about Pakistan for NTS, CSS, PPSC, FPSC, SPSC, BPSC, KPSC, PTS, OTS, BTS and other Govt Job Exams. Current Affairs [Current Affairs] 19 July, 2021 Top Pakistan Current Affairs for PPSC Test Preparatio

Chinese Vice President's Visit to Pakistan (26-28 May 2019): Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan visited Pakistan from 26-28 May 2019. He called on the President and held bilateral talks with the Prime Minister. During the visit, the Nishan-e-Pakistan was conferred upon the Vice President in a special investiture ceremony Uniformed East Pakistan rebel forces with armed civilians patrol a street in Jessore, East Pakistan on April 2, 1971 after West Pakistan forces withdrew [AP] Forty-eight years after the 1971 war. Authors: Areeja Syed and Ahmed Bux Jamali* Pakistan recognized the People's Republic of China in 1950 and started diplomatic relations on 21st May 1951. Pakistan from the very beginning has kept its foreign policy approach very friendly as both are immediate neighbors as well. Historically, four major events reshaped the smoothness of relationship towards more [

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The outbreak dominated events in Pakistan for most of 2020, as cases surged after authorities lifted lockdowns prematurely in a bid to stabilize the economy. Difficulties in socially isolating meant that daily wage earners and essential workers, as well as prisoners, refugees, students and others, were exposed to greater risks of infection Read more about Year in Review: 10 events that changed India's political discourse in 2019 on Business Standard. As India kisses 2019 goodbye, a peep into the most important political events in the country during the yea Independence Day: 73 events that define India's journey from 1947 to 2019 In its 72 years of independence, India has several achievements to its credit. It has built a modern economy (second fastest growing economy), remained a democracy, lifted millions out of poverty, has become a space and nuclear power and developed a robust foreign policy Between 2009 to 2019, there were numerous events that shaped and transformed Southeast Asia. From tragedies and the death of prominent personalities to elections and coup, Mashable Southeast Asia takes a look back on some major events that shook the region. 1. Brunei becomes first in East Asia to implement the Sharia Law

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  1. ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) plans to place offers for at least five major international events at an International Cricket Council (ICC) meeting this month. The ICC is seeking bids for hosting rights of men's cricket events from 2024 to 2031. The T20 World Cups will be held in 2024, 2026, 2028, and 2030. The ODI World Cups.
  2. The economy as inherited by Pakistan in 1947, with a focus on the Industrial sector 2. The broad development priorities of the government in 1947-1958 3. The development of the industry in 1947-58 4. The government's role in development 5. The public image of the private entrepreneur during the period. 21
  3. Major Events in Asian History 1900- 2019. 1900-Boxer Rebellion. 1901-Boxer Rebellion Ends. 1901-Australia Created. 1902-Anglo Japanese Treaty. 1904-Russo Japanese War. 1904-British Forces Reach Tibet. 1904-Japanese Victorious. 1905-Sun Yat-Sen Founds Union
  4. Pakistan Data Sheets (Updated till June 23, 2019). Fatalities in Terrorist Violence in Pakistan 2003-2019 : Fatalities in Pakistan Region Wise: 2011-2019, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 Major incidents of terrorist violence in Pakistan
  5. The source said Pakistan has already held talks with the Emirates Cricket Board to jointly host some ICC events. International cricket returned to Pakistan in 2019 after nearly 10 years, a period when top teams refused to tour the country due to security concerns following an attack by militants on the Sri Lankan team in March 2009
  6. International cricket returned to Pakistan in 2019 after nearly 10 years, a period when top teams refused to tour the country due to security concerns following an attack by militants on the Sri.
  7. History of Bangladesh. For centuries, the area that is now Bangladesh was part of the Bengal region of India. It was ruled by the same empires that ruled central India, from the Maurya (321-184 BCE) to the Mughal (1526-1858 CE). When the British took control of the region and created their Raj in India (1858-1947), Bangladesh was included

Tue 5 Nov 2019 03.00 EST. She explains how the most powerful videos use human beings to personify world actors - such as countries - in major historical events Pakistan batting coach Younis Khan believes that picking only young players in ODIs and the T20I squad is not correct. Although Khan supports the point that T20I and ODI cricket is about young blood, he also believes that it is important to induct experienced players into the squad The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has announced the schedule of the Pakistan Super League PSL 5 2020 knockout stage fixtures that were delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic

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On Thursday night, Paani at the University of Michigan, a non-profit organization, hosted Ripple Effect, its first annual banquet and largest event yet with around 180 people in attendance. The event focused on the water and sanitation crisis in Pakistan as well as the U.S., and included speeches from Dr. Mohammed Amjad Saqib and and [ On May 2, 2011, U.S. Navy Seals raid a residence in Abbottabad, Pakistan, killing the United State's most wanted terrorist—Osama Bin Laden. The launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour (STS-134) on May 16, 2011, marks its last mission to space and the second to last shuttle mission before the end of the space shuttle program

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  1. Snapshots of key economic developments in fy19. December 30, 2019 Cover Stories 171. The economy of Pakistan experienced adjustments during fiscal year 2019, which includes — the exchange rate was realigned with the market fundamentals; interest rates were sharply increased; Public Sector Development Expenditure was significantly curtailed.
  2. 7:55 a.m. ET, March 2, 2019 Beijing has important links with both Pakistan and India that it needs to balance -- but it is on the verge of being sucked into the.
  3. The numbers have subsequently climbed back up to 181 last year, in part as a consequence of agitations in the Kashmir Valley after July 2016 and Pakistan's decision to try to take advantage of.

Key events Show. 3.57pm EDT 15:57 but the most important was that Pakistan entered a state of haal. World champions in 2017 and drop the baton at the World relays in 2019. They are. For Afghan Refugees, Pakistan Is a Nightmare—but Also Home. Host to one of the world's largest refugee populations, the country is trying to figure out how to push migrants out. But that will.

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Pakistan will benefit if we have a few million tourists from neighboring countries travel to Pakistan. They will understand our local language and customs better. Even 1 million neighbors spending 25,000 rupees each in local areas per trip will lift up the economy For the last two decades, U.S.-Pakistan relations have been defined by the war in Afghanistan and counterterrorism concerns. With the United States military withdrawal almost complete, the relationship should broaden to focus on other issues important to both countries and the broader South Asia region A new World Bank report proposes key reforms to improve water security and productivity. ISLAMABAD, February 4, 2019 - Pakistan can get more economic, social and environmental benefits from its water, subject to urgent reforms to improve water use efficiency and service delivery, says a new report from the World Bank.. The report, Pakistan: Getting More from Water, states that while Pakistan.

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The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a journey towards economic integration of Eurasia. The CPEC contains US$62 billion investment projects on energy, infrastructure, and other development projects in Pakistan. However, CPEC could enhance climate change vulnerabilities for the faltering economy of Pakistan due to its three possible environmental risks and repercussions. Its major. Great power politics is resurgent in South Asia today. China's growing military ambition in the region is matched in financial terms by its Belt and Road Initiative, the largest and most advanced component of which is the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. What remains unclear is how the United States should navigate the new dynamic. This report, which is based on research and consultations. Nov. 22, 2019. A new front in the decades-long rivalry between India and Pakistan has emerged: which country is more responsible for the choking air pollution that straddles their shared, hostile. Girls Learn, Women Earn (GLWE) is a call to action platform to prioritize Girls' Education & Women's Economic Empowerment in Pakistan.The World Bank aims to create more awareness, advocacy and action to help girls excel in education and women to thrive in the workplace, through the GLWE 100-day action initiative Major Geography Events. Below are a list of major geography events over recent years. Click on the links to access resources about each one. Cyclone Idai: Mozambique - March 2019. Indonesia earthquake & tsunami - September 2018. Hurricane Florence - September 2018. Typhoon Mangkhut - September 2018. Iran-Iraq earthquake - November 2017

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20 June 2019, 00:01 UTC. Forty years ago, Afghans began fleeing the violence in their country and seeking refuge across nearby borders. More than 400,000 people fled the violence of the Communist-led Taraki and Amin government, crossing over into Pakistan. The numbers progressively swelled after the Soviet invasion on Christmas Eve in 1979 WHO will release new estimates for additional investments needed to achieve globally agreed hepatitis elimination goals by 2030, in the context of the universal health coverage. The host country for World Hepatitis Day 2019 is Pakistan. The global events will be held in Islamabad, Pakistan on 27-28 July 2019. Campaign materials

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  1. One major event that could impact the world of business in 2019 is the Chinese government triggering a domestic financial crisis by continuing to incentivize its economy to grow unhinged while not.
  2. Here is what we know about the most serious India-Pakistan crisis in more than a decade. On February 14, the Pakistan-based terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammed attacked a paramilitary convoy.
  3. According to a rough estimate, there are more than 80 co-working spaces and various competitions, conferences, startup events, and meetups occurring across Pakistan. Though the 2019 landscape for.
  4. This timeline of major events in ancient history includes dates and events that led to or impacted the great western civilizations of Greece and Rome. 2019 The major events in ancient history listed in the table below are those happenings in the world that led to or gravely impacted the rise and decline of the great Mediterranean.
  5. Government health spending. Development assistance for health. $90 $80 $70 $60 $50 $40 $30 $20 $10 $0 2019 USD per person 2017 2050 $37 Total: $75 total: Expected* $3 $3 $10 $25 $22 $43 $2 $4. Source: Financing Global Health Database 2019. *Expected is the future growth trajectory based on past growth

Our Heritage. Under the umbrella of the Fauji Group of Companies, with major shareholding by FFBL - Fauji Foods Limited was founded in 2015 after the acquisition of Noon Pakistan Limited, a company with an over 50-year dairy legacy in Pakistan. In February 2016, Fauji Foods introduced a new brand for the masses by the name of Dostea PM Modi embraks on a 2-day visit to Bangladesh in his 1st foreign tour since 2019. There are multiple reasons that makes the event significant. A year after Janta Curfew, which signified the onset of COVID-19 and one of the first major steps taken by the Government against the pandemic, Prime Minister Narendra Modi sets off on his first foreign. designation as required in the important national interests of the United States. Section I. Religious Demography The U.S. government estimates the total population at 210.8 million (midyear 2019 estimate). According to the provisional results of a national census conducted in 2017, 96 percent of the population is Sunni or Shia Muslim. According t

In early August 2019, Kashmir, a region contested by India and Pakistan, had its decades-long special status revoked. When Kashmir was integrated in 1947, India gave it a certain degree of autonomy, going so far as to allow it its own constitution. Since then, there have been myriad conflicts within the region, with Pakistan invading and attempting to claim the territory as well as separatist. Read more + 16 November 2019 By sarim chaudary in Explore More Places of Lahore, Historical Places in Lahore, Microblogs on Lahore The Ravi River - The Dying River of Lahore City Read more + 16 November 2019 By Bilal Hassan in Historical Places in Lahore , Microblogs on Lahore , Pakistan , Religious Places in Lahor The two countries have fought three major wars since then, two of them over Kashmir. pressures behind the 2019 India-Pakistan clash, and a . graphic-laden look at how Modi has or hasn't.

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Pakistan has the second-lowest literacy rate in South Asia after Afghanistan, and in adult literacy it ranks 150th out of 188 countries worldwide. There are also major gender disparities: the literacy rate for Pakistani males is 68%, compared to 45% for females CPEC | China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Official Website Develop By Ministry of Planning Development & Special Initiatives CPEC Secretariat 'P' block Pak-Secretariat, Islamabad,Pakistan. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is a framework of regional connectivity. CPEC will not only benefit China and Pakistan but will have positive impact on Iran, Afghanistan, India, Central Asian Republic. 18-Dec-2019 - Last updated on 18-Dec-2019 at 01:49 GMT Email to a friend Malaysia, Australia and Pakistan have retained their positions as the top-ranking APAC countries in the State of the Global Islamic Economy Report's Top 10 Halal Food listing. ©Getty Image Read More: Most Repeated PPSC MCQs with answers ( For Jobs in Pakistan) Read More: Important Wapda Test MCQs for Electrical The event if Miraj is 11th of Nabvi NOT 10th of nabvi. Dr. Reza Baqir was appointed as the Governor SBP by the President of Pakistan on May 04, 2019 for a period of 3 years from the day he assumes the office of the.

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Historical Events (1882/10/14 - 2008/08/18) 1882-10-14 - University of the Punjab is founded in present day Pakistan. 1887-07-04 - The founder of Pakistan, Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, joins Sindh-Madrasa-tul-Islam, Karachi. 1893-11-12 - The treaty of the Durand Line is signed between present day Pakistan and Afghanistan - the Durand Line has gained internationa A Notice of Opposition was filed by Pakistan against India's claim over Basmati in late 2020. The main grounds for opposition were that both Pakistan and India produce Basmati, and, thereby it. May 2019 By Moeed W. Yusuf. Nearly two decades ago, U.S. President Bill Clinton prophetically characterized Kashmir as the most dangerous place on earth. 1 Since conducting nuclear tests in 1998, India and Pakistan have regularly faced crises linked to Kashmir, the disputed region at the northern tips of the two nations. Serious tensions over the last two months provided the latest. India, Pakistan and the Sikhs: The Kartarpur corridor in its historical and political perspective THIS EVENT IS ARCHIVED Prof. Gurharpal Singh, SOAS. Date: 12 November 2019 Time: 6:00 PM. Finishes: 12 November 2019 Time: 7:30 PM. Venue: Brunei Gallery Room: Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre. Type of Event: Lecture. Abstrac Islamist Militancy in Pakistan. Army members investigate the site of a deadly Improvised Explosive Device (IED) attack on April 14, 2013. (Sanallah Khan/R) Pakistan Navy's special operation force conducts a counter terrorism demonstration in Karachi on February 11, 2017. (Akhtar Soomro/R

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On August 23, 2019, Brookings India hosted a Foreign Policy & Security Seminar on Raghvendra Singh's recently published book, India's Lost Frontier: The Story of the North-West Frontier.

JRussian defence minister arrives in Pakistan to discuss