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The highest recorded speeding fine ever issued was to a 37 year old Swedish man in 2010 in Switzerland! He was fined a total of CHF 1.08 Million for driving at 290 km/h on a 120 km/h stretch of motorway. Wishing you safe travels and safe driving! Both information tables courtesy of Ch.c The following additional administrative penalties apply to serious speeding offences: If you exceed the speed limit by 25 km/h in built-up areas, 30 km/h out of built-up areas or by 35 km/h on the motorway, the offence will be entered into the register of criminal convictions and will be appear for a certain period on extracts from the register Speeding In Switzerland. They Will Get You And You Will Pay! One thing that may surprise you is the voracity of the Swiss Police in catching and punishing drivers who break the law.This is an excerpt of a letter that landed on our doormat yesterday-Briefly translated, the car was traveling at 54 km/h in an area with a limit of 50 km/h.After a rounding down factor of 3 km/h for laser speed. Speeding Tickets in Switzerland. Jump to bottom. Posted by John (St. Paul, USA) on 01/24/09 01:35 PM. Has anyone received a speeding ticket in the mail after they have returned from Switzerland or anywhere in Europe? Did you dispute it? It has been 5 months since we were in Switzerland and now we received a notice and fine for speeding

Speeding fine from Switzerland . Reply Prev of 3. 2 3 Next Reply Author. Discussion. Tpm93. Original Poster. 13 posts. 31 months. Thursday 14th March 2019. Hello, Basically I had been working over. Rather than following a fixed set of fines for speeders, Switzerland has no upper cap on fines for speeding. They have a unique system for calculating fines that resulted in one man setting a new world record for the largest speeding fine at just over $1 million. Let's take a closer look at the circumstances of this $1 million speeding ticket 37 year-old driver caught going close to 300 km/h (186 mph). The man speed past several photo-radar posts before being caught by police. He faces daily fines for up to 300 days that can tally up to..

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  1. Finland isn't the only country to apply so-called progressive punishment to speeding fines. Switzerland uses a similar system, and currently holds the world record for a speeding ticket. It was handed to a Swedish motorist in 2010 who was caught driving at 290km/h. He was fined 3,600 Swiss francs per day for 300 days - around.
  2. If you break the limits with more than 20 to 40 km/h and get your license withdrawn, the fines will be set according to your taxable income and wealth (Tagessatz). With a high income you will have to pay a high fine. This guy got a 200 000 euro fine for doing 130 km/h through a village with his Ferrari
  3. For serious speeding offences in excess of 25 km/h, additional penalties will be imposed. For instance, your driver's license may be suspended for a period ranging from one to three months, depending on the speed and the location
  4. If you decide you want to speed your way through Switzerland, be warned there is no such thing as a standard fine for driving say, 35 mph over the limit

Switzerland and France have signed an agreement on certain aspects of traffic legislation, such as parking and speeding offences. On request, both countries provide mutual assistance in enforcing fines. That means the Swiss authorities can enforce the payment of fines issued by the French authorities to Swiss motorists, and vice versa Reason: You live in China, and there is no treaty between China and Switzerland to enforce fines in the other country. (Same would apply if you live in the USA btw.) If you wish you can still pay. But you would have to call the number on the letter +41 52 632 81 20 and he will be so kind to re-activate the fine In Switzerland - perhaps surprising for a country that is normally rich-friendly - speeding fines take into account the motorist's income as well as the speed. The Swede is now facing the maximum.. Traffic regulations and fines in Switzerland. The Road Traffic Act defines the traffic regulations, regulates traffic on public roads and defines responsibilities in case of accident. All road users must obey the traffic regulations (Road Traffic Act, Articles 26 to 57)

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Even before these new laws, speeding was eye wateringly expensive in Switzerland. One speeder in 2010 was ordered to pay CHF 299,000 - from RTS list of record speeds and fines There is no one agency - speeding fines are handled by the canton concerned. As JT14 says - if you have paid ALL the fines you should be OK. Bring proof of payment with you (copy of wire transfers etc). Then if you drive here next time be very attentive to speed limits A speeding Swedish driver is facing the world's biggest ever motoring fine of 650,000 euros - around £538,000 - after being clocked at 180mph while driving through Switzerland

Advocates say a $290,000 speeding ticket slapped on a millionaire Ferrari driver in Switzerland was a fair and well-deserved example of the trend. Germany, France, Austria and the Nordic countries. Speeding fine from Switzerland . Reply Prev 1. of 3. 3 Next Reply Author. Discussion. Cerdo Espada. 432 posts. 31 months. Saturday 16th March 2019. The way I see it, the only way to be really sure.

Ignoring fines of any country is not a good idea. Fines will be registered in the police system. Should she ever return to Switzerland, she could get in severe troubles.. It is true, Switzerland has many speed control cameras, most of them for a good reason As speeding fines in Switzerland are calculated based on the income of the motorist, it was reported that the driver faced a penalty of CHF 1,080,000. This is the highest possible fine a Swiss court can impose. in the end, however, the penalty was reduced to CHF 27,000 - not high enough to make international news again The fine was 80 Euros which increased steeply if not paid within 28 days. Using the large South American company Localiza in Paraguay, my deposit was actually witheld for 2 weeks which is the period it would take for the company to receive any speeding or parking fines. Therefore, the authorities and rental companies have certainly grown more. And last, but not least, keep an eye on that speedometer. If there's one thing Switzerland has a reputation of, that is for hefty fines for speeding. And with the introduction of the Via sicura road safety program in 2012, penalties for speeding became even more severe. The purpose of this program is to reduce fatalities and injuries on Swiss.

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And another tip if you are caught and given a hefty fine in Switzerland: Don't make any big claims to try and get out of the ticket. The Testarossa driver was initially fined a little less than. Hi, Switzerland here. Speeding fines are NOT calculated as a percentage of income. This is only true for violations over a certain speed. This guy was going 300 in a 120 zone. Up to 25 over (after deduction of the tolerance amount, which varies from 5 to 9 km/h depending on whether it's a mobile or fixed radar or laser), it's between 40 and 260. Speeding Fine Advice. Close. 24. Posted by 1 day ago. Speeding Fine Advice. However I only lived in Switzerland as a kid, so I don't really know what it's like to live there as an adult. Besides the fear of financial insecurities in Switzerland and other adaptational issues , I am mainly worried about the cultural factor.. Switzerland is not the only country in Europe to issue income-based speeding tickets, which are designed to punish both rich and poor proportionately. In Finland, for example, a former Nokia executive was fined the equivalent of $103,000 for going 45 miles per hour in a 30 zone on his motorbike in 2002 Oct 6, 2010 @ 22:47. Hey, Normally there should be a compte postal (CCP) number on the fine your received. It is a number looking like 01-23456-7.As said before, you can pay on such account with a Swiss bank

The fines will be the same throughout the country, regardless of the canton in which infractions occur. The aim of the SSK is to harmonise the application of the law in Switzerland as much as possible, the organisation said on its website.. It added, however, that the final decision is up to the prosecuting authorities Feedback is welcome, as always. A Swedish motorist caught driving at 290km/h (180mph) in Switzerland could be given a world-record speeding fine of SFr1.08m ($1m; £656,000), prosecutors say. The 37-year-old, who has not been named, was clocked driving his Mercedes sports car at 170km/h over the limit. Under Swiss law, the level of fine is. Drink driving in Switzerland. The blood alcohol limit is 0.05% for drivers, and penalties are strict with a heavy fine or a jail sentence if you are over the limit. Random alcohol breath tests are carried out throughout Switzerland. While this isn't unusual, you must be aware that if you hold a driving license and are traveling in the same car. The previously most expensive speeding ticket on record was handed out earlier this year in Switzerland where speeding fines are calculated on your net worth, as opposed to flat penalties which do.

Motorist Gets 'World's Largest' Speeding Fine In Switzerland. In Switzerland, a joyride could set you back almost $1 million. That's a lesson one Swedish motorist learned the hard way last Friday, when he was slapped with a staggering fine of between $835,000 to $962,000 after being clocked doing 180 mph on a Swiss highway, according to. Thu 7 Jan 2010 14.47 EST. 30. 30. The Swiss judiciary has punished a millionaire roadhog with a taste for fast cars and a disregard for the law with a record fine of £182,000 for speeding.

BTW a friend of mine got a speeding ticket on the A1 between Zurich - Bern CHF 300.-- the fine was forwarded to him in England. He never paid the fine. The man travels about 5 -8 times a year to Switzerland, and has never heard a thing since. The authorities have other things to do than run after a CHF 300 fine. 5 Road police in Switzerland is cantonal matter (that can be deleted to city police) - check from what canton the ticket came from.. Most of the cantons now have a web application for paying fines online with credit cards, link well mentioned on fines, application lets user choose language (usually at least cantonal official languages if not all federal official languages plus english The fine was so extreme because in Finland, some traffic fines, as well as fines for shoplifting and violating securities-exchange laws, are assessed based on earnings—and Kuisla's declared. Switzerland is already known for its huge fines when it comes to speeding and we have multiple examples of guys getting their cars impounded and having to pay huge amounts of money Europe - Speeding fines - Hello everyone, Here is my story. I was flashed for speeding at Schaffhausen in Switzerland and after 6 weeks i have received a notification from the rental agency.

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  1. istrative fines (list of fines) Ordinance on ad
  2. The Swede was driving a Mercedes SLS AMG - which has a top speed of 317km/h. A Swedish motorist caught driving at 290km/h (180mph) in Switzerland could be given a world-record speeding fine of.
  3. A driver who was caught speeding in Switzerland could face a world-record fine of SFr1,080m ($1m; £656,000), prosecutors say. Should fines be income-linked? The Swedish driver, who has not been..
  4. The largest speeding fine is a reported $290,000 (£180,000) ticket given to an anonymous Swiss motorist who was caught driving 137 km/h (85 mph) in a 80 km/h (50 mph) zone in a village near St. Gallen, Switzerland, in January 2010. The man in question was driving a red Ferrari Testarossa and the fine was calculated based on his wealth which.
  5. imum age to operate a motor vehicle in Switzerland is 18. The maximum allowable blood-alcohol content in the Switzerland is 0.05 percent (0.5 per mille). All vehicles are required to travel with their headlights on at all times
  6. Unfortunately some tickets are greater than others—and some are like, 100x greater than others (oh hey Switzerland). Listed below are the 10 most expensive speeding tickets ever recorded

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Switzerland that the Swiss statute of limitations amounts in such cases to a violation of article 6 paragraph 1 of the European Convention on Human Rights (right of access to a court). Having said that, the revision does not only concern cases of personal injury, but also includes numerous other important changes as described in the following Hi, about a year ago I got a speeding ticket from Swiss authorities during my vacation abroad in Switzerland.Recently I've been reading stories in forums like this and others of people receiving traffic fines from Switzerland even 2, 3, 4 or 5 years after the infringement was committed Nancy Tan of Fresno, California, wrote (Sept. '14, pg. 33), While traveling in Spain with my husband and son in May 2014, we received a speeding ticket, but we didn't even know we had been cited until at least two weeks later when the rental car company forwarded the ticket to us by email (charging us over €30 for this service).The ticket, a fine of €300 (near $403), had been. In Switzerland, even the rich have a strong incentive to follow traffic laws. Stateside, the fines for speeding are bit more lenient. Last August, an off-duty Ohio police officer was caught driving 147 mph down the highway and walked away with a $150 fine and a six-month suspension of his driver's license Switzerland Threatens $835K Speeding Fine. By Tucker Reals August 13, 2010 / 8:01 AM / CBS News An unidentified speed-demon is going to pay the price for his 180 mile-per-hour cruise through.


We rented a car in Italy in 2012 and drove in to Switzerland while on our trip. Today, we received a speeding ticket for April of 2012. Ignoring the moral arguement of paying/not paying this ticket, does anyone know the statute of limitations for speeding tickets in Switzerland and what the implications of not paying this ticket The three years I posted was just for a normal traffic ticket, a fine. You on the other hand did not just receive a normal traffic ticket, your speeding is classed as a misdemeanor. Which is punished with around 60 day-fines. (ergo between CHF 30.00 to CHF 3'000.00). Your max-fine could have been around 180'000.00 There are also more severe bands D, E and F, which are used for very serious speeding and driving offences. Band D - 200-300% of your weekly income. Band E - 300-500% of your weekly income. Band F - 500-700% of your weekly income. The maximum fine is £1,000, rising to £2,500 if you were driving on a motorway - Speeding tickets from The Netherlands will arive at your door in Switzerland, the also state they will increase if you dont pay up. And they keep this promiss I recently learned. - Speeding in Germany is much more expensive then here (atleast for the smaller offence). - Speeded on the APB (French autoroute) 175 where you are allowed to drive 130

For a Fixed Penalty, the maximum fine is £100. For a case referred to Court, the maximum is £1,000, except for motorway offences, where the maximum is £2,500. Check Speeding Fines for more on this. Please note that if you are summoned to court you will usually get an instant driving ban for between 7 and 56 days

In Switzerland speeding fines are worked out using a formula based on the income of the motorists and the severity of the speed. According to prosecutors he is now facing the highest possible. I got a speeding ticket in 2015 from Switzerland, I live in London, I rented a car for a ski holiday, when I got I back to London in 2015 i received a fine in the post , I threw it in the bin , I arrived in Zurich feb 2018 and at passport control I was marched off to a private room and confronted with the ticket, I denied receiving it, they gave me a copy of it, the family was with me hence I. BTW a friend of mine got a speeding ticket on the A1 between Zurich - Bern CHF 300.-- the fine was forwarded to him in England. He never paid the fine. The man travels about 5 -8 times a year to Switzerland, and has never heard a thing since. The authorities have other things to do than run after a CHF 300 fine This lane may be needed for ambulance and/ or police - blocking this lane can result in a fine. Most highways have electronic displays providing information on the latest traffic conditions, speed limits, traffic jams, accidents. In Switzerland the daytime running light is compulsory I received a speeding fine/ticket for speeding in Belgium which was forwarded to me by the car hire firm. The form is all in Flemish and I have tried to contact the Police there to resolve it. Any advice? Given I was caught by a camera I do not feel that there is any argument against it. I made a mistake and will pay for it (€120!!)

Yes $1 million because according to the Swiss traffic offenses penalty system, the amount of money one has to pay for a speeding ticket is calculated directly related to the guilty one's income. I guess we can call him a poor rich guy. So the next time you want to avoid an enormous traffic fine in Switzerland, be ready to pose as a pauper Switzerland is known for its hefty fines for speeding. And with the introduction of the Via sicura (website in German, French, and Italian only) road safety program in 2012, penalties for speeding became even more severe. The program is aimed to reduce fatalities and injuries on Swiss roads It seems that the radars in Switzerland get confused when a car is moving faster than 200 km/h (124.3 mph). The radars think of these fast moving objects either as birds or airplanes flying at low altitude. In this case the speeding violator will pay his 1 million ticket fine in installments. The entire amount is divided into 300 equal parts GENEVA, Switzerland — Fining speed demon billionaires is big business in Switzerland, but large traffic fines can be assessed to anyone based on family income. The 20Min newspaper reported on 15 January on an old fine assessed to Swiss billionaire Ernesto Bertarelli - he of the Alinghi fame. Even though the incident occurred in December 2016

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International tickets can get even more extreme.The unverified world record for the most expensive speeding ticket ever didn't happen on U.S. soil. In 2010, a 37-year-old man in a brand new Mercedes-Benz SLR hit 186 mph on a highway in Switzerland. His hefty fine in Euros converts to just under $1 millio Please enter your ZIP Code to access Pay Traffic Ticket specific to your state: ZIP Code. Go. While nobody enjoys paying a traffic ticket, DMV.ORG is here to make the process as pain-free as possible. You won't find any red-tape or legal jargon on our site, just the answers you need in an easy-to-understand format

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  1. Speed limit enforcement is the effort made by appropriately empowered authorities to improve driver compliance with speed limits.Methods used include roadside speed traps set up and operated by the police and automated roadside 'speed camera' systems, which may incorporate the use of an automatic number plate recognition system. Traditionally, police officers used stopwatches to measure the.
  2. Second offence, speeding by more than 50 km/h (31 mph) Jail: 3 months. Fine: 3750 euros. Licence points loss: 6 points. Licence suspension: 3 years. Explanation about the different prices you have to pay: - When the speeding fine is 68 euros, it gets reduced to 45 euros if you pay it within 15 days
  3. Swiss Traffic Tickets. The Swiss are an orderly and law-abiding people, but their respect for the law occasionally gives way to baser instincts on the highway.Tourists from places like Chicago, Rome, and Mexico City are even more likely to neglect legal niceties when forced to choose between obeying a speed limit and enjoying the sound of a car engine revving at 5,000 rpm in fifth gear
  4. The Swiss canton of St. Gallen made headlines in 2010 when its court handed down a fine of 299,000 Swiss francs (then about $290,000) to a man who had driven his Ferrari Testarossa at up to 137.

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In 2002 Swiss voters approved replacing prison terms for some offenses, including speeding, with fines based on your income. That's right, the more you make, the more you pay. And this practice is not just confined to Switzerland. There are other European countries that also take this approach It is the driver not the owner of a car who is responsible for speeding fines. Whether you were in Switzerland last year is irrelevant. What you have done so far proves nothing - as far as the police know, Europcar have provided the correct information and you are lying to wriggle out of a fine

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  1. The largest speeding fine ever issued was $1,000,000. Given to a Swedish man who was going 180 mph in his Mercedes SLS AMG in Switzerland. The reason for such a large amount is in Switzerland,..
  2. Driving in Switzerland is not much different from driving in any other European country. Switzerland is small and 7.8 mio people move around in limited space, so traffic jams are frequent, especially in agglomerations, cities and on motorways. Driving too fast is sometimes not even an option, but this does lead to road rage once in a while
  3. Introducing the World's First Million-Dollar Speeding Fine. An unwanted record of sorts is set to be broken after a Swedish man was supposedly caught driving at 290km/h (180mph) in Switzerland. The unnamed 37-year old, who allegedly had the audacity to blame the speedometer, is in line for a rumored fine of just over a million dollars after.

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  1. Speeding fines in Switzerland depend on the speed at which offenders are caught and the road on which they're driving. They range from 20 CHF (£16*) for exceeding the limit by less than 5km/h on a motorway to 600 CHF (£504*) for going over it by more than 20km/h in a built-up area
  2. Paying speed fines is a personal decision, usually people are scared by false or half truths. If I were you I would not worry at all. I live in a Schengen state and got caught by speed cameras and fined multiple times in other Schengen states. And..
  3. imum fine, is based on the offender's daily personal income.A crime is punished with incarceration for a deter
  4. In Switzerland, speeding ticket fines are paid proportional to income. If you earn $100,000 a year, you'll pay twice as much as someone who only earns $50,000. In my opinion, this is a fabulous idea. A $100 ticket will be a lot more painful for me, as a college student, to pay than it would for someone who makes six figures and works full time
  5. imum age for driving in Switzerland is 18. Driving in Switzerland is on the right side of the.
  6. Traffic fines in Germany tend to be quite small. Fines for speeding start at 15 EUR in city limits and 10 EUR outside of city limits. Those small fines are for exceeding the speed limit up to 10 km/h and hour. Speeding up to 20 km/h only results in a fine of 35 EUR and 30 EUR respectively. These are the most likely tickets you are going to receive

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Traffic Ticket Lawyers in Switzerland. Alzayat Law Firm. Zurich, Switzerland www.alzayatfirm.com. Switzerland International Full-Service Law Firm +41 41 552 20 66. Alzayat Law Firm office in Switzerland provides highly experienced Swiss and Egyptian lawyers and solicitors. We serve and protect all of you legal requirements in Switzerland and. Where there are posted restrictions, most European countries take speeding very seriously and levy hefty fines. The latest case in point is a 37-year-old Swedish man who was clocked at 180 miles.

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In 2010, a Swedish man caught driving his Mercedes 170 kilometers per hour over the speed limit in Switzerland was fined 1,080,000 Swiss Francs (around $1,091,340). The Swiss, like many European countries, use a day fine system to punish offenders. The fine is calculated by dividing the offender's daily income in half, then multiplying that amount by the number of days the offender must pay The Grand Tour Of Switzerland. This independent, self-driven grand tour of Switzerland will take you to the country's most beautiful regions. Travel through five alpine passes, 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and two biosphere reserves with 22 lake

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The largest speeding fine ever issued was $1,000,000. It was given to a 37-year-old Swedish man who was going 180 mph in his Mercedes SLS AMG in Switzerland. The reason for such a large amount is that in Switzerland, traffic fines are proportional to the level of the charge and the offender's income Officially an expansion that works with either Ticket to Ride or Ticket to Ride: Europe, Ticket to Ride: Switzerland requires the train pieces and train cards from the above mentioned original games to work.It comes with a new board, 46 new destination cards and a set of rules (in several languages) to create a new game

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Though rarely fatal, there are poisonous snakes in Switzerland. These are found primarily in the mountains. 7. Obey Traffic Rules. This should be obvious no matter where a traveler goes but the Swiss are especially stringent about enforcing traffic laws. Cameras are everywhere and traffic fines apply to visitors as well as locals Driving in Switzerland. If you like cars, Switzerland can seem like a bit of a tease. It offers some of the greatest driving roads in the world, but you can literally be thrown in jail for speeding, even on highways. Traffic rules are strictly enforced. If you stick to the road rules and especially the speed limits, the back roads/mountain.

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