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Speech and Language Therapy Service- Children. Speech and Language Therapy Toolkit. Our Speech and Language Therapy Toolkit contains advice, activities and general resources to help with the development of children and young people's speech, language and communication skills Paediatric SLT Resources. Click on the links below for paediatric speech and language therapy resources: Speech resources. Language resources. Useful external resources

The NHS has a significant contribution through providing specialist advice and services which support the drive for improvement. This proposal is for the NHS to increase capacity and transform speech, language and communication services to enable all children to have the level of support required to realise their full potential Developmental norms charts Development of Comprehension Development of Expression Development of Speech sounds Reward charts and visual support Good listening, sitting and looking reward chart template Sticker reward charts for home or school Lets make a deal reward charts First and then chart template Using a visual timetable Train visual timetable template Well done certificate... View Articl Speech and Language Therapy Toolkit. Our children's speech and language therapy toolkit is a helpful guide to development. Back to all services. Our Speech and Language Therapy Toolkit contains advice, activities and general resources to help with the development of children and young people's speech, language and communication skills Resources to help you while you wait to see a Speech & Language Therapist and for use with children already seeing a Speech & Language Therapist . Helping your child understand Coronavirus: Coronavirus social story. Coronavirus widget symbols. Impact of current situation on EHC / SEND / Schools

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The resources should be used under the guidance of your child's Speech and Language Therapist who will recommend the appropriate worksheets to use to support your child. We recommend that you don't use any speech sound resources which have not been suggested for use by your child's therapist The Speech and Language Therapy Service 2. What the Speech and Language Therapy Service can offer Recommended Resources websites: www.cht.nhs.uk. 3 We offer: Assessment Assessment and diagnosis to identify the nature of the speech, language or communication difficulty. This provides a profile of th Email L4L@nottshc.nhs.uk or phone 07788 386264 . Talking tips resources. Switch off and talk display [pdf] 848KB. Switch off and talk evaluation [pdf] 367KB. Make time for rhyme display [pdf] 450KB - Susie, Children's Centre SLT in Mansfield, has created a display for you to download for your setting If you are concerned about your child's speech and language please phone 01482 692929. Contact details. Tel: 01482 692929. Email: hnf-tr.sltadmin@nhs.net Resources Please click on the links below to access paediatric speech and language therapy resources Barnsley Children's Speech and Language Therapy is part of South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Visit or return to the main site . The first pack in our colour coding resource series. Supporting children to use verbs. Colour coding pack 2

Speech and Language Resource File Service 7 2009 Criteria applied by the Speech and Language Therapy Service Prioritisation Criteria: Referrals are initially screened to decide whether they can be dealt with as priority or routine referrals. Following an initial assessment, further prioritisation is decided taking into account The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists defines the role in terms of providing life-improving treatment, support and care for children and adults who have difficulties with communication, eating, drinking or swallowing... Speech, language and communication needs is an umbrella term

Dr Catherine Davies, Associate Professor, Leeds Child Development Unit, University of Leeds. Sara Winfield, Specialist Children's Speech and Language Therapist, Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust. If you would like a copy of the supporting document of evidence, including references, please email Andrea Arnold at andrea.arnold@nhs.net

Speech and language identified as being within normal limits or up to 6 month delay No direct intervention indicated Resource folder 6-12 month delay indicated 12 month delay (disorder) Referral to SLT Language group Speech/ sound play group Universal Targeted Specialist Provide details of local children's centre Term of targeted input Speech Sound Stories Each story is filled with pictures and words containing the targeted sound. (Permission given by The Little Speech Bubble to share resources via Bolton NHS FT Website). Clicking the link takes you to a different site. /t/ sound - Teddy Tom's Terrible Dream. /f/ sound - What Fee Found. /k/ sound - Coco Camel's. Pre-School Resource Pack. This pack has been compiled by the speech and language therapists working within the local Children's Centre teams. It has been designed to provide preschool settings with advice and practical activities for supporting speech and language development in young children. Remember

Our resources provide the vocabulary that forms the foundation for future science learning. All of the videos and digital resources have been designed by teachers in collaboration with speech and language therapists. The resources use evidence-based strategies that are proven to work in the classroom to support vocabulary understanding and. Early language and play ideas. BBC Tiny happy people activities, videos and information for 0-5 year olds. Hungry little minds - videos and ideas for parents of young children age 0-5 years. Good app ideas too. Small talk - the literacy trust - Ideas for games and crafts, books to share together to encourage communication. Speech. Twinkl - Extra resources for language and speech. Speech Sound Therapy Programmes On this page you will find a range of resources to support your child's speech sound development. Please talk to your speech and language therapist for guidance on which programme is best for your child. Listening for Sounds Programme The Listening for Sounds programme is a great resource to use with [ Downloadable Resources. SLT Activity/Information Sheets. Speech Language and Communication Needs: Supporting Vocabulary. Back to previous page. Young people with speech, language and communication needs, often struggle with learning and retaining new vocabulary in secondary schools. They need regular revision and repetition of new concepts East Team (Bromsgrove, Redditch & Wychavon) Address: Children's Speech and Language Therapy, Catshill Clinic, The Dock, Catshill, Bromsgrove, B61 0NJ Tel: 01527 488326 Email: WHCNHS.SLTBromsgrove@nhs.net Team Lead: Jacqui Woodcock Secretary: Tracy Mead Email: tracymead1@nhs.net . West Team (Wyre Forest, Malvern & Worcester) Address: Children's Speech and Language Therapy, Franche Clinic.

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Speech can be described as the ways in which we use all the elements of our speech mechanism e.g. breath, vocal cords, tongue (front and back), roof of our mouth, nose, jaw, teeth and lips, to generate sounds. Speech is not the words we use (language), but the way in which we produce the sounds/pronounce words Speech and Language Therapy Advice. UNDERSTANDING AND USE OF PRONOUNS . HE AND SHE . We use pronouns a lot when talking, but they can be very hard for some children to learn. Pronouns are a handy short cut we can use rather than repeating a person's name all the time 0 to 6 months. Hold your baby close and look at them as you talk to them. Babies love faces and will watch you and respond as you talk. Chat about what you're doing as you feed, change and bathe them.; Sing to your baby - this helps them tune in to the rhythm of language.; Repeat the sounds your baby makes back to them - this teaches your baby lessons about listening and taking turns in a.

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Has resources and information for parents, early years settings and schools to promote language and literacy development. ICAN For information relating to speech, language and communication needs. AFASIC This website supports parents and represents children and young people with speech, language and communication needs. Talking Poin NHS Lothian Speech & Language Therapy - Early Years The NHS Lothian Children's Speech and Language Therapy department provides a range of services working with families and staff to support children's communication skills and/or eating, drinking and swallowing needs A child's speech sound development is gradual, some sounds develop much later than others so they will not be able to say them all straight away. For example the m sound is usually present by 3 years of age whereas the r sound may not develop until the age of 7. Phonological awareness Resources The below downloads provide information and advice to help you help your child learn to talk and support any speech, language and communication needs. Strategies for developing speech, language and communicatio

Resources for Everyone. Here you will find resources to support all the areas of speech, language and communication development that your child or the child you are working with may need support with. You will need to access these resources before making a referral to the Speech and Language Therapy Service, but you may also find them useful if. hildren with language difficulties have trouble making sense of passages of speech. These require an understanding of a series of linked sentences and how they are related, for example: ^If you have finished drinking your milk you can go and play in the Wendy House or go in the sandpit. In a few minutes it will be time for television For all other communication input e.g. support with speech, language and dysfluency, an individual may self-refer. Please contact our service on 02476 237 027 for further information and advice. Useful links. Below are some links you may find helpful: Information on what speech therapists do: www.rcslt.org speech and language therapy toolkit part 2 Universal, Targeted or Specialist Input Required - for reference only, do not include with referral. Please also see Part 1 of the SLT referral Tool Kit to establish if the child or young person's skills are wit hin the typical rang

The speech and language therapists at Worcestershire NHS Trust have put together a suite of downloadable materials. It includes fun learning games for parents to play at home with their children, as well as resources to support transition between different environments (e.g. home and school) and between different activities (e.g. day planners) The sections below include links to voice exercises created by the Speech and Language Therapy Voice team at the County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust. These resources have been developed to fully support patients in their therapy, and will hopefully act as a useful memory aid. Please only use these resources if you have been. Solent NHS Trust is the NHS provider of therapy services (Speech & Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy) for children and young people, 0 - 19 years in Hampshire, Southampton and Portsmouth. This referral pack provides information to referrers on the context in which th 10 weeks of free books, communication supports, speech/language activities for students with communication difficulties and SEND - Tobiidynavox. Resources and advice for supporting children who are early years and primary aged. Hints and tips to support play and communication - ICAN charity

This Resource page is designed to be used in conjunction with the advice and recommendations found in the Building blocks pages or from your local Speech and Language Therapist. Attention and Listening Games. Blank's level 4. Blank's Level 3. Blank level 2. Categorising. Developing Sequencing Skills. Developing Vocabulary in the classroo Resources. Communication is a complex skill that develops gradually over time from the moment a child is born. It is important that children develop a firm foundation of earlier skills such as listening and playing so that they can successfully develop later skills such as using tricky sounds and spelling Language and Communication. This resource recognises the vital role of Health Visitors and Family Nurses in their ability to support families in relation to early speech, language and communication development. Developed by NHS Education for Scotland to support the learning experiences of Health Visitors and Family Nurses in relation to speech. Please note we are unable to discuss individual children on this advice line. For queries please call The Children's Complex Care and Speech and Language Therapy Admin Hub on 0207 266 8777. This is the current centralised number during Covid-19. Lines are open 8am to 6pm, Mondays to Fridays The NHS Lothian Children's Speech and Language Therapy department provides a range of services working with families and staff to support children's communication skills and/or eating, drinking and swallowing needs. We are based in local Hospitals and Health Centres, but also work in other locations such as Early Years Centres, schools and.

Resources. See our resources, including our information leaflets and our library, which is open to members based in the UK or speech & language therapists. We'll be adding to our list of useful videos and audio clips too. We also have resources for those who work with people who stammer, so if you're a speech & language therapist, teacher. Email: Del.Reid@stgeorges.nhs.uk Mobile: 07826 531957. All post for the Early Years Centre should now be posted to: Children's Therapy 1 Siward Road London W17 0LA. We recognise that support for your child's speech and language therapy needs is vital during the COVID-19 pandemic Speech, language and communication are central life skills. They are linked to social and emotional development, learning, attainment, behaviour, as well as mental health and wellbeing. Speech refers to saying sounds accurately and in the right places in words. Language refers to understanding and making sense of what people say and. information about speech and language therapy and SLTs at www.rcslt.org.uk The role of the Speech and Language Therapist in Schools The Speech and Language Therapy Service is a key partner to schools within a 'Whole System' approach of support for children and young people with Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SCLN)

Telephone: 01592 226784. Email: fife.sltreferral@nhs.scot. Speech and Language Therapy. Cameron House, Cameron Hospital, Windygates. KY8 5RR. Please include your / the person's name, date of birth, any relevant medical/social information, and the reason for requesting assistance Telephone - General Enquiries and Patient Referrals : 01483 571 122 ext.4680 Head and Neck Service: 01483 571 122 ext. 6421 Voice Specialist: 01483 571 122 ext. 4655 Email: rsch.slt@nhs.net Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT The resource has been designed to be flexible and interactive to support learners in practice by allowing them to access the resource at key stages of development as outlined in the Universal Health Visiting Pathway. In each section of the Universal Pathway there is information on expected speech, language and communication development, key. You can contact a speech and language therapy clinic directly or speak to a health visitor or GP, who can refer you. should be able to give you the telephone number of your nearest NHS speech and language therapy service. is another good resource for people affected by selective mutism

However, if you have specific concerns regarding the development of your child's speech, language or communication skills, please access further advice via the preschool drop-in sessions or speak with your child's school or GP regarding a referral to the Speech and Language Therapy team. Useful resources. Ages and stages A-F 2015 [pdf. Cambridgshire Speech and language therapy services. Menu. Latest News. Cambridge United players join the call for everyone to get vaccinated. by Karen Mason | Jul 09, 2021. Full story. Complete our patient survey! Compliments and complaints. The staff are wonderful; the nurses I have seen, were incredible If you need to change or cancel an appointment please give us as much notice as possible. Please call the Speech and Language Therapy department on 01793 466790. There is an answerphone for out-of-hours calls. Please leave your child's name, contact telephone number and details of the appointment you need to change Speech and language therapy. Speech and language therapy provides treatment, support and care for children and young people who have difficulties with communication, or with eating, drinking and swallowing. Our aim is to work in partnership with key people (parents, carers, teachers, pre-schools, occupational therapist, physiotherapists, nurses.

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The Children's Speech and Language Therapy Service is open and offering support and advice to parents / carers of children with eating, drinking and communication difficulties. However, please read the Children's Speech and Language Therapy Service provision offered during COVID-19 - Progressive neurological disorders such as Parkinson's Disease, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, Multi System Atrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone Disease resulting in motor speech disorders and/or dysphagi Providing speech and language therapy services to children and young people in Worcestershire. Facebook page provides tips, information and free resources to help you help with your child's speech. Service Children`s Speech and Language Service T: 0161 204 4153/4154. For more information on the service visit Stockport's local offer. Your child may be taken on by the speech and language therapy NHS team and offered a range of therapies such as group sessions or individual sessions with the speech and language therapist

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Adult Acquired Speech and Language Therapy Resources . Please find below resources created by our team. Words of the Week. Words of the Week (Wow) are sets of 10 current news stories which are simplified into 1 or 2 sentences and a related picture. The resource was originally used to improve word finding of proper names for people with aphasia. with speech, language and communication skills within their schools, may wish to invest in Speech and Language Therapy groups run by our service. We currently offer two packages: Ready, Steady, School and Talking Progress KS1 & KS2 . These groups, run by a Speech and Language Below are some of the top speech and language therapy journals, as chosen by your peers, and subscribed to by Barts Health NHS Trust - click on the links to log in via OpenAthens user account, and browse these journals. Journals. Journal of Neurology, Nurosurgery and Psychiatry. Journal of Speech, Language. and Hearing Research. Stroke. Dysphagia Parents/Carers of children seen by the Bolton Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy Service can also access the Signalong course, if their Speech and Language Therapist deems it a clinically appropriate intervention. For more information about this, please speak to you child's speech and language therapist. The Little Signing Worksho

Speech and Language Therapy NHS Lanarkshire. NHS Lanarkshire's Children and Young People's Speech and Language Therapy Service is operating using remote methods such as telephone or video call in the first instance. Face to face appointments can still take place for those essential appointments where work cannot be undertaken remotely Speech and Language Service for families, young people and children. Leicestershire Partnership NHS trust provides a team of speech and language therapists and support workers. Referrals. As a school professional or early years provider, you are able to refer children aged 0 to 16 years and young people aged 16 to 19 years in statutory school education - such as special school provision - to. Speech and language therapist (integrated degree) Details of standard Occupation summary. This occupation is found in a variety of contexts, including the NHS, local authorities, voluntary, community, and social enterprise sector (VCS) organisations, the education and justice sectors and in independent practice Speech and Language Therapists from Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and Imperial Healthcare Acute NHS Trust Community speech and Language Therapists in CLCH Nurses- clinic The Hospital Communication Resource was developed by collating information from different resources and assembling them in an original format. Resources used: Boardmaker. Resources and Information. Royal College of Speech and Language Therapy website. Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group website. Social media: Follow us on Twitter @LTHTpaedSALT to keep up to date with our achievements, research involvement and projects

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Speech and language development (from 12 to 24 months) The aim of this page is to provide parents and carers with information and advice to help their child's speech and language to develop. The leaflet explains the normal stages of early speech and language development between 12 and 24 months. It aims to help you understand the stage at. Speech Sounds Toolkit Developed by: NHS Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy Service, Bedfordshire and Luton Web: www.childspeechbedfordshire.nhs.uk Email: ccs.beds.childrens.slt.admin@nhs.net SPA Number: 01234 310163 / 31071 You might need to talk to the child about what they are doing to try and remember. Children will use different strategies, eg. counting on fingers, making a picture in their head. Speak to your speech and language therapist if you would like some help with this. 1. Odd one Out. Child identifies odd one out of a list of spoken items

Useful Websites & Resources 32 CONTENTS . This pack has been compiled by speech and language therapists from the East speech, language and communication difficulties, including: Attention and listening Understanding of language Using words and sentences Details can be found on our website - www.slc.cambridgeshire.nhs.u Speech and Language Therapy Adult Clinical Leads: Acute - Samantha Taylor, Community - Sarah Talbot. 0191 4041060. Children's Team Clinical Leads: Emma Bowen - Community 0191 2832484. Val Dean- CAN (Children with Additional Needs) 0191 2832484. Sunderland: Speech and Language Therapy Head of Service (Adults and Children) Ruth Rayner 0191. A Speech and Language Therapy referral form can be returned by post or e-mail. For dysphagia (eating and drinking) issues, a specific referral form must be completed and returned by post or email. Contact the service on 0191 445 6667. for information. **If your child is referred to the Child Development Team and there are concerns documented.

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Welcome to My Home!! I'm so glad you found my site! I have a ton of great free content for just about every different speech and language problem you may encounter. Feel free to browse around and don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions! Subscribe to My Mailing Lis Targeted Resources. Welcome to our Targeted resources section of our website! If you and your child are currently working with the Speech and Language Therapy Team, you may have been directed to access the resources below. These are specific resources that have been identified to support your child Eastleigh Paediatric Occupational Therapy Team, the Language Resource Pack for Schools produced by the Winchester and Eastleigh Speech and Language Therapy Team and the Fizzy training and lever Hands programmes developed by the hildren's Therapists of the Kent Community NHS Trust. First Edition: November 2014 Second Edition: April 201 For communication - the team accept referrals from everyone including self-referrals. Community Speech and Language Therapy (SALT) Adult Referral Form. Referrals should be sent via a secure email to: Esht.saltreferrals@nhs.net Sing and Say resources. Sing and Say is a collection of resources created to encourage young children's speech, language and communication development through play and song. These were created by our colleagues in Oxford. Sing and Say - communication basics. Sing and Say videos. Sing and Say - songs

  1. Search our resources library for self-help guides, patient information, mental health and wellbeing guidance and other literature that you may find useful. Easy read information for service users about speech and language therapy. Speech and Language Therapy - South of Tyne - Easy Read (2Mb) Find the help you need with our self-help.
  2. COVID-19 Response: Speech and Language Therapy Advice Line. You can contact the Speech and language Therapy Team for therapy advice, strategies and support for parents / carers, schools and other professionals in relation to a child's / young person's communication skills or eating, drinking and swallowing concerns
  3. Foster, Speech and Language Therapy Facilitators for Community and Mainstream Schools. Pre-school training needs can be discussed with Sarah Jessiman, Facilitator for Early Years. Assessing Development of Speech and Language Skills In order to identify children that may require additional support there are man
  4. Social Communication Skills- Primary school aged children. Social Communication Skills- Secondary school aged children. Speech and Language Development in very young children. Advice: Speech Anxiety Key Stage 1 & Early Years. Advice: Children who lack confidence in speaking. Unclear Speech: Delayed development. Word finding difficulties
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  1. Speech and Language Therapists (SLTs) work with children and young people with a range of speech, language, communication, and/or eating and drinking difficulties. The NHS Forth Valley SLT team aim to: Provide an equitable child-centred approach to children and young people with speech, language and communication needs, and to those with eating.
  2. Community Speech and Language Therapy in Liverpool. Our Liverpool community service work with children from the Liverpool area, in collaboration with parents or carers and an educational setting like their school. Our evidence tells us this approach leads to the best outcomes for the child. Children learn from parents, teachers, friends and.
  3. Download File PDF Speech And Language Therapy Advice Gwh Nhs Speech And Language Therapy Advice Gwh Nhs Thank you very much for downloading speech and language therapy advice gwh nhs. Maybe you have knowledge that, people have look hundreds times for their favorite books like this speech and language therapy advice gwh nhs, but end up in.
  4. If you're under the age of 18, you will need a referral to our paediatric speech and language therapists. Visit our Speech and Language Therapy for Children, Young People and Families (CYPF) webpage. Referrals to our service are made through our Integrated Hub. Email integratedhub@berkshire.nhs.uk. Resources Section
  5. Welcome to Speech Teach - We provide Free Speech and Language Therapy Resources for Parents and Teachers. Our site has been developed to provide speech therapy resources for parents and professionals supporting children with speech and learning difficulties for example dyspraxia, apraxia and autism

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RCSLT (2009) Resource manual for commissioning and planning services for speech, language and communication needs - LD. RCSLT (2006) Communicating quality 3. RCSLT (2005) Clinical guidelines. Key local policies and strategic plans: Communication For All Action Plan for Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset (2010/11 Speech & language therapy The adult speech and language therapy team at South Tees is friendly and supportive and enjoys a wide range of clinical expertise with the trust hosting regional trauma and spinal centres as well as providing a service to sub-regional specialties in oncology, neurosciences and ENT The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) is an invaluable resource, which can be used with children and young people with Autism Spectrum Conditions and other communication difficulties. PECS does not require complex or expensive materials and can easily be used in school, home or in the community The speech and language therapy service provides specialist assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of communication for children and young people up to the age of 16, or 19 with an EHCP. The team works with parents, carers, early year's practitioners, schools and other healthcare professionals to create a supportive environment for. Speech & Language Therapy (SLT) aims to support children and young people to reach their full potential with speech, language and communication. We also support youngsters with feeding and swallowing. We work with other key people involved in children's lives such as families, other health professionals, education and social care colleagues

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Speech and language referral form - children - Coventry. Reviewed on : 26 Jan 2021. Reviewed by : GP Gateway Editor. Expires : 26 Jan 2023. (Visited 782 times, 103 visits today) Download SALT Communication Referral SALT-referral-v9-Communication-Aug2020.pdf - Downloaded 137 times - 242 KB. Documents. Associated Pages Source: Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists - RCSLT (Add filter) Published by Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists, 29 August 2013. 1. Speech and language therapists have a unique role in identifying and analysing the specific nature of the speech and language impairment of persons with suspected or actual dementia Specialist support from a speech and language therapist or assistant speech and language therapist for short periods of time to help develop specific communication skills Liaising with other services involved in the child or young person's care, for example, the feeding team at Royal Victoria Infirmary and Regional Communications Aids Service

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Service overview. Speech and Language Therapists (SLTs) work in hospitals (inpatients and outpatients), community clinics, family centres, schools, nurseries, day centres, people's own homes and increasingly across communities. SLTs support adults, children and their families, as well as other professionals and agencies to reduce the impact. This practical resource consists of three parts: a printed book containing ready-made session plan ideas, black and white vocabulary cards and worksheets; an online version using the current Colourful Semantics colour coding system, and an online version using the colour coding system used by Speech and Language Therapists from NHS Forth Valley Information leaflets. Aphasia - Aphasia friendly. Dysphonia and keeping a healthy voice. Guide to communication difficulties. SALT Adult Learning Disability Service (easy read) Speech and language therapy adult service. Swallowing difficulties (dysphagia) Swallowing difficulties (dysphagia) - Aphasia friendly. Videofluoroscopy (easy read Send Message. Call +44 1698 752687. 5.0. 5 of 5 stars. View 1 review. Photos. Posts to Speech & Language Therapy- Adult Learning Disability NHS Lanarkshire Speech & Language Therapy Grade Band 6 Contract Permanent Hours Full time - 37.5 hours per week (& 30 hours per week) Job ref 352-BRCO-P465-20-E Employer Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust Employer type NHS Site Fairfield General Hospital Town Bury Salary £31,365 - £37,890 pro rata Salary period Yearly Closing 05/08/2021 23:5

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A coalition of not-for-profit organisations supporting people who work with children and young people in England to support speech, language and communication. Contact a Family Provides support to families with disabled children. It also provides support to professionals. The Down's Syndrome Association (DSA NHS Speech and Language Therapy Service for children in Tower Hamlets. The Tower Hamlets speech and language therapy children's service is a team of speech and language therapists, bilingual co-workers and admin support staff, based across Tower Hamlets, delivering speech and language therapy services to children and young people under the age.

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The speech and language therapy team work across both the Royal Liverpool University and Broadgreen Hospital sites providing a service to the following areas: Inpatients Following an initial assessment, we review each patient as regularly as necessary based on the patient's condition and complaint Solent NHS provides Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy for children and young people aged 0-19yrs who need specialist help. Your child may benefit from Speech Therapy if they have difficulties with speech, language or communication and/or if they have difficulties with feeding and swallowing What can I expect from the Speech and Language Therapy Service? Following acceptance of a referral by the service, the next step is information gathering and assessment to identify your child's specific areas of speech, language and communication difficulty. This is mainly achieved at the first appointment with a Speech and Language Therapist