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A: Just like every Rapid Bike EVO and Racing modules, My Tuning Bike module has a unique serial number and if it's used with one system, it will not work with another However in the event of a failure of a My Tuning Bike module, you can use another one with your EVO or Racing system Starting from the new standards set by Rapid Bike EVO, RACING module is designed to manage additional and innovative features setting new and unmatchable standards within the competitive arena. IGNITION MAP using the pick-up signal management for an accurate control of injection and spark advance timin • RAPID BIKE EVO, that puts in your hands total control of fueling operations as it is directly connected to all stock injectors (up to eight) while managing at the same time the corresponding air/fuel ratio. In this way the carburetion values can be modified throughout the entire engine power delivery curve

The RapidBike EVO is a self-tuning piggyback ECU module made by Dimsport in Italy. It comes with a base map to get you started & will self-tune over the next 300ish km. One EVO model is firmware-upgradeable so if you buy another brand/model of bike and buy the appropriate harness you can re-flash it to suit the new bike Last year, after more internet posts reading, I invested in a Rapid Bike EVO system. The write ups I had read (not necessarily of 899s but similar Ducatis) talked about the improved low throttle openings behaviour which was fairly universally attributed to the undoing of the necessary lean fuel mapping that is required to pass current emissions. On most models, the Rapid Bike Evo unit can remove the speed limiter and to increase the rpm limiter up to 1000 rpm over stock rev range and also has an accelerator pump feature. QUICK SHIFT READY: Rapid Bike Race and Rapid Bike Evo systems are quick shift ready. All you need is the additional Rapid Bike quick shift sensor

The above is true but when I bought mine I had the RB Dealer having to install a base map with all of my existing mods. After successfully installing the module I enabled the auto adaptive feature on my laptop while connected to the bike and did about 700 miles to Yosemite National Park and checked the auto adaptive tables to make sure they were doing their job once I got back The Rapid Bike EVO module has arrived, specific for a Triumph Daytona 675 2013-2015. That includes the specific wiring loom and the software loaded, although you can move modules between bikes if you update the software and get a new wiring loom (for the fuel module) as required The RB Evo can tune thru the whole RPM range to a fair degree. No check engine light, all systems work including cruise control. I you don't have or use cruise control and don't care if the check engine light is on the PC is for you. If you use cruise control and or don't like the check engine light on the RB Evo is for you

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Just wanted to update this thread. I pulled the trigger on a Rapid Bike Evo module. I ordered it from Motovation USA--I love those guys! It arrived in 2 days and took me about 2.5 hours to install. Mainly because I've never removed the tank before and the two hoses on the front, port side of the tank were a pain.. The Rapid Bike solution worked as advertised, enriching the fuel mixture where the bike needed it and it will continue to do so as we ride. Should the Streetfighter ever leave our stable, the Rapid Bike Evo module can be removed, a new map loaded, a new wiring loom purchased and the unit can be installed on a new bike Leave a LIKE if you enjoyed the video! SUBSCRIBE https://www.youtube.com/clutch1stWATCH MY LAST VIDEO https://youtu.be/5u8bVedVIHsEquipment To Produce Am.. Joined Nov 21, 2017. ·. 285 Posts. Discussion Starter · #24 · Feb 13, 2018. Decided to remove the rapid bike easy again to feel the difference. All tests done with traction control switched off. There is definitely a bit more vibration in the bars, surprisingly the throttle response is better & more accurate. Engine braking on throttle close.

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The Rapid Bike EVO supports the management of multiple maps which give the advantage of having different injection maps with different self-adaptive settings which can be activated simply by the flick of a switch. Rapid Bike RACING has all the features of the EVO and more. It also allows modification of the ignition timing, incorporates engine. Rapid Bike Easy Settings Thanks to the trims on the main module you can decide how much fuel to add or remove from the injection. The Setting trim value depends on the model, therefore we indicate the correct one in the instructions. As for the Fuel Ratio, we recommend an optimal value for each model

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What the rapid bike does is quite simple. It runs the bike at a richer air/fuel ratio than the factory ECU Euro 4 settings, which gets rid of the lean surging. The complex part is how it does that so well using only narrow band O2 sensors Rapidbike EVO is our favorite fuel controller module and it is by far the best product of its kind which is available on the market today. Naturally, this is what we installed on our BMW S1000RR in order to maximize the power gains from the Sprint P08 Filter and the Akrapovic Evolution Line full titanium exhaust system that are already on this bike A compact and innovative calibration device allowing to customize your bike's performance in real time, whether you are on the street or on a race track. To be purchased as a separate accessory for installation with Rapid Bike EVO and Rapid Bike RACING modules

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Selected Rapid Bike EVO and RACING modules are also available as an Exclusive kit, a cheaper option that offers all of the features of the EVO or RACING except the module is fixed with a pre-installed map for the specific bike and is non transferable to other bikes. Additional optional accessories for EVO and RACING modules Youtune £22 Discussion Starter · #1 · Apr 10, 2019 (Edited) I just installed one of these units on my 2019 Duke 390. I am posting this as l could not find any posts where people had fitted this device and were still actually using the bike. Either they had since sold the bike, or removed the unit to install the Rapid Bike Evo, or had the pre 2017 Duke For each feature adjustable with Youtune, Rapid Bike Master software shows the software's settings, the actual value of Youtune controller and the resulting value from the sum of the two. YOUTUNE controller works with RapidBike Evo and Racing modules without any limitation s, and can b 145 Posts. #3 · May 25, 2016. Rapid Bike can only adjust ±10 for each cell on the fueling table. You're suppose to ride the bike for about 200 miles then open up the program to reset the adjustments as a new baseline. You do this a few times and each time the adjustments get more refined (instead of seeing ±10's you start to see 1's and 2's)

I have this setup too on my 2012. Brentune Alpha-N, full Akra (long can), Sprintfilter P08, 520 chain, Titax forged wheels and Rapid Bike Evo with My tuning bike. I think it is a very good combo adding the My tuning module. But I would say, You really don't know the best targets of the AFR across the powerband for your bike to perform at its best Joined Sep 23, 2015. ·. 71 Posts. #7 · Nov 18, 2015. I have yet to install mine since I've been busy with other things. Currently my Rapidbike Evo and Termignoni slip-ons are sitting in their boxes. I have yet to study the instructions that came with the rapidbike although I have skimmed it. I'll see if I can dig them up and get them into a.

Joined Aug 18, 2014. ·. 88 Posts. #2 • Oct 29, 2017. I have both the RapidBike Evo and a My Tuning Bike module on my 2017. You're pretty much spot on with your assumptions. I ran a RapidBike Evo without the My Tuning Module for a couple of months, and the Evo did a great job of tuning up the bottom end where you spend a lot of time on a. All Rapid Bike products are for closed-course competition use only. This kit includes the Rapid Bike Evo module, USB cable and model-specific wiring harness. The Evo module manages up to 8 injectors and modulates the signal for up to two O2 sensors (up to 2 lambdas). The purpose of the O2 sensor (lambda) modulation is to prevent the stock ECU. S1000RR. R1200S. 990 Adv. Link to Rapidbike. Ducati Multistrada RapidBike Evo Module | Rapid Bike adaptive fuel injection tuning for all sport bikes. The auto tune feature is useful as it adapts for atmospheric pressure. bearing in mind that Johannesburg (South Africa) is almost 2km above sea level Ducati 1199 Panigale. I can't comment on the Rapid bike Evo as I have never had one, but I have been very pleased by an ECU remap on a rolling road by a very experienced dyno operator. I asked specifically for a smoother sub 6k range and that is exactly what I got. Much, much better now. #3 Grayrobs, Jul 21, 2020

I debated trading up to a 1299 but because my bike is so new my dealer suggested against it because of the money I'll loose on it. He also suggested doing full Akra exhaust and power commander 5. After some research I came across the Rapid Bike EVO. From what I read, the Rapid Bike smooths out the entire power band from low to high RPM and the. The Rapid Bike EVO ECU Piggyback Tuning Module includes the Rapid Bike EVO module, USB cable and model specific wiring harness.. The Rapid Bike EVO kit is the perfect tuning solution when you add an exhaust and/or air filter to your motorcycle. This allows you to easily get the best performance and reliability out of your bike The Rapidbike EVO intercepts the signal from the factory O2 sensors and sends out a constant voltage (around .7 or .8V roughly). So the factory ECU thinks it's running correctly, and stops making adjustments. The Rapidbike then has its own algorithm to use the O2 sensor voltage to target a slightly richer mixture

I recently fitted the Rapidbike evo exclusive kit for the hyperstrada, also fitted mwr air filter and power up kit and gpr slipon exhaust. (removed flapper valve) I don't have the software or leads to adjust the mapping, the bike is exactly how you describe now, a much smoother power delivery, easier to modulate too The Rapid bike evo shall probably give you the extra bite you would like to get if you are into really upping the performance on this bike. Definitely a personal choice, I think I have achieved what I wanted for my bike, which is little less bite from the Euro 4 restriction Making Rapid Bike Evo Fuelling Kit below average, with 1 cheaper products and 1 more expensive. Finally we thought we should combine the brand and category together so that we can look specifically at prices of Rapid Bike branded products in the Electronics category. Of the 3 products that fit this criteria the average price was £424.99, the. Rapid Bike sell you a box which has software in it to modify your fueling as you go. It interacts with the sensors on your bike and is adaptive and learning. It will richen the mixture under acceleration but lean it off again when cruising. It will alter the settings in the map automatically if you change exhaust Rapid Bike Evo review. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 9 of 9 Posts. W. william7487 · Registered. Joined Dec 15, 2017 · 62 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Sep 14, 2018. I have 2017 R9T and at the moment with performance mods I only have the sprinter filter..

In this video, I speak in depth with my overall experience regarding the installation and long term review on the Rapid Bike Evo Fuel Management System. This.. the paper it comes with doesn't explain much in terms of setting it up, I found directions from other bikes that explained a little more about what the different dial settings were. These are the recommended settings from RBE for the KTM: Dial 1: Setting 5 (Stock bike with aftermarket exhaust. Dial 2: +2 The KTM duke 125 is the smaller brother of the series. The DimSPORT RapidBike Evo Exclusive can do automatic fuelling adjustments to compensate for any modif.. But finally I bit the bullet and bought a rapid bike evo. Turns out the easy does not work properly with 2018. So it was the evo and at last I have control early day but already the bike is better. It's an easy instal and if a member of aussie Africa twins on Facebook can be bought for $550 Others argue that their seat of the pants experience backs up the Booster Plug claims. The Rapid Bike Easy (RBE) module takes a different approach by being fitted in series with the bike's Lambda (O2) sensors and the output of the module is a modified Lambda sensor signal that results in the ECU delivering more fuel

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6/19/17 -Installed Akra Full Exhaust, MWR Air-Filter, Rapidbike Evo After 600miles of riding, I noticed the bike runs slightly smoother and pulls little harder than stock form. But is it very noticeable? Not really. One thing, I can feel a sort of torque dip between 3500-4000rpm. That might just be the full exhaust altering the air flow The Rapid Bike EVO directions provided suggested mounting the unit at the bottom front corner of the fuel tank above the radiator cap. That didn't seem like a very protected location to me and I also should have started feeding the wiring harness all the way in from that position if that was the goal

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This is our initial start and checking the set parameters and TP calibration Rapid Bike RACING add-on module represents the highest level of technology available for reaching top performance, offering the widest range of solutions for demanding professional track riders and street users. Starting from the latest standards set by Rapid Bike EVO, RACING module offers a revolutionary technology to manage the crankshaft position sensor signal and is designed to provide. Rapid Bike Tuning Modules employ world leading auto-adaptive technology that produces more power and torque across the entire RPM range giving you the ultimate riding experience. You ride, we tune! EVO and Racing modules learn from your riding style, so it's as easy and plug and play and you're ready to ride

Rapid Bike Evo IAT relocate Bren Tune Stage 1 Full Akrapovic Exhaust 2016 S1000RR-SOLD 2003 RC51-SOLD 2003 Crf450r-SOLD 2003 Cbr954rr-BLEW UP 2004 Gsxr1000-SOLD 1987 FZ600-SOLD. Save Share. Reply A compact and innovative calibration device allowing to customize your bike's performance in real time, whether you are on the street or on a race track. To be purchased as a separate accessory for installation with Rapid Bike EVO and Rapid Bike RACING modules. Modifying target of AIR/FUEL RATIO PARAMETER for auto-adaptive fuel adjustments RAPID BIKE EVO EXCLUSIV MODULE:. The Rapid Bike Evo EXCLUSIV module enables you to take total control of fuelling operations, as it directly connects to all fuel injectors and also works in conjunction with the bike's standard O2 sensor to constantly manage the air/fuel ratio.. The difference between the standard EVO module and this EVO EXCLUSIV version is that the EXCLUSIV version is strictly.

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Rapid Bike fueling controller review. on: July 24, 2016, 04:54:01 PM. So I'm finally getting off my arse to write a review of the Rapid Bike system. I promised myself I wouldn't mess with this bike when I got it. And I was able to hold out for about a year, which is amazing, really. But I just had to have the Arrow Evo exhaust system Still waiting on my RapidBike Evo to be delivered Placed the order mid January with the exhaust Got the exhaust at the end of March but no words on the Evo unit yet The seller told me mid February they had to get a specific harness for the 650R, sounds odd bc the unit was already advertised as compatible for this bike Rapid Bike. January 20 ·. I've fitted the Rapidbike EVO to my 2019 Fireblade SP, it has a few light mods, de-catted, flapper delete and a Spront filter. I had her on the Dyno as soon as I had fitted this to check everything was OK and she made 170hp at the wheel, which I believe is healthy Rapidbike, Fuel, Tuning, Module, Triumph, EVO. New. $ 525.00. All Rapid Bike products are for closed-course competition use only. This kit includes the Rapid Bike Evo module, USB cable... Select options Rapid Bike. May 31 ·. New Rapid bike EVO & RACING applications for YAMAHA Ténéré 700 Euro 5: another chapter of a legend! FULL STORY https://bit.ly/3yOQHIW. _. #dimsport #rapidbike #rapidbikeeasy #rapidbikeevo #rapidbikeracing #rapidbikesmart. 2323. 8 Shares. Like Comment Share

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The Rapid Bike can modify the closed loop fueling because it modifies the O2 sensor signal to trick the computer into running the AFR that you want. Closed loop is the mode the bike runs in at idle up to say 80% throttle where the ECM uses the O2 sensors to achieve a desired AFR for the conditions the engine is under Working on installing the Rapid Bike EVO. Got the fairings and gas tank off OK. The instructions that came with the EVO show what I assume is a non-California spec bike, because mine has a rat's nest of hoses blocking access to the fuel injectors. As a result, a lot more involved than unplug injector connector and put the RB harness connectors. I have waiting in a box the entry level of the Rapid Bike. It is called the Rapid Bike Easy (instead of Evo). It is not available in US webstore so I had to order it from Europe. It is a less complicated solution than the Evo and also much less expensive, does not require a laptop and software Installed the RB EVO yesterday - not too bad to install - Tank and air box have to come off. Hardest connector to reach is the front injector, it is possible with patience and skinned knuckles. There after pretty easy - about 4 hours. For info my bike is a 2013 TP, stock can, cat and exhaust valve. I have the Aprilia optimiser fitted The rapid bike Evo is going to be installed by Ducati of Indianapolis who is a distributor and also has done several instillations on the Diavel. This will be their first X Diavel. I have talked to several installers and definitely for the X Diavel a bracket is made and the unit is mounted where the canister was

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  1. g a real-time injection auto-remapping, according to a specific air/fuel ratio target. The peculiarity of this tool is the time.
  2. I did some 30 miles after installing new exhaust with Rapid bike the performance results are awesome there is no gitches in lower RPMs at all, it is super rich and smooth i can see the performance gains too. Thanks to Phil and Rapid Bike Evo team i love my bike can't wait to ride more 100 miles and ready for track days at COTA in summe
  3. Hello has anyone tried the Rapid bike Evo and is it better than a power commander. I was going to buy Sc project CRT slip on and was informed the right way to go was Rapid bike Evo with Sc project slip on exhaust for my 2017 Gsxr 1000R. The bike is bone stock going to put on a K&Nair filter as..
  4. The bike is fun in any of its settings, and there are many of them. The option to run a Mullet 27.5″ rear gives even more room to experiment, and tailor the EVO to your whims and needs
  5. Hope it is a good investment for the bike. reason I want to mess with the ecu or I was considering a powercommander (witch the dealer and the tuner expert both said was worthless) is becores I have a full akra system on the bike and I can feel that the bike could use a little more fine tuning with the fuel response , 2 and 3 gear feels jumpy.
  6. Joined Aug 29, 2006. ·. 3,178 Posts. #2 · Jan 11, 2017. fredoonk said: Can't seem to find any info or reviews with the Rapid Bike evo used on a 2015 multi DVT. Also for those with some experience with this unit, would it still be worth it and work on top of a full termi exhaust and up-map? Thanks in advance
  7. Rapid Bike EVO BMW S1000XR tuning kit. All RapidBike products are for closed-course competition use only. Kit including the RapidBike Evo module and the USB cable and model specific wiring harness . -The Evo module manages up to 8 injectors and modulates the signal up to two O2 sensors (up to 2 lambdas). The purpose of the O2 sensor (lambda.

Map. Rapid bike is not my company, I just put together the group buy for the VFR800. The Evo module is just fuel tuning only, like a power commander, but with built in closed loop fuel tuning. The racing module is fuel plus ignition timing, among other features. Being that vfrs were designed to run on regular fuel and pass strict emissions. Rapid Bike EVO supports quick shifter sensor (optional),multiple maps management, raising RPM limiter (up to 1000 rpm) and the elimination of speed limiter. For twin cylinders engine equipped with double lambda sensors, it is possible to develop a specific injection map as well as an auto-injection remapping set specific for each cylinder Specialized Epic Evo Expert review. Rather than simply slapping a taller fork on the XC frame, Specialized opened a new mould for a different carbon rear end, forged a new shock yoke, dispensed with the Brain shock and bumped travel up by 10mm to 110mm. There's also an asymmetric flip-chip in the shock eyelet that offers two geometry settings. Re: Rapid Bike Auto-tuner vs. power commander + dyno? Reply #7 on: January 24, 2018, 09:48:55 PM I just bought the Akrapovic headers and the Akra titanium slip-on and had a long talk with Akra Q: I have a Ducati Monster 821 / 1200 S / R with Rapid Bike EVO system installed, occasionally the check engine light comes on while at light throttle and low RPM riding, is this a problem? A: The glitch is, Monster 821/1200 ECU triggers a check engine light if Rapid Bike makes any adjustments below 3300 rpm. Since discovering of this glitch.

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  1. ation of speed limiter. For twin cylinders engine equipped with double lambda sensors, it is possible to develop a specific injection map as well as an auto-injection remapping set specific for each cylinder
  2. They sell the Rapid bike product and I have it ready for my '15. There is a wire harness available and the module is not assigned to any specific bike. I took my rapid bike module from my '13 CBR 1000rr and all i need to do is buy a new wiring harness and install it in the BMW. This thing is AWESOME, i cant wait to see what it will do to the BMW
  3. I purchased a Rapid Bike Evo a couple of years ago. The Unit was professionally installed is on my Aprilia Dorsoduro 750. The unit worked really well for over a year, until a couple of months ago. Suddenly the bike now runs very rough its make almost no power across the rev range, lots of backfires. I have made no changes to the bike in this time

The Rapid Bike Easy Removes power and torque gaps while improving engine efficiency and fuel consumption at low and mid rpm. It plugs directly into the stock connectors of up to 2 lambda sensors to set fuel adjustments using 2 trimmer dials for quick tuning. The Easy module comes supplied with the settings for the two trimmer dials I also added a rapid bike quick shifter which the tech remarked how much better then the one they install and they're a Ducati racing shop. New air cleaner. It takes about 250 miles for it to relearn and reprogram everything but with only 25 Mi the dyno shows a 10 horsepower increase Rapid Bike's modules utilise the lambda sensor allowing for a drastic improvement of engine performance and fuel efficiency across the entire rpm range, especially in the closed loop section. All kits come with wiring harness and instruction manual. EVO: With auto-adaptive technology the map is constantly adjusted while riding the vehicle

Rapid Bike Master can be downloaded from our website for free. The program lies within Home & Hobby Tools, more precisely Sports. The program's installer is commonly called Rapid Bike Master.exe or RBMaster.exe etc. The most popular versions of the tool 2.1 and 2.0. The latest version of the program is supported on PCs running Windows 7. That's over $745, so $220 less for the same ability in the RapidBike Evo and no need for welding. I'd say that's a win. Not sure on PCV, but the RapidBike unit can be re-flashed for other bikes, you just need a new harness. Reviews on the BMW and Ducati forums are all good that I have seen

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Rapid Bike EVO BMW 12-14 S1000RR . Rapid Bike RACING BMW 09-16 S1000RR Tuning Kit. Rapid Bike EVO BMW S1000RR 09-16 tuning kit 0 reviews | Write a review. Brands Rapid Bike Product Code: Rapidbike-EVO-S1000RR-09 Availability: In Stock. $595.00. Qty. Add to Wish List. Compare this Product. Description 1. Rapidbike (as it's shipped) will NOT allow to put a rider seat in a lower position. 2. You need to fabricate a new battery strap to fix the issue. 3. Reposition bike's ECU on the new battery strap (or whatever it is, attached to the strap) closer to the right side of the bike to free up some space for Rapidbike Rapid Bike Easy for DUCATI Monster 797 manages the O2 sensors to improve the fueling and performance of your engine. Simple and quick to install, it comes with recommended settings and instructions. Moreover, the tuning unit does not require a computer but can be programmed manually. SKU: KRBEA-015 ; KRBEA2-01

The new Rapid Bike EVO control unit is an injection control and management module with self-mapping functions equipped with specific Plug & Play wiring, ready for assembly on the original system. The container is in die-cast aluminum alloy, sealed with epoxy resins to guarantee maximum protection from shocks, vibrations and temperature changes (automotive standard) Joined Jul 6, 2016. ·. 36 Posts. #14 · Jun 7, 2017. I had the Rapid bike Evo installed for several months and no problems then I started getting ENG errors on the dash and limp mode. I updated the firmware, reloaded the base map, and it seemed better but not resolved 2016 Flat Track Pro: SB Suspension GP forks, SB Suspension Double Adjustable rear shock, Zard Zuma slip on, Rapid Bike Evo Exclusive, Gilles chain adjusters, Gilles AP.GTA Front & Rear Axle Protectors, Shift Tech carbon license plate frame and fork guards, AltRider voltage regulator and oil cooler guards, Mmala Racing rear rack, Amphibious Upbag, Ducati billet headlight ring and clamps, Ducati. Hey I know this is a little dead, but how are you liking the Evo module. I'm debating on what I want to get and the rapid bike is at the top of my list so far but there's not very much info, or any reviews on it for our bikes CONTINENTAL-TEMIC ACM2.1/AT25256 TC1796 (MERCEDES TRUCK) - WIRING WITH ECU CONNECTOR. $132.00

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Rapid Bike RACE Kit. Regular price $775.00 Sale. while riding the bike. QUICK SHIFT READY, Race and Evo systems are quick shift ready which means no need to buy additional modules all you need is an RB quick shift sensor for the bikes that is not equipped with quick shift function from the factory 69 Posts. #11 · Feb 5, 2016. Rapidbike. I just installed the racing module and my bike is running pretty sweet. Waiting on sprint filters. Good improvement especially after a flash and exhaust.. it is still developing maps and most of my decel pop is almost gone Dag ett av vårt Äventyr - 147.5 km, +1220 m. Bike ride in Sthlm, Stockholms lä

I have less than 700 miles on my nineT and evaluating mods, but went with the Rapid Bike EVO on my Diavel Carbon, removing the carbon canister during the installation. Their software and USB connection make it easy to modify a variety of perimeters including engine braking, RPM limits, fuel flow, etc using your own laptop I had to make a new battery strap in order to fit Rapidbike. So, to summarize: 1. Rapidbike (as it's shipped) will NOT allow to put a rider seat in a lower position. 2. You need to fabricate a new battery strap to fix the issue. 3. Reposition bike's ECU on the new battery strap (or whatever it is, attached to the strap) closer to the right side. I installed a Rapid Bike Evo system along with the Moto Hooligan air intake on my 2015 Super Duke R 1290 a couple of weeks ago, so far I've been very happy with it. A few of my friends have also installed the system on their bikes and have also been happy with it. After installation I immediately noticed the throttle response below 5000 RPM. Home Who we are Feedback RAPID BIKE EVO CONTROL UNIT + WIRING CODE 872112 caused by increasingly restrictive anti-pollution laws. ----- ----- and the elimination of the speed limiter. and the display of a series of engine operating parameters ----- LIST OF APPLICATIONS HONDACB R Neo SPORTS Cafè ABS (SC80)10002018-2020 Terms of payment : Who we are Payment Terms of payment : Conditions. Rapid Bike EVO: Total Injection Control . which means the possibility to calibrate and activate two sets of injection maps with different self-adaptive settings in order to change air/fuel ratio with a simple switch. For two-cylinder engine motorbikes, RapidBike EVO allows to set a map with specific self-adaptive corrections for each.

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Rapid Bike is a perfect match for Iwata's Euro 5 twin engine. Yamaha MT-07, FZ 07, Tracer 7 and XSR 700 are well-known to be very versatile models, especially for entry-level riders; they highly benefit from the installation of Rapid Bike Evo to enrich fueling and increase power delivery. For riders pushing to the limit Rapid Bike offers Racing kit with the additional contribution of an.

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