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  1. NASB Translation horse (32), horse's (1), horseback (1), horseman* (2), horses (100), horses' (2)
  2. How to say Horse in Hebrew (Listed in the Judaism - Holidays - Purim category) Hear Horse pronounced in Modern Hebrew by an Israeli: Name: Email: It's free and you can unsubscribe at any time. Learn Hebrew. Get Hebrew words free by email: Once per day Every 3 days Once per week
  3. d you - Hebrew ran the wrong way. I won all the races. The first line of my Hebrew primer. I remember it to this day. Ah, the joy of it! Of Hebrew riders. To enter the Shabbat shul Sweepstakes
  4. The Hebrew and Egyptian names for the horse are alike akin to the Assyrian. The Jews may have obtained horses from Egypt ( Deuteronomy 17:16 ), but the Canaanites before them had horses ( Joshua 17:16 ), and in looking toward the Northeast for the origin of the horse, philologists are in agreement with zoologists who consider that the plains of.
  5. As a first name Latigo is occasionally heard as a name for both people and horses, and was used as the name of a comic strip set in the Old West that ran from 1979 to 1983. Levi - In Hebrew, Levi means attached or joined. In America the name is associated with a brand of blue jeans from the Levi Strauss company

Top 10 Strong Horse Names. Bucephalus - famous mount of Alexander the Great and one of the most famous war horses.; Comanche - heralded as the only survivor in the Battle of Little Big Horn. Hidalgo - while the story of Hidalgo is mostly based on legend, the 2004 film made this little paint horse the subject of discussion in many households. Whether or not he truly existed, the story. The owner must have found it hard to name the horse and so named it Givemeanothername. It is indeed a clever name where the horse is seemingly open to new suggestions and the audience can try its creativity along that line. 5. Waikikamukau - You might think that it is some Hebrew name with a hidden meaning Perhaps this horse would make a good Odin. 17. Saga. Saga may mean seeing one in Old Norse. Saga is the goddess of history and poetry. Saga could work as a name for many mares, particularly ones with more thoughtful temperaments. 18. Sigrứn. This name comes from the Old Norse for secret and victory. Whether you've got a mare, a foal, a gelding, or a stallion, your horse is going to need a memorable name with meaning. The name ideas in this article all come from Greek mythology and are rich with history and legend. Explore these 20 ideas and find the perfect moniker for your equine companion

Hebrew words for horse include סוּס, חֲמוֹר, סוס and ס.ו.ס.. Find more Hebrew words at wordhippo.com Ash - The name Ash is derived from the tree of Ash and is fitting for a horse of black colouring. Shimmer - The name Shimmer is perfect for a horse that has a shiny or white mane. The name means someone who shines, glimmers, and gleams - despite the challenges it comes across. Dinah - Remember Dinah from Alice in Wonderland How to say Horse in Hebrew. Includes Hebrew vowels, transliteration (written with English letters) and an audio pronunciation by an Israeli Oscar - It is not just an award but also a translation of Divine strength in Hebrew. Beast - A big Giant creature or someone who is very strong in appearance. It is a perfect and badass name for your draft horse. Remo - Translation of strong in the Greek language

Hermione — The name Hermione is derived from Hermes, who was the messenger to all the Greek gods. Plus, we all remember Hermione, the wizard from Harry Potter! Horse Names From Greek Mythology. Pegasus — The majestic white horse with wings from Greek mythology. Centaurus — Centaurs are half-man and half-horse creatures from Greek mythology Hebrew words for horses include סוּס and חֲמוֹר. Find more Hebrew words at wordhippo.com

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Yahweh, name for the God of the Israelites, representing the biblical pronunciation of YHWH, the Hebrew name revealed to Moses in the book of Exodus. The name YHWH, consisting of the sequence of consonants Yod, Heh, Waw, and Heh, is known as the tetragrammaton Hebrew Boy Names Beginning With A Adam: means man, mankind Adiel: means adorned by God or God is my witness. Aharon (Aaron): Aharon was the older brother of Moshe (Moses). Akiva: Rabbi Akiva was a 1st-century scholar and teacher. Alon: means oak tree. Ami: means my people. Amos: Amos was an 8th-century prophet from northern Israel. Ariel: Ariel is a name for Jerusalem

The identical masculine noun סוס (sus), is the Bible's common word for horse. Its proper plural is סוסים and its pseudo-genitive is סוסי (horses of). Our noun shows up all over the Semitic language spectrum, and was obviously imported into Hebrew. The feminine equivalent, סוסה (susa), occurs only in Song of Solomon 1:9 Latinized form of the Greek name Ἱπποκράτης (Hippokrates) meaning horse power, derived from the elements ἵππος ( hippos) meaning horse and κράτος ( kratos) meaning power. This was the name of a 5th-century BC Greek doctor who is known as the Father of Medicine. Hippolytos m Greek Mythology, Ancient Greek

That`s why evil and demonic horse names are so popular. Caius - Twilight series Abel - means breath; vanity (Hebrew) Delano - means of the night (French) Beelzebub - Devil Pookah - Irish word for Hobgoblin Medusa - The snake-haired mascot - Creepy Kids Nyx - Of The Night. Irish Female Horse Names. If you love names of Irish origin, you can choose one for your female horse. Read along to see the various Irish female horse names you can select from below; Sage. Sage means wise. If you have an intelligent female horse, consider naming her sage. Sage will also portray the beauty of your little girl The fourth horse sports a coat only producers of horror movies would love! Upon the back of this gruesome beast sits one whose name is Death. This is another unique feature of this horseman, as none of the others receives a name. The Greek word is the normal word for death, thánatos, suggesting on the surface a generic application of the. Whether these two names refer to different species, or are, the one, the genuine Hebrew name, the other, the Aramaic equivalent for the same animal, is uncertain. Both signify one of the wildest and most untamable animals. The wild ass is larger and more shapely than the domestic one, and outruns the fleetest horse horse in Hebrew English-Hebrew dictionary. horse verb noun /hɔː(r)s/ hɔː(r)siz + grammar A hoofed mammal (scientific name Equus caballus). +43 definitions . translations horse Add . סוס noun masculine. en large hoofed animal +1 definitions . The wild horse was finally broken by the patient trainer

Horse: What a spiritual, amazing, beautiful animal! Horse in Hebrew is סוס, it is pronounced soos, and there are a lot of them in the Land of Milk and Honey. Did you know that horses are used for therapeutic purposes? There are a number of centers in Israel helping autistic kids, for example, through horse-therapy So Yahusha is English for the Hebrew name of the Messiah (anointed King of Israel) and Jesus is the name of the Greek good man or Chistos. Hindu, history, Holocaust, Holy, Holy Days, holidays, homosexuality, white horse, red horse, black horse, pale horse, horsemen, human, humanize, humanization, hyssop, IDL, IHS, images, injustice. SOOS is a legitimate Hebrew word! In Hebrew it means HORSE (Strong's #5483). Iesous is the Greek transliteration of the Hebrew name, and its English spelling is Jesus. Thus, the English names Joshua and Jesus are essentially the same; both are English pronunciations of the Hebrew and Greek names for our Lord..

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  1. Abel - means breath; vanity (Hebrew) Dullahan - Headless horseman. Zelda - From Sabrina. Bloody Mary - Ghost Legend. Damien - Boy from The Omen. Kurt Barlow - Salem's Lot. Braeden - means from the dark valley. Regan - The Exorcist. Morticia - The Addams Family
  2. Female Arabian name meaning rose coloured-X-XANTHA: XANTHE: Greek name meaning yellow Greek name meaning yellow-Y-YAHTO: YARKONA: Male Native American Sioux name meaning blue Female Hebrew name meaning green-Z-ZANTHE: ZELENKA: ZELENY: ZUKRA: Greek name meaning yellow Female Czechoslovakian name meaning little green on
  3. Apollyon - Part of the band name for a Tom Fischer project Apollyon Sun. Behemoth - Name of Polish black/death metal band. Nergal - Name of The guitarist and vocalist of the polish black death metal band ; Euronymous - Stage name of former Mayhem guitarist ystein Aarseth; Fenriz - Stage name of Darkthrone drummer Gylve Nagell
  4. d you. According to the Kabbalah, the name of every creation is its life-source. The Hebrew letters carry a G‑dly power, and, when put together in different formations, they give life wherever they are applied

It means nothing in Hebrew, the language it supposedly came from . . . But, if you force it to mean anything, the closest it could come to any Hebrew word is the horse because soos is Hebrew for horse. (HE-SOOS). The name Yeshua means help or save, but the true Name YAHUSHA above means I am your Deliverer The name Jesus ends with an SUS (pronounced soos in Greek), is accused by some sacred name adherents to mean horse in Hebrew. But Greek and Hebrew are two different languages. Some go as far in a mocking way and claim soos is equivalent to Zeus because of the similar sound, therefore. LT → English → America → A Horse with No Name → Hebrew. A Horse with No Name (Hebrew translation) Artist: America; Also performed by: Michelle Branch; Song: A Horse with No Name 25 translations 7 translations of covers. Translations: Croatian, Dutch, Esperanto, French #1, #2, German #1, #2, Greek, Hebrew #1, #2, Hungarian, Italian, Latin

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There is much controversy about the Messiah's Name these days. Most Christians would be ready to die for the name that they have been taught to call our SAVIOR by---- JESUS. SOOS in Hebrew can mean Horse. (Strong's #5483) Or even JOY (#7797) But in Latin it has a totally different meaning. SUS.suis 1 Tweet. horse racing in Jewish Gematria equals: 373: h 8 o 50 r 80 s 90 e 5 0 r 80 a 1 c 3 i 9 n 40 g 7. horse racing in English Gematria equals: 702: h 48 o 90 r 108 s 114 e 30 0 r 108 a 6 c 18 i 54 n 84 g 42. horse racing in Simple Gematria equals: 117: h 8 o 15 r 18 s 19 e 5 0 r 18 a 1 c 3 i 9 n 14 g 7 Horse name generator . This horse name generator will generate 10 names for horses, but focuses on more heroic sounding names. Horses are often a valued companion in many works of fiction, as well as in real life. Their names can be a big part of their identity too, or at the very least hold importance to the owner of the horse The name 'sima' was taken from the first two letters of silica and of magnesia. What does Sima mean in Chinese? It is an occupational surname, literally meaning control (sī) horses (mǎ); in a similar way as the English surname Marshall is derived from the Frankish: mare (horse) + skalkoz (master).

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According to Wikipedia the 12 disciples are: 1. Peter (not a Hebrew name). However his Hebrew name is simon (שמעון shimon) which is the name of one of the tribe. It comes from the root sh-m-'a which means to hear. 2. Andrew (not a Hebrew name) 3.. James m English, Biblical English form of the Late Latin name Iacomus, a variant of the Biblical Latin form Iacobus, from the Hebrew name Ya'aqov (see Jacob).This was the name of two apostles in the New Testament. The first was Saint James the Greater, the apostle John's brother, who was beheaded under Herod Agrippa in the Book of Acts. The second was James the Lesser, son of Alphaeus

My Hebrew Name: Andrew in Hebrew. (Note: English names which are not derived from Hebrew names are normally represented below by Hebrew names with similar underlying meanings.) Put this Hebrew name on your site or blog! Use this code White horses in particular are great for punny, fantastical and quirky names. Pure white horses, such as the Camarillo White Horse, with their white dominance gene are incredibly rare, so a name for a white horse should be just as rare. Here is a list of over 300 White Horse Names 50 Cool Names for Your Native Indian Appaloosa Horse Its colorful leopard-spotted coat and other distinctive physical characteristics make the Appaloosa horse breed quite popular as pet. If you intend to keep one, we would like to help you find a name for him 2. In Hebrew: The form Hebrew with the ending -aim or -ayim is interpreted by some as being a dual, referring to the upper and lower Jerusalem, but such forms occur in other names as implying special solemnity; such a pronunciation is both local and late. 3. In Greek and Latin Pregnancy 100 baby names with the most POWERFUL meanings. Have you ever wondered what your favorite baby name actually means? It's all well and good to have a cute sounding name but what if the meaning is justblasé

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Baby names that mean love might be the perfect choice for a baby born near Valentine's Day or conceived on a honeymoon. Of course, names with love meanings can also work for any child welcomed into the world with love. Love is always a wonderful meaning for a name, and there are baby names meaning love for baby girls and boys in every language and style, including the Welsh Rhys and Latin or. Chrain means horseradish in Russian. In the Old Country the plant grew everywhere: backyards, fields, parks. Grandmothers would collect its juicy leaves to use in pickling — when added to the brine, they help pickled cucumbers retain their crunchiness. Slavs and Jews ate chrain in relish form year-round, on sandwiches and with meats and. Hebrew Transliterated 15:3 YHVH 'aYSh MLChMH YHVH ShMV. Latin Vulgate 15:3 Dominus quasi vir pugnator Omnipotens nomen eius. King James Version 15:3 The LORD is a man of war: the LORD is his name. American Standard Version 15:3 Jehovah is a man of war: Jehovah is his name. Bible in Basic English 15:3 The Lord is a man of war: the Lord is his name Some to-be-mommies know what to name their child even before they've conceived, while others may struggle a bit. A name is one of the many things your child will be identified with, so it's completely normal to struggle in this front. But if you're looking for something unconventional, a name meaning swift can fit the bill In Nehemiah chapter 3, we find that the gate, situated between the Water Gate (verse 26) and the East Gate (verse 29), is the Horse Gate (verse 28). That is the proper name for the four-chambered gate discovered by Eilat and Benjamin Mazar. The location of the Horse Gate is mentioned two other times in the Bible: (1) About the year 835 BC the.

Babynology has more than thousands of Hebrew baby names and meanings. Here you can deluge yourself with the distinctive list of Hebrew names. Just browse the modern Hebrew babies names shortlist Hebrew name from a-z alphabetic order and get the Hebrew baby name of your choice Tarantino revealed that 16-month-old Leo had spoken his first word, abba - Hebrew for father. Leo, he said, was named after his wife's grandfather, though they hesitated when choosing the name for fear most people would assume he was being named after Leonardo DiCaprio, not that there's anything wrong with that The name of God is Yahua and the real name of Jesus is Yahusha. The invented names, such as Jesus, Yeshua, Yahweh and Jehovah should be avoided. Calling out to the father or his son using the wrong name is clearly vanity. Which is direct breaking the third commandment (Exodus 20:7) ELYEHOWEYNAY ( אֶלְיְהוֹעֵינַי ): Hebrew name meaning unto God are my eyes. In the bible, this is the name of many characters, including a priest and a Korahite temple doorkeeper. EMÁNUEL : Hungarian form of Greek Emmanouel, meaning God is with us. EMANUEL : Scandinavian form of Greek Emmanouel, meaning God is with us

Horses were used in the wars against enemies. The spiritual meaning of the Horse Gate is spiritual warfare: Re 19: 11 ¶ And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war Topics Definition of Hebrew Names Philip By Jeff A. Benner. In the Greek text this name is written as Φίλιππος (philippos) and is a Greek name meaning horse lover.In Hebrew and Aramaic texts this name is transliterated as פיליפוס (philipos).In the case of this name, no Hebrew or Aramaic name is provided for this individual 33 Horse Names That Will Fit Any Gray Horse. by. Sharon Wood May 9, 2020, 7:16 am updated September 28, 2020, 7:28 pm. Share; Tweet; Pin; Email; Gray horses are a special category. So if you own a Gray horse, we advise you to choose a name inspired by its coat color. Hebrew Dog Names | 110+ Male & Female Dog Names In Hebrew. in Cats. 130. Any of several animals related to Equus ferus caballus. A hoofed mammal, of the genus Equus, often used throughout history for riding and draft work. A cowboy's greatest friend is his horse. 1892, Walter Besant, Prologue: Who is Edmund Gray?, in The Ivory Gate [], New York, N.Y.: Harper & Brothers, [], OCLC 16832619, page 16: Athelstan.

The Horse as a Bible Symbol. To correctly understand this portion of the book of Revelation, we need to learn the significance of the horse as a Biblical symbol. For this information we must turn to the Old Testament; for the horse is not mentioned in the New -- except in Revelation Horse latitudes first attested 1777, the name of unknown origin, despite much speculation. A dead horse as a figure for something that has ceased to be useful is from 1630s; to flog a dead horse attempt to revive interest in a worn-out topic is from 1864 Dan will be a snake by the roadside,a viper along the path that bites the horse's heels so that its rider tumbles backward. (Gen 49:17) Scorpio contains Ophichus, who has a heel wound, and Sagittarius, next to Scorpio, is a half-man-half-horse, and the fall back can be seen when Sagittarius descends lower in the sky than Scorpio Hebrew has a great abundance of words for the penis, though it's usually a rather sparse language. This is because in Jewish culture, as in many others, the male organ is the subject of taboo and like other unmentionable subjects, it is prone to a process called 'euphemism creep.'. Speakers shy at calling the taboo subject by name, and use.

The most popular name of god in Hebrew bible is YHWH, however, that name is so special and powerful to the Jewish people, it's hardly pronounced or written in everyday life. This is how you write it in Hebrew: יהוה. With Niqqud ( Hebrew vowels ), it's written like this: יְהֹוָה The Hebrew ESU (meaning hairy) is the name of YaAqob's twin brother, aka ESAU. HAIRY! Let's begin with the foundation, the Hebrew Roots of the Name used in all of the Hebrew Scriptures: The tetragrammaton normally represented as YHWH: Y od Hay U au H ay The 4 letters (Tetragrammaton means four letters in Greek) If a horse wishes to change its Current Name, this may be liable to a financial charge. The horse' Birth Name must always remain its first registered name which can be found on it's National Passport. Please click here to view the Financial Charges and the Horse Name Change Guidelines.. Step 1: To change a horse name, you must type the new Current Name in the box and choose an option from. Horse names - Minecraft . This name generator will give you 10 random names for horses suitable for Minecraft universes. Horses are a common animal in the Overworld, and offer one of the fastest methods of travelling assuming you don't have to traverse water or dense forests in which your character might get stuck Translation for: 'horse' in English->Hebrew dictionary. Search over 14 million words and phrases in more than 490 language pairs

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A 'horse' might be Homer's code for 'earthquake', both controlled by Poseidon. Theory 3. The 'Trojan Horse' may be a reference to a cavalry unit of the Greeks. This 'horse unit' may have tricked the Trojans into letting them enter the city, probably using the armor and horses of a defeated Trojan cavalry unit Horses first appear in the Biblical narrative during Solomon's reign, and there are increased attestations of their military use during the divided kingdom of Israel and Judah. While scholars have often overlooked contemporary Israelite horsemanship, Cantrell's evidence clearly establishes the prominence and history of horses in this period The #1 online source for baby names and meanings, unique baby names, most popular baby names lists, celebrity baby news, and more. BabyNames.com has been online for over 25 years

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Zachary is the English variation of Zacharias, which itself is derived from the Hebrew name Zechariah. The name Zachary is attached to eight different people in the Bible, the most prominent being the father of John the Baptist, and it's also presidential, via 12th president Zachary Taylor. Zackery is an alternate spelling, and nicknames. Peaceful baby names for girls. Amani: This lovely name has Kiswahili roots and means peace.. Amity: A pretty virtue name, this means friendship, harmony.. Axelle: This is the feminine. Boy Names Meaning fire. Aiden: A Celtic name meaning little fire. Kai: Means fire in Scotland. Uriel: A Hebrew name meaning flame. Tyson: An English name that means fiery tempered. Chamuel: Means heat in Hebrew. Brando: An Italian name that means fiery. Titus: The Latin form of Greek Titos, meaning fire or to burn 13 Behold, I will make it creak under you, as a cart creaketh that is full of sheaves. יד וְאָבַד מָנוֹס מִקָּל, וְחָזָק לֹא-יְאַמֵּץ כֹּחוֹ; וְגִבּוֹר, לֹא-יְמַלֵּט נַפְשׁוֹ. 14 And flight shall fail the swift, and the strong shall not exert his strength, neither shall. Ancient Jewish / Hebrew Coins and Artifacts for Sale See bottom of page for some spectacular ancient Jewish artifacts! Jewish Revolt Against Rome, 66 - 70 AD. Masada Coins! These coins were minted and circulated during the time of Josephus, the Jewish War and the standoff at Masada. Holy Land, Judaea. First Revolt, Bronze Prutah. Year 2 = 67.

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This comes from a Hebrew name that means fire. 25. Phlegon. In Greek mythology, this was a horses associated with the noon-time sun. It meant burning one or blazing. 26. Alev. This is a Turkish name that means flame. 27. Brenton. This is a name that means flame or fire. 28. Aidan THE CHEROKEE NATION/ANCIENT HEBREW TRIBE. The Trail of Tears, by Robert Lindneux, depicting the expulsion of the Cherokees from their beloved tribal native home in Georgia in the 1830's on the way to their forced resettlement in Oklahoma. A Georgia soldier who took part in the expulsion said, I've seen loads blood and guts in my time, but. Beránek Czech. Means little ram, male lamb in Czech. Best 1 English. Derived from Middle English beste meaning beast, an occupational name for a keeper of animals or a nickname for someone who acted like a beast. A famous bearer of this surname was soccer legend George Best (1946-2005). Beverly English More info about the name Hippocrates. Hippocrates is an anglicized form of the Greek name 'Hippokrates', itself derived from the Greek words 'hippos', which means 'horse', and 'kratos', which means 'power' Unisex names are a great choice for a baby name in today's age. Here are some unisex space names: 65.Addison (Old English Origin) meaning 'child of Adam'.. 66.Angel (Greek Origin) meaning 'god's messenger'.. 67.Avery (Old English Origin) meaning 'Ruler of elves'.. 68.Ceres (Greek Origin) meaning 'goddess of the corn' is also used as a name for baby boys.. Cerys, a similar name, is a character.

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Tav Hebrew Meaning - 22nd Letter of the Hebrew Alphabet. Tav is the last letter of the Hebrew Alphabet. Meaning mark, sign, omen, or seal, it is the symbol of truth, perfection, and completion. It represents the restoration Tikkun תיקון of all of existence. It is a return to the essence and purpose of one's life Marshall is an Old French baby name meaning 'a person who tends to horses'. Matthew. Matthew was a Hebrew name meaning 'gift of Yahweh'. Maurice. Maurice is a Latin baby name which refers to a Moor. Max. Shortened form of Maxwell (a Scottish surname meaning Mac's stream) or Maximillian (from the Roman emperor, Maximus) THE ALPHABET OF BIBLICAL HEBREW. This page is an introduction to the alphabet of Hebrew Scripture. Hebrew is a Semitic language. The word Semitic comes from the name Shem, named in Genesis (6:10) as the son of Noah, whose descendants lived in the Middle East. Phoenician, Hebrew, Aramaic, Syriac, and Arabic are all examples of Semitic languages

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We are a second generation family-owned American business that manufactures American-made, kid friendly products, meaning that edges are smooth to the touch and paints and finishes are water based and non-toxic. These one-of-a-kind handmade toys make for a great personalized baby gift, baby shower gift, birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, or any. This page provides all possible translations of the word horse opera in the Hebrew language. אופרת סוסים Hebrew Discuss this horse opera English translation with the community

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Derived from Greek origin, Philip means 'Lover of Horses' and was one of the 12 apostles in the New Testament. 22. Reuben. This name of Hebrew origin means 'behold, a son'. Reuben was the son of Jacob and the patriarch of one of the 12 tribes of Israel The name Jordan is primarily a gender-neutral name of Hebrew origin that means To Flow Down. Click through to find out more information about the name Jordan on BabyNames.com. The name Jordan is primarily a gender-neutral name of Hebrew origin that means To Flow Down. Jordan Billie Pets the Wild Horse's Mane - The Blood Brothers. The Ballad. The name of the twelfth letter of the Hebrew Alphabet is Lamed which denotes an ox goad or a pointer. In the ancient script it looked like a Latin L, a picture of a shepherd's staff. This fits precisely with its grammatical function

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The Ten Commandments (1956 film) The Ten Commandments. (1956 film) The Lord of Hosts will do battle for us. Behold his mighty hand. The Ten Commandments is a 1956 American film about the Egyptian Prince, Moses, who learns of his true heritage as a Hebrew and his divine mission as the deliverer of his people. Directed by Cecil B. DeMille A biblical name Samuel - Asked of God. A name from the Bible. Also see Saul Salome - Peace. A biblical name Sapphira - Deep blue. A gemstone name Sapphire - Deep blue. A gemstone name Sarah - A princess. The wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac in the Bible Seth - Hebrew: A biblical name meaning the appointed one. One of the sons of. While Riley was a popular choice in 2018, you can see it was only about 90% as popular a baby girl name as Chloe (Which has been a top girl's name starting with C for the past 20 years, but is starting to fall out of favor.). Just for fun, let's take a look at the most popular baby girl names beginning with R throughout history Online Bill Pay Now Available. March 30, 2021. We are excited to offer our customers the option to pay their bill online through our provider, PayStar. You may pay your bill 24/7. You may use a Debit Card or Credit Card. We accept Master Card, Visa and Discover. Click the green BILL PAYMENT button for details Start studying Hebrew - ALL VOCAB. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools