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My neighbour is putting a Zetec into his Lotus Elan. I had a look, and discovered that the Duratec has intake and exhaust on the same side as the original Opel engine, but the the Zetec is opposite (when in a RWD application). If anyone is still considering this swap, it would seem the Duratec would be the easier swap. jtb well i wanna be able to actually put work and money into an engine, and i know im going to be ending up sepnding like 15k+ overall on the whole car so im ready for whatever and im doing either a engine swap with the duratec 2.3 or replacing the same engine with a new 2.0 zetec so idk what to d

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Zetec and Duratec are on the n/s in rwd configuration, so will need new side panel holes cut and the old one filled in. Swap from cross-flow would be easier as that is n/s exhaust. Woody Original. MK2 Cortina Zetec/Duratec. Hi guys, looking to get the crossflow in my mk2 Cortina swapped out for either a Zetec or Duratec (undecided yet due to lack of knowledge!). My knowledge and expertise is limited to say the least with anything like this so I'm looking for a garage/company who will be willing to carry out the swap for me The Zetec E is also a popular swap into a classic Ford usually requiring turning round to rear wheel drive format. We can supply all the parts you need to do this including the water rail manifold, which re-locates the thermostat housing, thus providing bulkhead clearance 4. Duratec HE. Pros: Modern, light and clever design. Cons: Zetecs are cheaper to buy and fit. Ford's Mazda-derived, all-aluminium engine introduced in the 2001 Mondeo is now the one to fit, albeit at a cost. You won't pick one up as cheaply as a Zetec but they're good for 200 bhp without taking the head off

a duratec swap would be quite a bit of work they need a different ecu. good power can be had from a custom turbo kit. turbo zetec 'tour has a nice setup that I believe is still for sale. The ONLY Supercharged Zetec Cougar In the US market the pre-'98 Zetec is only available as an option for the 1995-1997 Contour model. In addition to the DOHC Zetec, the cost concious Contour consumer could opt for a more mild 2.0L SOHC, a still developing 2.5L Duratec V6, or the ever desirable SVT worked-over version of the Duratec V6 starting at 170HP from the factory Step by step Zetec installation - Page 1 Last on March 28 2017 I spent many, many hours, thinking about the different ways to achieve many of the solutions shown on this page. Just to re-iterate that I'm not a mechanical engineer by trade so some of the solutions probably could have been made simpler, or done in a different way Enforced con rods. High flow inlet manifold. 5-speed Ford gearbox, with the option to have closer ratio's for racing. ZETEC engines for example are readily available second-hand for ~£200 and a new crate engine costs around £1000 - making it an unbeatable proposition to start with. This video shows what it takes to do this type of engine swap

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Discussion Starter · #1 · Mar 30, 2005. Can we start a sticky thread about the Duratec 3.0 swap. 1.What engine goes in with the least resistance Tarus, Jag, Lincoln LS. 2.What year engines will work. 3.What do the prospective engines offer performance wise. 4.What are wiring and plumbing changes. 5.Do we need new headers/what vendors make them Fitting a Zetec engine into your Mk2 Ford Fiesta. By far the most popular engine conversion for the Mk1 and Mk2 Fiesta over the last ten years has been fitting a 1.8 or 2.0 Zetec engine, if you havent done an engine conversion before then this swap is one of the most well documented on the internet I keep chasing power on my Zetec because I honestly don't want to commit to the swap and cutting holes and new ECU and the downtime. If I didn't already have a peppy Zetec I would go straight to Duratec over winter. Downsides of Duratec are as follows: Downtime Cutting hood/sidepanel and/or replacing those parts A basic guide into fitting Duratec, Zetec, ST170 engines from their original car into classic fords such as MK1 MK2 escorts, Anglias, Cortinas etcRetro Ford. A common swap for many small Fords, with the Cosworth version being capable being tuned of 500BHP. This is being replaced by the Zetec, Duratec and Ecoboost engines. Toyota 4A series: MR2s, Corollas, kit cars, Morris Minor. 4A engine was offered in different configurations ranging from 90 hp (67 kW) to 170 hp (130 kW)

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DuratecIn 2004, Ford replaced the Zetec with the Duratec, a heavily reworked version designed by Mazda. The Duratec 20 is the 2.0L version, found in the Focus, while the Duratec 23 is the 2.3L. Re: Duratec Engine Swap. « Reply #3 on: Friday,July 17, 2015, 03:27:06 PM ». John, That only works with the Kent based engines and Zetecs. The Duratec is a Mazda based engine and doesn't share the same bolt pattern as the Zetec/Kent engines. Caterham and others have made up bellhousings to bolt the Duratec to the Type 9 based gearboxes and. Step by step Zetec installation - Page 4. 8. Create a new engine mount. Normally, the front of the X-Flow 1.6 or 1.3 engine is connected to the chassis rail at the end of the block. Because the chassis rail needs modifying to clear the cam belt pulleys, the original mounting point has to be removed when the chassis is modified The Zetec is only 20 - 30 more horses than Triumph was. I've helped with added spring, and the GT-6 engine swap into the Spitfire for more ponies. If you're really after the low weight, big power build potential of a blown Zetec, then you'll have to accept a complicated build. Gar. Edited November 21, 2008 by Ga

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Complete Microsquirt system for Ford Zetec/Duratec engines. uSquirtZetec. £434.98. EDIS module. ( £59.99, £59.99) New 2 bar MAP sensor and connector. ( £34.50, £34.50 Australia Qld Street Legal Duratec Swap Hi all, I was wondering 2 things. 1 what was the most powerful Mk2 Escort hp rated from the factory? And 2 has anyone completed a Mk2 Escort duratec conversion in Australia that is street legal. Cheers

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1960 MGA 2.3 Ford Duratec MGA swap. Posted by: Seventy7INa45 Date: March 25, 2009 10:41PM. I currently have a 1960 MGA that is definately a project. I want to do a motor swap with a 2.0L ford zetec engine. Any recomendations on a transmission? Moss has a kit for a 5 speed conversion using a ford T9 tranny that says it doesnt require much. Acompanhe este incrível projeto do Ford Fiesta Duratec 2.0 16V Swap FT500 aspirado 280HP Sleeper. Deixe o seu LIKE e compartilhe nossos vídeos para ajudar no..

The swap to you r car itself should be mostly trouble free as your car was setup to be a duratec already. So engine front cover, crank pulley, pass side motor mount. Oil pan and pick up. If a 996 GT3 weighs about 3100 and makes 380 hp, that means it has to tug around 8.16 lbs per HP Also bear in mind the Zetec weighs around 350lbs, so putting that Zetec in your Falcon is going to shave *another* 150-200lbs off the car. 130hp Zetec in a, what, 2200lb Falcon is going to be snappy! I'd shoot an email over to Dansten Engineering - they have been very helpful getting my Duratec wishlist together and have a good reputation with.

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K-series to Duratec swap. Morning all, Any ideas on approx cost of going converting a 1400 K series to a 200bhp Duratec on the basis of getting all the work done at a reputable specialist. Apart from the obvious mechanical and electrical bits I would also require re-skins on both sides and paint. If the costs are massive it might make more. Actually the Duratec engine weight is only about 40 lbs more than zetec. The V6 car models are heavier because of more features (more power accessories, sunroof, etc) + heavier duty equipment (bigger wheels, tires, brakes, ABS, cooling system, etc). If you load up a zetec with options and aftermarket wheels, brakes etc...it will weigh 40 lbs less A brief explanation of what is needed to do a 2.5 duratec swap in a ford focus. I plan to make a more detailed video in the future. This swap was done in my 2.5 Duratec swap ford focus - YouTube Zetec Engine 2 0 for sale in UK | View 59 bargain

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  1. Motco - The Duratec is a great engine, a bit tall (watch for bonnet clearance) but can be expensive option. If I were in your position I'd be looking at a Zetec swap with the Chester Sportscars.
  2. Engine start @ 42 secondsDuratec (Zetec) ST170 Engine running on original ECU, key immobiliser and original ford loom, inspired by Wasa7. Wiring is for test.
  3. Joined Sep 12, 2008. ·. 109 Posts. #3 · Aug 28, 2009. These engines are not really related to the one that came in the Probe - the most popular swap is the Japanese-market KLZE engine. I have seen some really crazy engine swaps that had V8 swaps and RWD conversions... which are probably easier than the SHO swap would be
  4. The MZR engine in the Mazda MX5 NC is a Duratec, to all intents and purposes (albeit the later versions of the MZR come with a forged crank as standard). The Zetec is nowhere near as good as the.
  5. 2.0 ZETEC Focus Swap. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 12 of 12 Posts. F Videos & Pictures Problems Garage Talk General Info 2.5L DURATEC Performance. Recommended Communities. Nissan Club 177K+ members. China Car Forums 211K+ members. Kia EV6 Forum NEW! 180+ members. Join now to ask and comment

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Pioneering the engine swap industry, we continue to engineer and manufacture our kits from the best materials in the industry. We continue to engineer new kits to keep up with the always changing automotive industry.When considering an engine swap you first must decide what it is you want What do you guys think I was going to perform the 2.5L Duratec swap but now I am thinking of using the 3.0L Duratec. The compression is lower on the 3.0 so.. The Ford Duratec V6 is too wide to go between the chassis rails. The Cologne V6 will fit, but it's pretty heavy. The K-series actually works quite well in the Minor, as there's plent of air circulating to help keep things cool. Check out www.jlhmorrisminors.co.uk for more info on this. He's also developing a Zetec conversion

Capri modification / engine swap options. Option 1. Convert to manual, retain Kent 1600 with a very mild tweak (weber, cam etc). Original engine rebuild not currently required. Option 2. Go down the zetec or similar engine/ type 9 box path. Option 3 Re: Zetec/Duratech QLD Road Registration 2015/07/23 19:39:00 ( permalink ) 0. There's been a couple rego'd from up there (QLD), a very nice Rs2000/Duratec from memory. The main thing i find is you need it to pass EPA readings due to the date of the engine. ie. its a lot newer than an old carby escort engine

Identifying your engine. First, open the hood and prop it open. Take a look at your engine bay. 2.0L Zetec-E (Commonly referred to as Zetec in the Focus world) * Valve cover is usually black, and bearing Ford and 16v Zetec logos on it * Valve cover has 4 spark plug boots running down the middle, with two raised areas in front of and. Ford Zetec E * lightweight steel flywheel to suit standard 220mm diameter Zetec E clutch cover and Ford 8 1/2″ clutch plate or Ford Pinto 8 1/2″ clutch plate and cover (comes pre-drilled to suit either option). Machined from billet steel, our flywheels feature an integral ring gear Zetec ® was superseded by the Duratec I-4. 2.0L/2.3L/2.5L SOHC ENGINES Ford's first North American metric engine featured a belt-driven overhead cam and finger- follower valve train, while retaining traditional cast iron block and head. The 2.3L SOHC was the base engine of numerous 1974-1997 models, including Mustang, Pinto, Fairmont, Ranger, an First sold as a Zetec-S, then a Zetec-SE, and now named a Duratec, this engine was produced for Ford's smaller models - like the Ford Focus. In the first generation of the Ford Focus, the only diesel engine available was the Endura TDDI, a 1.8-liter inline-4 diesel used in the Focus, Escort, Fiesta , Mondeo, Orion, Sierra, and Transit Connect 10:33:09 Tue Nov 8 2016. bug and bus conversion 2.8 v6 engine. Started By mickp1976. 09:44:11 Mon Apr 20 2015. 1 replies. 45. Last Post By cook11 at. 16:30:37 Tue Jul 28 2015

by edders on Wed Aug 15, 2007 4:54 pm. on the zetec s i believe its easier to use the 1700 puma engine. although a 2 litre wont be impossible itll just be more work. possibly a series 3 might go in with a bit less work. although im not sure. 8 slices, 4 Sandwiches NEW ITEMS NOW LIVE - www.fydapparel.com Want your car to be apart of a review? Contact me! Social Media; @jamie_fyd Via Email; www.fydapparel.com Include you.. Ford Duratec 2.0-2.5 I4 - to Mazda 6 Speed Gearbox Trackday Flywheel & Clutch Ford Duratec 2.0-2.5 I4 - Type 9 - TTVR 215 Trackday Mazda MX5 Miata Mk3 NC 2.0L - 6 Speed Trackday Flywheel & Clutc Gellen, i have thought about zetec or duratec, duratec very pricey, zetec a bit heavy, i like K series as its light weight and should nice in the Minor as its a 800k car, also i can get a good.

hello, i just got a 93 mustang lx 2.3 n/a for $500. i love the car but sucks getting beat by almost every car on the street. my friend has a 2.5 ford duratec engine out of a 1996 contour does anybody know if its possible to swap it into the mustang Duratec is a brand name of the Ford Motor Company used for the company's range of gasoline-powered four-cylinder, five-cylinder and six-cylinder passenger car engines.. The original 1993 Duratec V6 engine was designed by Ford and Porsche. Ford first introduced this engine in the Ford Mondeo.Over time, Duratec became an omnibus name for Ford's gasoline engines unrelated to the original V6 Hi Ive had a lot of interest on my engine swap Xflow to ST170 Duratec or {Black top Zetec} with a Duratec badge on it And 4 speed to type 9 5 speed box at the same time. So thought Id have a go at a blog to assist owners with the process and put any info in one place A quick over view is ST170 Du.. Watching this thread with curiosity however. I just cannot commit to a Zetec build. For me either I'll succeed with fitting SC for FI or I'll commit to a full Duratec swap/build since I already have the engine, but I can certainly appreciate a crazy build Service the cooling system on the Ford Focus 2014 to 2018 Part 1 of Focus Manual Swap (05-07) 2005-2011 Ford Focus 2.0L Duratec Engine Runs Rough Hesitates: Valve Cover Gasket Replacement Fuse box location and diagrams: Ford Focus (1999-2007) FORD FOCUS 1.6 ZETEC ESTATE MANUALFord Focus 2000-05 Repair Manual Ford Zetec Engine Manua

Think I would like the v6 duratec 3.0 ( mondeo v6 ) or the Jaguar aj30. But not sure what gearbox would be best. It was a 1.6 originally but not sure of the 4speed gearbox Would have to change the ECU, wiring harness to the engine, transmission, engine, all sensors SRS controller, body control module, have custom driveshafts built, and a bunch of other stuff to make it work. The Cyclone V6 and transmission are designed for a newer car, which has everything different electrically on the car that is monitored by. As far as swap parts go I need: Engine mounts/brackets. Duratec headers (will reuse my existing Titanium ammo can) Dry sump tank. Modify the hard oil lines on existing dry sump pan. Duratec bell housing with slave/release bearing. New clutch/pressure plate. New water rail. Caterham engine harness. MBE 9A4 ECU. Uprated fuel pump. Oil catch ca

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Duratec engine swap? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 17 of 17 Posts. R I'm actually running a Ford 2.0 Zetec with Jenvy throttle bodies and Omex computer. It's a smaller and more compact engine then the Duratec and will fit in the GT without hacking the body or using a raised hood. While it doesn't have as much power in stock form as the Duratec. PROJECT STranger - 01 Ford Truck - Duratec 2.5 swap. Project STranger. After pining for a Duratec powered 5 speed regular cab short bed Ranger for many years, I've finally managed to acquire one. FYI, in the year 2001 Ford transitioned from the faithful Lima SOHC 2.3/2.5 4 cylinder to the new Duratec all aluminum mill 2005, 2006, 2007 Ford Focus - Automatic to Manual Transmission Swap | Part 9 Ford Focus Duratec He Manual Ford 2.0L Duratec HE Engine Review Duratec HE 2.0-liter engine is the same as 1.8-liter engine, but it has the bigger bore (87.5mm). The engine was designed by Japanese company Mazda (LF model of MZR series) Duratec Engine Filter Change FORD FIESTA ZETEC 1 4 TIMING BELT REPLACMENT,part 1 Fiesta Engine Is Out!Timing belt ford fiesta 1.4 duratec Fiesta Zetec S Engine Tear Down! Engine rebuild time lapse- Ford fiesta st 1.6 with short block Ford Fiesta 1.2 Duratec 82 hp Ambiente (2016) Exterior and Page 8/3 Engine Swap -- EcoBoost Engine for Cougars. Jump to Latest Follow Turbo Zetec Tour adding turbos would only make it worse. take the 6G72T in my VR4. the engine itself is very similar in size to the Duratec, but when you add the turbos it adds several inches to each side which would certainly prevent it from fitting in the Cougar engine.

Ford 1.6L Duratec TI-VCT Engine specs, problems The Zetec trim level was born. It was originally restricted to cars with Zetec engines but Ford soon gave up with that and now plaster it on everything - you can buy Mondeo Zetec's, for example, with Duratec engines, and TDCi diesel engines Fiesta 1.4 (Duratec Engine) Changing Spark Plugs FORD FIESTA 1 4 DURATEC TIMING BELT REPLACMENT, pt2 2012 Ford Fiesta 1 25 Zetec Cambelt Replacement Fix your Ford Fiesta (2002 -2008) with Haynes's video tutorials FORD FIESTA 1.4 DURATEC TIMING BELT REPLACEMENT Ford Fiesta Mk2 SUPERCHARGER ¦¦ ST170 DuraTec Engine Swap fiest

The 2.5 engine shares its design with the 2.0 Duratec HE found in our Fiesta ST150 and Mazda MX5 NC models among others and is therefore an almost direct swap. The 2.5 is also rapidly becoming the go-to replacement for the now rare 2.3 Ranger engines often used in high performance builds Ford Focus SE Duratec Twin scroll T3 turbo manifold 90 degree wastegate SPA Turbo Will fit Focus, Fusion and Mazda with 2.0L, 2.3L or 2.5L Duratec engines T3 twin scroll turbocharger flange 44mm wastegate V-band flange MKII and MKIII Focus require Wastegate support (included) Bottom mount configuration Nodular cast iron Large ducts for high performanc Posted October 8, 2015. One of the main consideration in a swap from Zetec to Duratec is that the exhausts exit on opposite sides. As long as mega power is not whats wanted it may be better to stick to Zetec. If may be worth contacting Raceline, Burton, Dunnell etc to understand the options and costs with the Zetec Cheap Zetec to RWD conversion. 1 2 3. NOHOME Dork. 1/7/14 3:17 p.m. Just passing this on from the MGB engine swap board. Some enterprising person has figured out a source for a cheap adapter that allows you to hook your Zetec engine to any of the GM corporate gearboxes. Basically an outboard engine adapter used by OMC

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an engine swap in your Elan? Basically, I have made up my mind to do it but haven't decided between a 2L Zetec or 2L Duratec. Quick summary: Zetec bolts up directly to existing clutch housings and intake/exhaust are on the same sides as a twincam. Duratec, being all aluminum, is lighter than a Zetec but requires an adapte Ford Sigma, Zetec and Duratec. This family of engines have shown to be massively tuneable and have proved themselves excellent in competition. Using our own head work, cam profiles and assembly procedures, we have used this base as a race engine to propel many different types of vehicle to the chequered flag Zetec/Zetec-E/Zetec-R are what Ford variously called the Zeta family of engines, some of which do appear in Caterhams when swapped in by owners, usually as an upgrade from a Crossflow. The Sigma family are the 'other way round' so you have to swap over exhaust/inlet sides on a Seven that has had a Crossflow in (or indeed a K-series) to upgrade.

Duratec Engine Swap Thread I have heard of a Zetec running 176bhp on zx6r carbs and fuel pump. If I can get 150bhp from this setup, then that will be 1.5x the current power I have. Obviously not to the full engine capacity but a good increase Last Update: Saturday, December 17, 2016 11:07 PM NQRS. Zetec black top reverse impeller. Suttonmotorsport 2 Replies 2814 Views. Last Update: Thursday, December 15, 2016 2:38 PM RSman4ever. FG Ecoboost Duratec into Escort Zetec or Duratec? The Sigma machine family emerged in 1995 under the trade name Zetec-SE (not to be confused with the Zetec-E family!), And after modernization it was called Duratec. Yamaha Collaboration. The engine has an aluminum block and cylinder head, the intake manifold is plastic. In 2004, the variable valve timing was.

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  1. Isn't the bell housing bolt pattern on the 2.0L Zetec, 2.3L duratec, and 3.0 duratec front wheel drive the same? I thought the main difference was the mounting location of the starter. The biggest obstacle your going to run into with an Escape trans swap is finding the parts
  2. Joined Mar 31, 2002. ·. 4,973 Posts. #11 · Jul 6, 2004. that's pretty tight. According to the newest Motortrend where they swapped in a 390hp supercharged V-8 engine into the Focus, they say just about any Ford mod-motor family V-8 will fit. They did it with the stock hood. Should have went that route
  3. Engine Swap a Zetec 2.0 for a Zetec 2.3 or 2.0 Turbo. The supercharging seemed to be the wrong way to go with an engine that was 18 years old so I am looking at this for a swap. Mine will be a used motor with 15K on it (Drop in with the engine wiring harness

zetec into mk2 escort parts. looking for conversion parts, complete sump kit, standard style engine mounts, flywheel and bolts, water kit, and complete black top motor. including alternator, coil packs, ecu, inlet and exhaust manifolds. To save money where possible you can adapt pinto or Kent engine mounts by cutting off the 4 holes and welding. A 2.0 Duratec complete package including exhaust, throttle bodies, ancilaries and ecu removed from a 2007 Westfield. So my thoughts were, well it came out in a matter of hours , it won't take too long to install, i'll easily have it completed before Stoneleigh. That was March 2017! Mainly due family priorities it must be emphasised SCT X4 Power Flash Ford Programmer - 2000-2018 Ford Focus Zetec/Duratec/EcoBoost. Sale price $399 00 $399.00 On Sale 31. FSWERKS SCT Livewire TS+ Performance ECU Tuner & Monitor - Ford Focus. Sale price $599 00 $599.00 On Sale 1. FSWERKS Upper Front Strut Stress Bar - Ford Focus SPI/Zetec/SVT.

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  1. Ford Focus 1.8L Zetec Turbo Conversion 239 BHP Zetec Turbo conversion by Bailey Performance performed on a standard Ford Focus 1.8Lthis is what the Focus chassis was crying out for! A brief explanation of what is needed to do a 2.5 duratec swap in a ford focus. I plan to make a more detailed video in the future. This swap was done in my.
  2. Swapped and Boosted 2000-2006 Ford Focus ZX3, ZX5 2.0L ZETEC Turbo System - The ZETEC series engines combined with Swapped and Boosted Inc. complete turbo system delivers serious horsepower and torque, that easily more than doubles your car's output. Refined driveability and a factory appearance make this kit the perfect choice for Focus enthusiasts everywhere
  3. Ford Focus 1.8L Zetec Turbo Conversion 239 BHP Zetec Turbo conversion by Bailey Performance performed on a standard A brief explanation of what is needed to do a 2.5 duratec swap in a ford focus. I plan to make a more detailed video in the future. This swap was done in my.
  4. The NC/duratec Miata places it on the left hand side, where the NB miata places the starter on the right side of the engine (which will not work on a Duratec engine). A quick break down of the costs associated with the 2.0 Ecoboost swap; -2.0 Ecoboost $1000-$6600

How to Find the Right Complete Engines for Your Ford Focus Online. The Ford Focus is a compact car that's been manufactured since 1998 in a range of two, three, four, and five-door body styles In car tuning culture, an engine swap is the process of removing a car's original engine and replacing it with another. This may be a like-for-like replacement, or to install a non-factory specification engine. Typically an engine swap is performed for performance, swapping-in a more powerful engine; however, an engine swap may also be performed for maintenance, where older engines may have a. Let us show you common engine configurations in Northern America below: Ford Focus - Zetec [2000-2004] 2.0L 16v DOHC. Photo source: focushacks.com. Ford Focus - Split Port Injection (SPI) [2000-2004] 2.0L 8v SOHC. Photo source: focaljet.com Does anyone know if the new 3.5L V6 can be swapped to replace a 2.5L or 3.0L Duratec ?? I have a chance to pick up a '99 Mystique SE with a 2.5L and 5 speed from a coworker for cheap. The engine is very tired. With everything I've read here, if you are going to replace a Duratec V6, a larger V6 swap seems the way to go

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The posted horsepower rating for a Zetec 2.0 motor is 130. This is achieved through the 9:6:1 ratio along with the inline I4 design. The 2.0 typically uses a 70-amp alternator to provide electric power to additional circuits in Ford vehicles. The late model Duratec design has taken over where the initial Zetec motor left off in the early 2000s Massive Speed System offers Hardcore Performance Parts for your Ford Mustang, Focus & Trucks. Custom fabricated suspension components, underdrive pulley systems and much more. The Midwest's best source for Hardcore performance parts TURBO ZETEC FOCUS Uncovering what makes this V6 engine so special Ford Focus II \Duratec 2.0 L 145 Hp\ 210hp 2.5L Swapped NC Miata - Review Ford Escape: Crank No Start Jasper Engines \u0026 Transmissions - Ford 3.5L Duratec Piston Design Buying a 2.5L Duratec Engine for the NC Miata - 2.5 Swap Episode 3 Ford Quick Tips #61: 3.0L DOHC Duratec. Kennedy Engineered Products was founded in February 1968 when Hobert Kennedy left his job engineering hydraulic missile components and went full time at his hobby, designing, engineering and manufacturing custom off road parts, specifically engine adapters. Once Hobert designed his first engine adapter kit, he needed a high performance clutch.