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On your iPhone, open Photos. Tap Search in the bottom-right corner. Type in a name or place in the search bar. You can tap See All to go through the results, or Photos will further group you pictures by moments and categories. In the top right, tap Select. Select all of the duplicates you want to delete Go into settings>camera and make sure keep normal photo is turned off and from now on when you take pictures, only the HDR photo will be saved to the photos app. As far as the photos that are already duplicated on your phone, you may still have to manually delete them. Remember to turn view full HDR back on 11-07-2017 12:41 P Additional information will help us get the right solution for you. How do you transfer photos from iPhone to PC? It is possible that the files itself in your storage is duplicated. You can check the location source of your photos. See the screenshot below: The Photos app automatically finds most of the photos and videos on your PC and OneDrive Bonus: Remove iPhone Duplicated Photos from PC. In Windows 10 or MacOS, you can directly view all photos on your iPhone if you connect your device through USB cable. Therefore, you can use computer software to remove duplicated photos on iOS device. For me, I have CCleaner the free version, which is capable of deleting duplicates

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To manually remove duplicate images: 1) Open your Photos app. 2) Select Photos at the bottom of this screen to arrange your pictures in chronological order with the newest items at the bottom. 3) Hit Select at the top right of the screen and click on the photos you want to delete. 4) With the master Select link chosen, you can also hit the Select link next to each date where images are located How to stop HDR photo duplicates. Step 1: Launch Settings on your iOS device and tap Camera. Step 2: Flip the Keep Normal Photo switch to the OFF position. Doing so ensures that whenever you take a HDR photo your iPhone will not keep its non-HDR variant. HDR photos in the Photos app are marked with HDR in the corner It seems it's very easy to get duplicates photos on iPhone. In fact, when you find that there are duplicate photos on your iPhone and iPad, you can try one of the following ways to remove these duplicates. Part 1: Delete Duplicate Photos on an iPhone X/8/7/6S/6 (Plus) Manually; Part 2: Remove Duplicate Photos on an iPhone with iPhone Transfer. Even though it's better to eradicate duplicate photos from the iPhone before transferring them to the computer, it's best to perform this job on the PC as it's a lot easier to do so on the PC. Solution. This guide assumes the user has an up-to-date version of Windows 10 installed on their computer Visit Our Site www.candlecode.comThanks For Watching Like Subscrib

Actually, photos app has always contained many duplicate pictures and deleting all these copies is really a great way to save memory space on iPhone. However, it is never easy to remove duplicate pictures from iPhone when there are too many photos in your album Use this Siri Shortcut to find and delete duplicated images on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. By default, it detects duplicates in Camera Roll. if you want.. Well, studies suggest that duplicate photos share the largest part of all identical files on your smartphone or computer system. These files accumulate over time due to various reasons like downloading the same file multiple times, data backup of the same file, file sharing, and other reasons

Step 1. Install PrimoPhoto on your Mac > plug in with your iPhone or other Apple devices. Step 2. On the Export to PC/Mac page, select photos from Camera Roll, Photo Library or Album. Step 3. Set the destination on your computer to save the photos, and click Export button. How to Remove Duplicate Photos on Mac with PrimoPhoto On iTunes: on your iPhone settings, in the photo tab, select 'sync Photos from iphoto' On iTunes: Sync. Presto! Two sets of the same photo(s). Why: In step 3, you didn't tell iPhoto to delete the photos off your phone after import ; In step 4-5, iTunes was told to copy photos that were recently added to iPhoto. Reason there is no trash can If you use your computer to store and manage your images, the Photos app will make a copy of anything you import, making finding those items extremely easy. However, in some cases, this means that there will be a duplicate version of the same image on your computer (the original and the copied Photos app image) Duplicates on iPhone, iPad, and Android. Why are duplicates appearing in my iPhone/iPad or Android's native Contacts app? If you have recently added an additional Google/iCloud/Exchange accounts to your Contacts+ address book, and you are suddenly seeing duplicates in your native Contacts app (the address book built into your smartphone), this is likely because you have multiple sources.

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Why do I have duplicates of all my Photos? I just go the iPhone X and when I synced my photos to it all my photos doubled. One is the original and the second is the HDR Photo. I turned off view full HDR in setting but I still have all the duplicated ones. Am I doing the right thing? Is there a way to delete duplicates without manually selecting. When you have thousands of photos, there's no way you're going to look through them to try and spot the duplicates. There's also the matter of exact versus similar duplicates—it would be a pain in the ass to try and sort that out manually. Well, a question in the iPhone Life Facebook group about this very topic sent me on a search for the best app for easily removing duplicate photos Step 5: The application will move all the pictures which you have selected to remove to your Duplicate Photos album. To completely delete them from iCloud account follow the last step. Step 6: Go to Photos app and in the sidebar below My Albums, choose Selected Duplicate Photos album. Then select all images in that album I don't know how or why, but all my photos appear in duplicate on my phone all of a sudden. I don't mean the same photo appearing in two different albums, I mean every photo is side by side with a duplicate. Instead of 8,500 photos I have 17,000. It could be iOS5, iOS6, Aperture 3.4, or who knows what

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The number 649 is the sum of 614 (Photos) and 35 (Videos) and they represent all the non-hidden items in your local Photos library. It looks like somehow, there is a discrepancy between what's on your iMac and on iCloud. To be sure we're on the sa.. Let's review how to quickly duplicate copies of a picture or video in the iOS Photos app. Note this is quite literal, duplicate makes an exact copy of an image so that there will be two identical copies of a picture stored in the Photos app on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch Advertisement. Once the editing feature is active, scroll down to the very bottom of the page, where you'll find the Delete Contact option. Be sure to tap this twice, as the first only brings up the confirmation prompt, and the second is what actually throws the contact in the trash. And just like that, the duplicate is done for

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Obviously, there is no point in saving the duplicate images and clutter the Camera Roll as well as the valuable iCloud storage. Let's find out how it's done! How to Prevent iPhone HDR from Saving Two Photos Automatically . Step #1. Launch Settings app on your iPhone → Next, you need to scroll down and tap on Photos & Camera That's the intended behavior, but essentially that means Photos app defaults to creating duplicates of pictures that are manually added through the Finder or Import function, as the original picture stays in it's origin location, but then a copy of the image is duplicated into the Photos Library.photoslibrary package in the user Pictures.

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  1. Step 1. Install PrimoPhoto on your Mac > plug in with your iPhone or other Apple devices. Step 2. On the Export to PC/Mac page, select photos from Camera Roll, Photo Library or Album. Step 3. Set the destination on your computer to save the photos, and click Export button. How to Remove Duplicate Photos on Mac with PrimoPhoto
  2. For instance the photos I took today were in the All Photos album but 6 hours later, they are still not in the My Photo Stream album. Can you help me to understand why? My Photo Stream is on on both devices. - Although the photos sync from my iPhone to my computer, none of the album names/organization does
  3. Ok Yesterday I turned on iCloud photo on all 3 of my devices - my iMac, iPhone X, and iPad Pro. Never used it before, but decided to try it out. It says I have like 4000+ photos which some I am sure I deleted long ago, but whatever. All 3 of my devices now have duplicates of everything
  4. Step 3. Remove duplicate photos on iPhone. Find the Photos category, open it and then tick all boxes next to all duplicate pictures you want to erase from your iPhone. When you are finished, click Erase Now to delete all the selected duplicate photos from your iPhone. Note: You will be asked to confirm this deleting decision in a subsequent.

On your Mac. Make a copy of your contacts. Open Contacts. From the Card menu, select Card > Look for Duplicates. When asked, click Merge. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until no duplicates are found. Make another copy of your iCloud Contacts Delete repeated pictures out of your iPhone simply. Why are iPhone pictures duplicated? Effectively, it may be for a number of causes. They've despatched you that photograph a number of occasions, you by accident took two an identical pictures, you've got taken a screenshot of a photograph and the harp comes out twice Now my iPhone has duplicate images of every picture I've taken since my last Sync with iTunes/Photos. The Camera Roll shows the photos properly, with no evidence of duplicates. However, under Photos --> Years --> Collections --> Moments , I see duplicate sets. For each picture duplicate set, one of the photo copies has The Trash Can. 2. Once the App is downloaded, open Simpler Contacts App and follow the onscreen instructions, until you reach Duplicate Contacts screen, indicating the number of Duplicate Contacts found on your iPhone.. 3. Tap on Show Duplicates button to remove Duplicate Contacts from your device.. 4. On the next screen, tap on Merge to remove duplicate Contacts from your device Hide duplicate contacts on iPhone. In the Contacts app , link contact cards for the same person in different accounts so they appear only once in your All Contacts list. When you have contacts from multiple sources, you might have multiple entries for the same person in Contacts

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  1. Duplicate Photos Fixer is an awesome duplicate photo finder that not only helps remove unnecessary clutter but also saves valuable time and effort to manually sift through thousands of images. It works exactly like a storage cleaner to remove exact & nearly identical images. The app assist both amateurs & pros to manage their photo libraries
  2. Let's take a step-wise look at how the duplicate image cleanup for OneDrive takes place. Launch CFC and click the Cloud Scan tab. Now click the Load Drive button on the left, enter in your Microsoft account credentials and click Sign in. Loading up OneDrive. Click Yes to authorize CFC to access your data. This is a perfectly safe procedure as.
  3. Part 3: Why the iPhone keeps making Duplicates A lot of people who have reported this problem have done so after they updated or created a note offline only to see duplicated notes when they connect to a network. This means that the problem is usually in the syncing process. Problems caused by iCloud syn
  4. If you see any duplicate photos in your Windows Photos, you can easily remove it from there. Let's see how to do that: Step 1: Open the Microsoft Photos app to view photos. Then, scroll through all your pictures or click on a specific folder to view pictures. Step 2: If you see a duplicate photo, right-click on it and choose the delete option.
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When it's finished, go to iPhoto and search for duplicate in the comments (the search box is at the bottom of the iPhoto window). Items which appear are the duplicates found by the search. I purchased My Cloud this week and installed the most recent apps. The mobile app has now backed up my 'camera roll' from my phone twice (all 700+ photos)! Plus one photo on the first back up was 'copied' over 80 times!! The guide says it will only back up the camera roll has new items Exact duplicates should be deleted automatically by Google, and third-party software can find any nearly identical photos. However, you should delete duplicate photos manually to get the most. Step 3: Hold the Ctrl key and click each duplicate you wish to delete. Step 4: Connect your iPhone 6 to PC, click your iPhone from the device list, hit Music and select Sync to sync your library using your existing sync settings. In this way, you could delete duplicate songs on iPhone/iPad/iPod from your iTunes


Photo Finder Features: - %100 Accurate Search Engine . for iCloud & Gallery. - Find your photos & images with anything you remember about them. - Search your photos by the text, object and notes in them. - Hide and lock your photos with the photo vault. - Clean duplicate photos. - Clean your photos with a swipe All the contacts from my wife's iPhone and my sister's have been merged into on giant list and there were a bunch of duplicates. The other annoying thing was that the duplicates were slightly different. For example, I had a contact Vineet and then another one called Vineet R and another called Vineet Rohatgi! One had a number, one had an. Launch Duplicate File Finder. In the application's window, click Choose Folder → select Photos Library and click the Scan button. You can add any folder for scanning, including a particular folder from iCloud. Within a short time, you will see the list of all duplicates in iCloud. Select unneeded duplicate files

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  1. My iphone is a 6S with up to date iOS 10.2.1. To get photos from my phone onto my computer, I connect the iphone via USB. In lightroom, my import dialog is Copy, don't import suspected duplicates, and organize by date with format 2017/2017-01-26 into My Lightroom Pictures folders on my harddrive. This has always worked flawlessly
  2. 1. Why Do I Have so Many Duplicate Photos on My Mac? We use iPhoto on Mac to store our precious pictures. As a photo library, it may have stored thousand of photos from multiple sources. Such as you imported them from mobile phones or downloaded them from the internet. So, duplicate photos are a common problem on Macs
  3. Photo Video Lounge is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.One of the two main reasons why the iPhone is known is due to its amazing camera and photo management app called
  4. 2. Scroll through your list of contacts until you find the duplicate entry you wish to delete and tap to open. 3. On your contact's information screen, tap the Edit button in the upper right-hand.
  5. Why Can't I Delete Photos On My iPhone? Most of the time, you can't delete photos on your iPhone because they're synced to another device. If your photos are synced to your computer with iTunes or Finder, they can only be deleted when connecting your iPhone to your computer. If this isn't the case, then iCloud Photos might be turned on

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Without the need of a computer, you can find, merge, and delete contacts right from your iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Here's how to delete or remove duplicate contacts on the iPhone: Switch on the Apple iPhone. Via the Phone app, go to the Contacts. Browse your contacts until you find the contacts you want to link or merge 3. i tap the download button and wait for the download to be finished. that takes a couple of seconds on my iphone xs. 4. i open the photos app and see the correct amount of photos BUT: * some of the photos a duplicated * some of the photos are missing instead. Ok, since the photos are still available, i tried to delete the imported photos from. Why Does Dropbox Duplicate Files and How to Stop That from Happening. Dropbox is an extremely popular cloud storage and collaboration tool. With its advanced sharing and backup features and convenient to use apps for PC, Mac, iOS and Android, Dropbox is the choice of individuals and teams alike Open Google Photos. In the top-right corner, tap your account profile photo. Navigate to Photos settings > Back up & sync. Toggle Back up & sync on or off. Depending on the size of your photo library, it may take a couple of hours to upload everything, but your pictures should begin to upload momentarily

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When linked duplicates is turned on (default) in the Photos app, exact duplicate files are shown as a single file. This might include copies saved in different folders, and RAW files. This tutorial will show you how to turn on or off showing linked duplicates as a single file in the Photos app for your account in Windows 10 If so please open your Gallery apps > Tap the 3 dots in the top right corner > Settings > Sync with Samsung Cloud > Disable this option. This should prevent any further duplicates showing up in your Gallery. View solution in context. 4 Likes Click Contacts. Click the Search icon. Select an option from the search type dropdown menu, enter the identifying info of the duplicate contacts (i.e., name, phone number, etc.) then click the Search icon : Name. Email. Phone. Select the desired contact then click the Delete icon. Contact is selected when a checkmark is present Duplicate photo uploading. My Windows 10 PC used to allow me to import only new photos from my iPhone but today it wants to import everything again and duplicate what is already there. Others have asked this question on the forum and there is no solution as far as I know. I have the same problem on the memory card from my camera and the only. Duplicates can be created if you are trying to sync Notes with both iCloud and iTunes. Solutions to Stop Notes from Being Duplicated on iPhone/iPad Solution 1: Log into icloud.com website and check if your notes are duplicated directly on iCloud. If notes are duplicated on iCloud, you have to delete the duplicated copies on the web page

Hello friends Facing a typical problem. My setup first. My Cloud 6 TB connected to Asus 88U router on a Gigabit port. On the wifi I have two devices. My Yamaha Receiver and Android player Minix U1. On both devices I have mapped my drive to see video and audio files. When I open the folder I sometimes see multiple copies of same song or video. They have the same name (nothing like _1 or _2. When I take a 16:9 photo, iCloud Photos will sync it to my Mac as 16:9, but it will show in Photos for Mac as an edited photo, and when I revert it to the original it will be 4:3. I am having the same iPhone model as you and as far as I can tell, t has always been this way, that the camera has just applied a cropping to the 4:3 original This setting will result in three photos being taken - over, under and normally exposed photos - and these three photos being combined to produce an enhanced version of the photo. There is a setting of the Camera app relating to this HDR, which determines whether a single version of the photo is kept, or whether the 'normal' photo is also kept 1. How to Delete Duplicate Photos on iPhone Manually. 1) If you're running on iOS 7 or later, you can follow these: Click on Photos app in your iPhone, and select duplicate images one by one. Here, you're allowed to select multiple images at one time, so when you have marked all pictures you wish to remove, you can click Trash Can button in. One of the easiest-to-follow tips is finding duplicate photos on your iPhone to delete. And the best way to delete duplicate photos is by using a free app from the App Store to automate the process. Here are the best free--or almost free---tools to delete duplicate photos on your iPhone. 1. Remo Duplicate Photos Remove

Duplicate Photos Fixer is an ultimate photos fixing tool that smoothly scans and deletes duplicate or similar photos. Free up ample of disk space by deleting a large number of similar and duplicate photos in just a click! So whether you have taken photos in burst mode, resized them, or HDR photos it will find and list them in groups How do I delete duplicated photos on my iPhone that were synced from an old PC? I now have a Mac and I have run out of space on my iPhone because for some reason manyt of my photos have been duplicated and I don't have the delete option because they were added by my old computer which I no longer have If you're like me, from time to time you've encountered the problem of duplicate photos. You might have imported a set of photos twice, accidentally duplicated a folder of photos, or you might have totally lost control of your photo collection to the extent that you now have multiple copies of your images and you don't know where to begin finding, and cleaning them up Store Photos on Amazon Prime Photos without creating Duplicates The same problem of duplication of photos potentially occurs in Amazon Prime Photos whenever you upload photos. One way to avoid it is to turn off the auto sync feature on both Android and iOS

-I had tons of duplicate pics.-I transferred all photos and files and docs to a 4 TB Seagate external backup.-my intention was to then use a photo duplicate to rid all dups and clean out other unnecessary folders.-I ran a MacAfee scan, and my laptop DIED!-I have now purchased a Lenovo Ideapad 330, and want to do this right Deleting Duplicate iPhone Photos in Windows. Windows doesn't contain any built-in method to scan and delete duplicate files. Therefore, you must arrange for such an app to make sure there aren't any duplicate images on your computer that cause unnecessary disorganization of data as well as wastage of precious storage space Launch Duplicate Sweeper and click Add Folder. Select your iCloud Drive folder and click OK. Hit the Start Duplicate Search button. Choose which duplicates to remove by checking the file's relative checkbox. Click Recycle Selected Duplicates and then confirm that you wish to remove the selected duplicates. Download Duplicate Sweeper Now Duplicate & Similar Photo Cleaner (Free) Remove duplicate or similar photos and videos from your computer and recover disk space. Using AI techniques normally reserved for the cloud, Duplicate & Similar Photo Cleaner views your photos as you do, making it easier to find duplicates, across multiple file formats and sizes

Some iPhone users are reporting the issue such as Why my iPhone deleting my pictures by itself, Why did my photos disappeared on my iPhone, iPhone photos deleted from camera roll by itself on various forums and community websites, seeking for some help and solution to fix the issue. For example, just let us take one real user's practical scenario In the following parts, you will find 5 ways to help remove duplicate photos from google photos. Method 1. Remove Duplicates in Google Photos Manually. If the number of duplicate photos is not too much, you can try to delete these duplicates manually. 1. Log in Google Photos official website. 2. Click on Photos in the left panel. 3 The duplicate photos one has the Trash Can and can be deleted and the other does not. I have worked with Applecare several times for many hours to no avail. They don't have a clue. My wife and I have 2 iPhone 7's and 2 iPad Pros and we share the same iCloud account. Duplications don't occur on my MacBook Pro Situation 1. Unsync albums to solve iPhone/iPad can't delete photos: Run the latest iTunes on your computer and go on to connect your iPhone or iPad to the PC via a USB cable. Tap on the device icon in iTunes and then the information of your iDevice will be displayed. Click on Photos in the left panel and uncheck the option Select albums

If you meet iTunes sync problems after updating to iOS 12/12..1, you can also follow this tutorial and have a try to fix your problem. And we also provide you with some common iOS 12 update problems and related solutions, which may be helpful if you plan to install iOS 12 on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.. Although it has been a long time since the official release of iTunes 12, there is. Photo I posted in the last 30 minutes have been doubled with photos posted this morning, and I have had this problem repeatedly over the last couple of weeks. I also see a comment I made about a month ago about how fast a friend commented on a post being repeated for a number of my photo posts

Some people are confused whether they should enable My Photo Stream when already turn on iCloud Photo Library. Actually, they do not conflict. iCloud Photo Library is able to upload all photos and videos on iDevice to iCloud if there is enough space; while My Photo Stream will sync the photos taken within 30 days to iCloud once your iPhone or iPad connect to internet Responses. By default, Photoshop Elements should not import duplicate files from your camera. Duplicates should not even be listed in the Adobe Photo Downloader dialog unless you have the Show Duplicates (at the top, under your device list, next to Show) option enabled. Even if you enable Show Duplicates, all duplicate files will be unchecked

iCloud Photos uploads all pictures and videos on the cloud and automatically synchronizes them between all devices. If you activate both iCloud Photos and My Photo Stream, the latest photos will be duplicated in both. Devices that support My Photo Stream: iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone with iOS 5.1 or late Return to iCloud contacts in any browser, hit the gear icon in the bottom-left, and click Select All. You can click the gear icon again and click Delete to remove all of your contacts from iCloud.

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Here's a break down of how to transfer photos from iPhone to Google Photos in steps. Step 1 - Download Google Photos to your device. Launch the app and log in using your Google details. Step 2 - Look toward the top-left corner of the app. You'll see a three-bar icon These tips might help you reduce or remove the glare on your iPhone photos. 1. Adjust your iPhone camera's position. Move to a different position to make the glare disappear. Strategically position your camera at an angle that places the glare at the light source. This way, the glare will not appear in your photos When an iPhone backs up to iCloud, it moves the picture there. You see it on the phone because the phone is displaying photos you took as well as photos backed up to iCloud. When Verizon Cloud looks for photos to back up, it doesn't see the iCloud photos at all. If you wish to make duplicate backups, you can do so