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  1. AquaSun Retractable Pool Enclosures provides a 24/7/365 pool experience. AquaSun can open or close in a moment's notice when inclement weather conditions occur. Extend your pool season and lower the cost of cleaning and heating your pool. Cost effective, Increased ROI, and Easy to Own, the AquaSun pool enclosure has several benefits
  2. g Pool Enclosures, Pool Enclosures, Inground Pool Enclosures - Aqua Shield. Call Us: (800) 613 3339. Select Project Type Telescopic Pool Enclosures Telescopic Sunrooms Safety Covers Green Houses. (800) 613 3339. Home
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Types of Pool Enclosures. Many readily available pool enclosure options can enhance your experience and expand your pool access in any climate. One popular type is the retractable or telescopic pool enclosure.With a retractable pool enclosure, you can open it up in pleasant weather and then cover your pool when conditions demand Best range of swimming pool enclosures and SPA enclosures Specialist in telescopic pool enclosures made with toughened safety glass. Manufacturer for 30 years STANDARD POOL ENCLOSURES. In full agreement with the latest design, construction and safety trends Pool and Spa Enclosures LLC. brings a line of retractable pool enclosures for a low price. This new profile system is designed to allow for the latest features such as security locks, modern segment sealing and elegantly carved profiles in the.

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Our flagship telescopic swimming pool enclosures are some of the bestselling products in America and Europe. We have designed these telescopic covers to be used all year round while reducing operational and maintenance costs. No more regular cleaning, pH imbalance, water loss and heating costs. Excelite offers so many options for telescopic covers Why should we need swimming pool enclosures? Firstly, you would be not hampered by wind and rain when swimming. Besides, swimming pool enclosures extend the private life of enclosures and keep neighborhood children away from the pool, avoiding accidents happened. This retractable pool screen help to increase the water temperature in winter and save money on costly pool chemicals The cost of pool enclosures ranges from as low as $2,999 all the way up to more than $30,000. Basically,it's $6-$8 per square foot. Telescopic swimming pool enclosure cost. However, most of the people having pool enclosures in their homes realize that they spend anywhere between $5000 and $13000 retractable pool enclosures Our Pool Enclosures are designed specifically for sport facilities and swimming pools (swimming pool enclosures), in order to guarantee the utmost comfort. It's a Motorized Enclosures ( telescopic pool enclosure ) that opens the swimming pool roof for 2/3 of its length (2/3 retractable pool cover) Retractable enclosures also know as telescopic pool enclosures are composed of individual bays, which are telescopic so they retract, one inside the other. Each bay has it's own wheels which are mounted on a track system, guiding each section as it opens and closes. The enclosure can be opened fully or partially

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Browse 92 Telescopic Pool Enclosures on Houzz. Whether you want inspiration for planning telescopic pool enclosures or are building designer telescopic pool enclosures from scratch, Houzz has 92 pictures from the best designers, decorators, and architects in the country, including Dibros Design & Construction and Dan Gordon Landscape Architects pool enclosures - middle line Medium-height line designs provide widely applicable enclosure solutions that do not hinder the view of the landscape or garden surrounding the pool. Additionally, they allow not only for swimming comfort under a fully covered pool, but also - thanks to their higher structural design - for free movement in the. Roll-A-Cover, Intl. is manufacturing and installing restaurant, rooftop, pool, and retractable roof enclosures around the world. Call us today at 866-393-7292 or EMAIL to discuss your project. Roll-A-Cover Manufactures: Retractable Sunrooms * Hot Tub Enclosures Hotel Enclosures * Retractable Walkways Retractable Restaurant Enclosures * Wind Wall These structures, which can also be referred to as a Pool Dome, Retractable Roof, Pool Buildings, Automatic Roofs or also a Telescopic Pool enclosure, can change any outdoor pool to be an indoor pool whenever you like. Swim all year round! To protect swimmers from the elements on colder days, simply close or partially close the semi-separate. Unfortunately, retractable pool enclosures do not come cheap. In fact, some open and close structures cost as much as $200 per square foot. Portable swimming pool enclosures, on the other hand, are much more affordable. They act just like screened in pools, but they can be put on and taken off whenever you wish

Retractable Pool & Spa Enclosures. As the big alternative to the conventional screened-in pool or porch, which still leaves you wet and cold in a rain storm - retractable enclosures are becoming more popular. With the use of polycarbonate these swimming pool enclosures are able to conform to almost any backyard layout, and can be moved out of. Pool Enclosures, Inc. • Mills River, NC 28759 • 877-734-2006 • Contact Us. HOME • Portfolio • Custom Swimming Pool Enclosure • Technical Information & Specs • Dehumidification • NC pool enclosures • NC Sunrooms • Solar Pool Heaters • Retractable Awnings • Related Information • About Us • Link

Pool & Spa Enclosures. Let us help turn your dreams into reality with an elegantly designed retractable pool, spa or patio enclosure. Enjoy your pool enclosure, spa enclosure or patio enclosure all year in the often unpredictable weather conditions with a retractable enclosure. Fill out the contact form on this page for more information The closing and opening mechanisms of the retractable cover play an important role when determining the costs of a swimming pool enclosure. That is, considering two retractable pool enclosures of the same sizes, the automatic covers will be more expensive that the manual types. 4.The Swimming Pool Enclosure Materia Retractable Pool Enclosure. Roll-A-Cover, International began in the year 2000 as a futuristic retractable pool enclosure company. First of all, Roll-A-Cover is the finest custom aluminum fabricator globally of trackless retractable pool enclosures and swim spa enclosures. Even more, our trackless retractable pool, spa, hot tub, and swim spa enclosures certainly allow the water in your pool to. About Excelite Pool Enclosure. As a polycarbonate sheet manufacturer since 2001 ,Excelite invested a new factory to manufacture swimming pool enclosures. Because we manufacture the raw material of pool enclosures ,we have more price advantage and quality control ability than any other pool enclosure manufacturers. With the two years growth.

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AFFORDABLE DIY telescopic pOOL ENCLOSURE KIT Benefits of polycarbonate DIY pool enclosure While a pool is an excellent addition to any home in North America, even in our beautiful climate, there are days, weeks, and sometimes months when the weather isn't suitable for a relaxing dip Telescopic pool enclosure with modern and functional design. Comfort, safety for children and space optimisation are the guiding principles of pool enclosures. Abritaly's telescopic pool enclosures create a modern, UV-protected bathing area. The quality of the materials used, patents and over 40 years of experience in the sector make Abritaly. Automatic Retractable Pool Enclosures. Our retractable pool enclosures are a strong defense against unpredictable weather, dry leaves/rubbish, and other flying creatures. Equipped with a patented drive system and simple switch, you can govern the movement of the pool enclosure, partially or fully. The operation is smooth, seamless and noise-less Convert your outdoor pool, spa, or patio into an indoor paradise within minutes - with a beautiful, retractable swimming pool, spa or patio enclosure! Pool And Home 3 Season Retractable Sunrooms And Enclosures. Pool And Spa Enclosures can be used as Sunrooms, Swimming Pool Enclosures or Hot Tub Rooms in any backyard The new low profile retractable pool enclosure is getting popular in Arizona. This model provides all the benefits of a pool enclosure without blocking the view of the Arizona's magnificent landscape. Additionally, this low profile retractable pool enclosure is the most cost efficient and affordable for a typical residential swimming pool..

Find your telescopic swimming pool enclosure easily amongst the 63 products from the leading brands (ABRISUD,) on ArchiExpo, the architecture and design specialist for your professional purchases Fixed and Retractable Pool Enclosures. Our light-weight pool enclosures are designed to provide uncluttered views of the outdoors will enjoying the indoor comforts. These pool enclosures are stylish and graceful to render a stroke of class to your residential and /or commercial property. Regardless of seasons, our retractable pool enclosures. Pricing Factors LocationLive Load Libart engineers every enclosure to exceed Local Building Code. Coverage AreaLength x Width The coverage area consists of the width and length of the area to be covered. DesignConfiguration & Features Model, Options, and Operation are carefully reviewed during the Design Phase of your project. Residential Pool Enclosure Pricing Evolution DF Total Square. Sunroom and Pool Enclosures. Sunroom enclosures from Shelter measures 2.5m to 40m in the span with unlimited length. It features automatic retractable, waterproof, wind withstands and fire retardant. Coming with a polycarbonate cover and automatic shading system, the patio enclosure protects your furniture from getting wet, sun-faded and.

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  1. These structures, which can also be referred to as a Pool Dome, Retractable Roof, Pool Buildings, Automatic Roofs or also a Telescopic Pool enclosure, can change any outdoor pool to be an indoor pool whenever you like. To protect swimmers from the elements on inclement days, simply close or partially close the semi-separate elements
  2. DynaDome Pool Enclosures, a Division of Dyna Technology Inc., designs and manufactures retractable pool enclosures from our Northwest Indiana location. Operating from our own 12,000 square foot facility, all manufacturing processes are performed here and then the finished product ships to your project location
  3. um alloy, and covered with reinforced glass/polycarbonate panel. The structure itself shares a lifespan of over 20+ years. And the covering materials are all proven to be waterproof, anti-aging, and durable
  4. This telescopic pool enclosure consists of nested panels of different widths that fit into each other. This system allows you to uncover your pool as you wish, either module by module or entirely. It can be handled easily and by just one person. Its functions and design have several advantages. Very well designed, you will be seduced by its.
  5. Retractable Pool Enclosure Cost. A retractable pool enclosure costs $20 to $200 per square foot depending on the size and if it's manual or automatic. A manual, plastic, low-height (3'-6') retractable pool enclosure costs $3,000 to $25,000, while an automatic, glass, high-height (6'-10'+) structure runs $30,000 to $150,000
  6. g Pool Enclosure Built with a slightly tilted side wall, the Practic Asymmetric Tall Retractable Swim
  7. The low telescopic pool enclosure: This is probably the most common model. As its name suggests, it opens in the same way as a telescope. The different modules of the low enclosure fit into each other and are stored at the end of the pool using a system of rails located on each side of the pool. It has the great advantage that it can be easily.

6 Pool Enclosures with Endless Pools® Models (Photos) The open-air feel of a backyard pool. The protection from the elements offered by an indoor pool. Pool enclosures are designed to give you the best of both worlds. See these beautiful examples of pool enclosures with Endless Pools models Telescopic Pool Enclosures, Pool Covers and Sunrooms. Our unique patented design allows the enclosure to slide over your swimming pool or patio in seconds letting you enjoy the benefits of summer all year round. These Telescopic Pool Enclosures have all the advantages of traditional enclosures, and incorporate a one-piece seamless structural. Nov 6, 2019 - Explore One Light Path's board Retractable Pool Enclosures on Pinterest. See more ideas about pool enclosures, pool, swimming pools

Our retractable pool enclosures are designed for comfort and ease for swimming pool owners and caretakers in Australia. Each product is durable, light-in-weight and has a simplistic yet elegant design. We offer aesthetically attractive pool enclosures using state-of-the-art technologies to add more grace and style to your outdoor landscape Retractable pool enclosures greatly enhance a swimming area and allow for year-round enjoyment of your valuable pool all four seasons of the year. Homeowners, condominiums, & hotels are unable to use their outdoor pool when the weather is inclement or during the colder months A low pool enclosure will allow you to swim freely in your pool either open to enjoy the cooling breeze of a summer's day or enclosed to protect you against elements at colder times of the year. The crystal-clear polycarbonate panels that our pool enclosures are made of does not restrict the view of the landscape of your garden whilst making it possible to enjoy a free swim in a protected.

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Retractable Pool Enclosure Cost . Retractable pool enclosures cost between $20,000 and $200,000, depending on the size and shape. Many styles and types of enclosures are retractable or partially retractable. They are almost always made of polycarbonate but may have glass panels or a mixture of glass and polycarbonate 6. Retractable Enclosures Endless Summer. A large-scale solution that offers a good deal of flexibility and that might have appeal for many homeowners is a retractable enclosure. These enclosures are skeletal structures constructed from a series of arched trusses that nest into each other when retracted Where can a Telescopic Pool Enclosure be installed? The COVERS in Play enclosure system is useful in so many ways. If you can imagine it, Cover in Play can make it happen. Residential swimming pools, indoor pools, pool shelters, swim spa, sunrooms, patios, commercial applications like restaurants, roof top terraces, balcony enclosures, outdoor event areas, like weddings etc., outdoor sales. Enjoy your pool, spa and patio with our retractable enclosures all year long. Get a free project quote now! INFOLINE +64 021 429 932. EN. Language selector; US Pool enclosures and patio enclosures from Pool and Spa Enclosures USA; EU Pool enclosures and patio enclosures CORSO from manufacturer; CZ.

Installations. Retractable pool enclosures components are partially assembled when delivered. Assembly is performed on-site by qualified personnel within 10 to 15 days or less depending the Pool Enclosure modelOur installation process is carried out by highly experienced and well-trained technicians using advanced safety gear and state-of-the-art tools and equipment A retractable pool enclosure can make your pool usable throughout all the seasons. A dark, glass enclosure creates a modern design look. A white beamed, glass pool enclosure can create a bright and open atmosphere. Create a new, iconic space for your pool. Retractable roofs can be easy to use and beautiful to look at TELESCOPIC SWIMMING POOL ENCLOSURES. Who doesn't want to own a pool in their homes? A private pool is perhaps an enthusiastic water lover's dream come true. Imagine the luxury of diving in cool or warm water (whichever you prefer) whenever you want. However, if your pool is an outdoor addition to the home, it might become useless in.

China Telescopic Pool Enclosures, China Telescopic Pool Enclosures Suppliers and Manufacturers Directory - Source a Large Selection of Telescopic Pool Enclosures Products at pool enclosure,swimming pool enclosure,retractable pool enclosure from China Alibaba.co A retractable enclosure can be folded up when you wish to view your lawn or garden. Custom. Just as the name sounds, a custom pool enclosure can be designed in any way that you could imagine. A custom design could range from conventional and flat-roofed to exotic and dome-like. Call Us: 800-537-8231 A manual retractable pool enclosures provides an indoor setting with an outdoor view. When the weather is nice just give it a gentle push to open. Or keep i.. However, swimming pool maintenance and cleaning can be a laborious and never-ending job. It is not only nice to have it sparkle and looking great, it is also critical for pool hygiene and safety. Likewise, it is a laborious job ensuring your pool quality is maintained during the winter months too and that garden debris, dirt and leaves are also.

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The ultra-practical low pool enclosure. Designed to make your life easier, the low telescopic pool enclosure is designed with smooth modules running to both left and right. The double movement can be perfectly adapted to your pool area. The exclusive guidance system gives the modules their fluid movement. The enclosure can be accessed by a. High level pool enclosures. A high-level enclosure creates a living space that combines relaxation and peace of mind. Its spaciousness gives it a luxury indoor pool feel, and creates an extra room in your house. The telescopic high-level enclosure offers great versatility, allowing the roof to be partially or fully open depending on the season

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Telescopic swimming pool Enclosure KLASIK / KLASIK PRO. The Klasik model of swimming pool enclosure is one of the most attractively priced models on the market. The arched shape of the enclosure is the most resistant against weather conditions of all offered enclosure types Telescopic Pool ENclosures - L.I.TRA. International specialises in manufacturing pool enclosures, awnings and roofs to be used over heated and unheated swimming pools. Our pool covers can be installed in hotels, sport facilities, tourist centres in general, campsites, private villas and all types of tourist and refreshment locations The ultra-low telescopic pool enclosure is user-friendly with simple upkeep and stowing: the model can be fully dismounted. The polycarbonate honeycomb or crystal elements are UV-resistant. Enjoy an ultra-low telescopic pool enclosure that will last through the seasons and years. The ultra-low telescopic pool enclosure runs perfectly with no. Abrissime in detail. Developed in partnership with the leading European manufacturer of pool enclosures, the Abrissime range of pool enclosures (from 0,40m to 1,55m in height), means you can lengthen your swimming season and secure your swimming pool. Each enclosure benefits from detailed quality controls throughout its manufacturing process. Pool enclosure and pool cover specialists; a variety of models of telescopic and stationary pool enclosures by Aqua Shield. The aesthetics of a pool enclosure are significant, to a convinced level. As you've invested in a swimming pool, you don't want your enclosure to detract too much from the open pool feel

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Pool Enclosures & Lanai. Screened Pool & Lanai enclosures let you spend more time enjoying your pool or lanai and less time cleaning. Custom built to enhance your home's value and match your home's style, our pool enclosures & lanai solutions offer plenty of budget-friendly and custom design styles If you have questions about diy Swimming Pool Enclosures please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-515-1747 or send us an email, sale@poolwarehouse.com. At Pool Warehouse, We Know Inground Pool Kits! Posted in. Swimming Pool Covers. « « Automatic Swimming Pool Covers Pool Enclosure FAQ » » You slide the retractable enclosure behind the pool and enjoy swimming in the open air. There is time saving and lowered frequency of cleaning your swimming pool or patio area. There is a reduction in frequency of checking water due to improvement of water quality. There is a reduction of required water treatment chemicals Pool enclosures let you swim four seasons, reduce chemical usage and helps you to heat your swimming pool water for free. Telescopic retractable enclosures can also be used in tennis courts, restaurant terraces, open air weddings, open air events besides swimming pools The Maestro. With clean and simplified lines, the Maestro telescopic high-level enclosure boasts a particularly modern design. Its tempered safety glass vertical side walls offer brightness, maximum security and optimal visibility. The size of the enclosure creates living space around the pool. The enclosure therefore becomes an extra room in.

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With a retractable pool enclosure, you will be capable of revel in an extended pool season all 12 months spherical. How Pool Enclosures benefits you? Safety One of the most vital reasons why you have to install telescopic pool enclosures is for protection purposes. Most accidents occur where babies and babies drown because of massive regions of. Pool Enclosures. Remco is Australia's leading manufacturer of Swimming Pool Enclosures. Remco's huge range of custom-built enclosure products keep pools safe, clean, warm and exceptionally economical to run. Best of all, it is easy for our pool enclosures to be opened up by one person, manually or even electronically when required, which.

Telescopic pool enclosures offer a great flexibility, as they can be partially or completely open/closed and will allow you to enjoy your swimming pool despite of weather conditions. Easily operated, they do not block the view of the surroundings and owners can enjoy their garden while having a good time by the pool Pool enclosures available with screen roofs and walls for bug free swimming. Trackless retractable pool enclosures are available. Have a private club of your own. Our enclosures are designed to give you a light, crisp, garden environment while letting you enjoy pool activities all year Retractable Pool Enclosures - High Models. We have the largest and most impressive range of high telescopic / retractable swimming pool enclosures world-wide. High Enclosures are ideal for a client looking to add an extra room to their property and have usable space inside the enclosure year-round A high pool enclosure allows you to use your pool as if it was an indoor pool. If you are equipped with an air and water heating system, you could enjoy all year round use. A true relaxation zone, that becomes a real outdoor living area. High shelters can be telescopic or static

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Our fixed enclosures can come with the option to have a telescopic retractable roof and can be considered as a mix between a conservatory and a pool enclosure. These can either be free standing or adjoined to a house, and make an ideal naturally lit relaxation area around your pool or hot tub The world's premier designer, manufacturer and installer of custom retractable roof enclosures and operable skylights. Founded in 1989, OpenAire has completed approaching 1,000 projects that are found in distinctive venues around the globe including shopping centers, aquatic facilities, health and community centers, waterparks, restaurants. Ranging from innovative residential outdoor living spaces with automated louvered roof pergolas to massive two-story telescopic pool enclosures for commercial clients, the expertise we have developed transcends the outdoor structures market. 6 Factories Spanning 2 Continents Since opening our first manufacturing facility in 2011, we have. In-ground pool enclosures help to maintain the in-ground pool in a better way. It keeps leaves and other particles from falling into the pool and thus helps to keep the pool clean. Having a pool enclosure also helps to keep the temperature of the in-ground pool water moderate as it keeps the sun away

13 Stylish Indoor Pools and Solariums. These creatively designed indoor swimming pools connect to nature and allow you to enjoy the outdoors no matter what the weather. A white pool enclosure with glass panels in the Venezia model line brings a cheerful, bright ambiance to this solarium/swimming pool, courtesy of Pool & Spa Enclosures Our pool enclosures can be retractable if required, allowing for an indoor or outdoor swimming pool - the best of both worlds. Our Mid Height - High pool enclosures may have glass sides & ends with no vibration when windy. This ensures that no hand print impressions are caused when touched if there is too much chlorine in the water Jun 24, 2017 - Our Retractable Lean-To Pool Enclosures can be attached to an existing house.Add digital control system to elecrically control the operation of enclosure in pool & spa. Pool Cover was developed to remove the hassle and effort of covering and uncovering your pool. We bring innovation and creativity to the market through superior quality products for pool like Pool cover and Pool. Backyard Creations can design, measure and install a pool enclosure just perfectly custom designed for your home and outdoor pool space enclosure. Our team of construction enclosure experts can create the retractable or permanent pool enclosure solution in a relatively short time frame and for an affordable price to suit your budget

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Automated Retractable Pool Enclosures. Our retractable pool enclosures operate on a patented automatic drive system. With the push of a button, the motors engage and the structure moves along the tracks. The structure is divided into bays that move one at a time and sit at the back of the tracks until the enclosure is ready to be closed again A large and accommodating swimming pool enclosure with a sleek, contemporary design, the Orion Wide and Tall Retractable Swimming Pool Cover Enclosure is guide rail free with vertical side walls and is available as a manual or motor-driven model. The ball park prices above are for the cover, delivery and installation for most UK mainland. The Libart retractable pool enclosures have bold black frames to complement the other property structures, with a clean, modern-yet-minimalist feel to not distract from the view through the trees. retractable swimming pool covers at Pool-Pro.org. Katchakid Swimming Pool Covers 1-888-552-8242. A.S.T.M F 1346- 91 Compliant: Katchakid swimming pool cover is the leading pool safety nets trusted by parents and organizations worldwide. The Katchakid pool net, manufactured in Texas by Katchakid Inc. is in compliance with the American Society For Testing and Materials (ASTM) under the code. A pool enclosure enables you to stop bugs and debris from clogging your pool's filtration system. Our retractable roof pool enclosures also allow you to release heat from the building so you can enjoy your pool at the desired temperature and regulate humidity! Pool enclosures provide privacy. Swimming in your pool offers a break from the.

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AquaSun Retractable Pool Enclosure is an easy to install and operate, safe structure with great UV protection from Libart. The whole structure is retractable. The structural integrity of the space. Automatic Retractable Pool Enclosures creates an environment protecting Pool from the outside elements thus, transforming the pool area to an indoor pool. You can lock your swimming pool when needed, limit your child's access to the pool and prevent children or animals from falling into the pool, protecting the safety of your children and pets The ALBIXON Klasik Clear is a luxurious compact polycarbonate retractable pool enclosure with side entrance and Air rails. POOL COVERS SYDNEY / AUSTRALIA. You can enjoy your pool all year round as this unique swimming pool cover increases the temperature of the water in your pool by 10°C. Heat up the water in your swimming pool for Free and reduce the evaporation

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A low pool enclosure will allow you to swim freely in your pool either open to enjoy the cooling breeze of a summer's day or enclosed to protect you against elements at colder times of the year. The crystal-clear polycarbonate panels that our pool enclosures are made of, does not restrict the view of the landscape of your garden whilst making. Website. (520) 954-7233. 6700 N Oracle Rd Ste 501. Tucson, AZ 85704. 6. Wee Care Pool Fencing. Swimming Pool Covers & Enclosures. (520) 577-7233 The average pool owner, from our research, pays anywhere from $4,000 to $12,000 to fully enclose their pool with a permanent structure. An aluminum screen enclosure can cost anywhere from $15 to $30 per square feet. Higher-end customized enclosures can cost as much as $50 to $95 per square feet. A retractable enclosure could cost upwards of. Swimming Pool Enclosures at Incredible Prices! Please call us on 0208 941 6618 or email us. for more information, technical advice, or a competitive quote. Swimming Pool Enclosures offers a wide range of benefits from keeping your pool safe to helping you save money. A barrier against wind and rain, owning a pool enclosure will allow you to use. Telescopic Pool Enclosure . We are bring in TELESCOPIC SWIMMING POOL ENCLOSURES. This is a new concept to enclose in your see more + Garden Pearl . see more. 0 + Completed Projects. 0 + Ongoing projects. testimonials Maxiple is a very dynamic, committed, customer centric team and it shows in the products and execution of the projects.

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low swimming pool enclosure. Desjoyaux 4-wheel drive motorisation range is a generation of efficient motors that fit perfectly into the full range of low or mid-high shelters. The drive unit consists of two motors that support and power the final element of the shelter.. A retractable pool enclosure is a much more cost effective and functional alternative to building a traditional indoor structure. You can take advantage of all the same benefits, plus the ability to retract your enclosure when the weather permits, at a fraction of the price

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