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LONDON SPOON CLUB. We also have a physical membership, based here in London, providing weekly Spoon Club gatherings with tools, wood and extra tuition, for those who'd like to take their carving further. There are currently three membership nights, with gatherings taking place on either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings, 7-9pm UK. Instagram. Luiz Felipe Buff. DE. Instagram. Alex Finnberg. UK. Instagram. Ryan Morse. US. Instagram. If you're interested in selling your spoon blanks or spoon carving tools with us feel free to apply. Apply to join. The Spoon Crank HB is a company registered in Sweden. Org.nr. 969793-092 The Spoonfest line-up is getting too numerous to list but here's a brief intro to many of the spoon carvers you may find sharing their skills with you this year.. Alex Yerks. Alex is a full-time green woodworker and photographer, carving spoons and kitchenalia while teaching globally. Teaching his Kuksa carving process, but on a smaller scale, Alex will help you learn new techniques, think. For a left handed spoon carving kit see here. Buy together with leather sheaths to save £10.50 (and your edge!) There are the three simple tools you need to carve a spoon: an axe, a hook knife and a straight knife. This kit includes our small carving axe, along with our right handed compound curve spoon knife, and a Mora 106 wood carving knife

Spoon carving DVD, beech pendants, light pulls, swivel top boxes, flower vases and wooden mushrooms. All made in the workshop. 7 Other Craft Gifts Spoon carving DVD (SALE 25% off, was £20) £10.00. Spalted beech pendant. £12.00. Swivel top boxes. £4.00. weed/flower vase. £15.00 Spoon Carvers Spoon Mule Plans. £2.99 £2.99. Default Title. Default Title - £2.99 GBP. Add to Cart. All profit from the sale of this plan goes to support people with Myelodysplastic Syndromes.a group of malignant blood disorders in which the bone marrow fails to produce healthy blood cells. This digital listing, you will not receive.

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  1. With Spoon Club video membership we take you step by step through all there is to know about spoon carving, starting with the basic knife grips, to sharpening, though to an extensive catalog of spoon designs. With a new video each week, there'll always be something new to learn and practice. Check it out at Spoonclub.co.uk
  2. Spoon Club and Greenwood Guild, the UK's community of spoon carvers Wood Tools , the supplier of Deborah's recommend tool starter kit ' Yodomo Makes' Facebook Group - a global community of artists, makers, spoon carvers, weavers, botanists and more
  3. Been up the shed working on my spoon carving kits. Did the wax and started on a box and strop. Hopefully these posts give you an idea of the work involved. Only another 19 to go then I will be ready to sell again. So if you are interested in...Read More
  4. ated carbon steel blade. Hook knife, sharp and ready to use. Part-made green/fresh spoon blank cut from Wild Cherry. Access to my comprehensive video tutorial explaining how to complete the spoon with the tools supplied. Supplied with a PDF template for my.
  5. The Book Of Spoon Templates Vol.1. 10 Talented Spoon Carvers, 11 Spoon Templates in one 100% Hand Bound Book. Buy the Book. 10 Carvers, 11 Spoon Templates. Featuring: Max Neukäufler, Myron Unrau, Julian Jones, Tom Bartlett, Nick Murphy, Benoit Schoeni, Jack Fazey, Rachel Bainton, Edward Thomsen and Will Priestley. Buy the Book

60 Seconds of Skill: Q&A with leather worker spoon carver Jojo Wood. Jojo Wood is a spoon carver and traditional Clog maker based in Birmingham. 60 Seconds of Skill is a moment to reflect, a minute from the ads to take a break and watch Craftspeople from the UK make some beautiful objects Carving wooden spoons is a fantastic hobby that has become hugely popular recently. Turning a tree into your own practical and unique wooden spoon using an axe and special carving knives is inspiring, engaging and addictive! No experience needed, you'll learn step-by-step in a safe and fun atmosphere. 5&6 May - Broadrake, Yorkshire Dale

Spoon carving is a natural extension of the woodland crafts that go with active woodland management. It allows me to keep a collection of really sharp knives and axes! I really enjoy the design aspects of spoon carving and the developing my dexterity and skills with a carving knife Spoon carving blog post about the tools and equipment needed to get started carving. Watch my spoon and scoop carving processes here in some videos from Zed Outdoors! If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations Home. Rise Up & Carve is a daily Virtual Spoon Carving Gathering using the Zoom video conferencing app initiated by US spoon carver Chuck Trella on Feb 27, 2019. Since then an International community of spoon carvers from the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Australia, Mexico, & Israel, has formed. Why 'Rise Up' The brilliant new design of the Mora 164 spoon carving knife - now in left handed. The most important thing when it comes to woodcarving is a sharp... £27.95: Morakniv Erik Frost 164 Right Handed *NEW* The brilliant new design of the Mora 164 spoon carving knife. The most important thing when it comes to woodcarving is a sharp knife Spoon Carving, Green Woodworking, Woodcraft & Eco-Building. Bespoke Woodenware & Furnitur

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The traditional art of spoon carving is enjoying something of a renaissance. There is an inexplicable beauty in a simple hand carved wooden spoon. Our specially selected spoon carving blanks offer you the opportunity to explore this using a variety of interesting and characterful timbers. Our boxes contain a variety of different sizes and species selected by us from the species list below Spoon Carving Set Wood Carving Tools TOP Woodcarving Tool Set Spoon Knives Crooked Knife Gouge Carving Tools Hook Chisels BeaverCraft S47 WoodCarvingTools 4.5 out of 5 stars (1,379

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Large Spoon Carving Knife, Kuksa Carving Knife, Spoon Carving Hook Knife, Wood Carving Tools, Spoon Carver, Bowl Carving Knife. ForgedSteelTools. 5 out of 5 stars. (65) $52.50 FREE shipping. Favorite. Add to. Wood Carver's Selection Box. Lime and other species Apr 24, 2020 - Explore Don Weber's board SPOON Carving Jigs, Benches & Clamps on Pinterest. See more ideas about carving, wood spoon carving, green woodworking Live. •. History: The custom of carving and giving Love Spoons originated in Wales hundreds of years ago. As well as giving gifts of sweets or cakes, the young Welsh lover would also give a special, more personal gift to the object of their desire, a hand-carved Love Spoon. One of the earliest examples can be seen at the Museum of Welsh Life. Spoon carving courses and workshops across the UK. Learn the traditional craft of carving a wooden spoon. Read reviews from spoon carving students and learn from master spoon carvers www.spoonclub.co.uk | Master the art of spoon carving from anywhere, at any time! Barn the Spoon demonstrates how to carve one of his serving spoons. No talk..

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British Woodcarvers Association - has just under a thousand UK members, of which 90% are hobbyists. There are 31 regional groups (the minimum number of carvers for a regional group is 6). There are currently 17 members under the age of 25 who are learning the skills; the majority of members are over the age of 50 They, of course, have uses beyond spoon carving. The edges come perfectly sharp and the blades highly polished - so that the knife glides through the wood, and so that future sharpening is a breeze. The back of the blades are rounded and polished for comfort when pushing with a finger. The handles are from our 40 year collection of beautiful.

From the UK, the Wood Tools Robin Wood axe. They're selling for £43 GBP. In the US, this recently released axe from Green Haven Forge. These are going for $65 USD. Both are great axes. If you're just starting out with spoon carving go for one of these. Both could easily be your forever axe The Robin Wood Carving Axe. A razor sharp axe that will do anything from felling small trees to splitting firewood, where it really excels is as a carving axe. The weight of the head is 550g and the total weight around 720g (1lb 11oz), handle length is 12.5″ (31cm). This is a great mid-weight carving axe that most people will use easily. Spoon Gouge (Sweep 28) £28.20. Details. Displaying 1 to 9 (of 13 products

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Ashley Iles: a family run business specialising in wood carving tools have been hand making carving tools for many decades. Ashley Iles carving tools are made using quality Sheffield steel to ensure long lasting edge keeping qualities. Ashley Iles offer a lifetime guarantee: any Ashley Iles tool found faulty in materials or edge keeping qualities will be replaced unconditionally Narex 822101 Small Spoon Carving Hook Knife. Check Price. For left-handed people, this is the perfect tool because the blade is on the opposite side of the knife. If you prefer pulling with your right hand and pushing with your left hand, this is your holy grail. The blade of this knife is made from manganese alloy Wayne's Spoon carving workshops are delightful, held simply, with warm hearted kindness and accessible for everyone. I felt empowered and deeply satisfied with my first spoon and am truly hooked! Denise Rowe, Bristol. These fun workshops offer everyone the chance to re-connect to the unspoken natural world around us. They provide the space. Spoon Carving . CREATING FROM NATURE. 1 Day / 15 Participants / Staffordshire, UK. Explore Our Nature is part of Insight 4.0 CIC, company number 12365677, registered in the UK as a Community Interest Company, limited by guarantee, and regulated by the British Government to ensure that all of our assets are locked and that 100% of our.

Spoon Club, London, United Kingdom. 1,487 likes · 2 talking about this · 2 were here. Spoon Club is your guide in everything you need to know to carve spoons! Learn from home with over 50 hours of.. 9/16 inch C HILL Spoon Carving Chisel £15.00 9/16 inch Carving V Tool by HILL for KAYE of Hull £17.00 ASHLEY ILES Sweep No.39 V Tool - 1/4 inch £25.00 Beech Carving Mallet - Carvers Mallet £15.00 Carving Mallet - Carvers Mallet £23.00 Deep Carving Gouge by FROST - 3/16 inch No.9 Sweep. Barnaby Carder - widely known as Barn the Spoon - sits in the window at 260 Hackney Rd carving spoons for eight hours at a stretch. He sees the rush hour go one way and then he sees the rush hour go the other way, and in between friends pop in for a chat. All this time Barn whittles away placidly, surrounded by an ever-growing tide of wood. Spoon Carver's Blog. Often while I am carving, I want to tell someone about the spoon. How it takes on a character of it's own, or how a mistake became something beautiful. That is what this blog is for. Welcome! Carving lessons I've learned in the past 6 months. Monday, January 16, 201

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Beaver Craft SK2 Long Spoon Hook Wood Carving Knife - Long Handle This Spoon carving knife SK2 Long is a perfect tool for creating your artwork. With the hook knife, you will be able to carve wooden spoons, kuksa, bowls and more. The spoon for carving has a long handle, which allows you to apply . Eventbrite - St Ives Community Orchard presents Spoon Carving - Sunday, August 8, 2021 at St Ives Community Orchard, Saint Ives, England. Find event and ticket information At this point, it is possible to make the handle too thin and delicate, but beginning spoon carvers are more likely to err on the fat side. Shape the handle so that it's comfortable in your hand — the layout lines are a visual guide, but trust your hands, too. As the handle thins down, you will feel it flexing beneath your tools, and you. For me, the wood is the perfect level of hardness for spoon carving. Easy to shape with hand tools, but tough enough to stand up to use in the kitchen. It has a Janka hardness of 4,000N. (The Janka hardness test measures the force required to embed an 11.28 millimetres (0.444 in) diameter steel ball halfway into a sample of wood BeaverCraft SK1 - BeaverCraft spoon carving knife is on our list of top rated spoon carving tools. With a blade that is made of high-quality carbon steel and a hardwood oak handle this wood carving hook knife takes its place among the best wood carving tools for beginners and all of that just for less than 20$

Carving a wooden spoon is a great activity because the process is directed, but still has a place for creativity. It's easy enough for anyone to learn and delivers success at virtually any level of completion because there's always a use for an odd spoon and even when they don't go exactly to plan, they still come out as a beautiful handmade. By carving a spoon, you can focus on becoming familiar with the tools of the craft without the pressure of knowing what to carve. As you gain confidence with the tools, you begin to build a relationship with your small scale carving and understand the subtle and addictive qualities of this new hobby

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High quality hardwood carving blanks. Free from knots, shakes and splits. With over 300 size options we're sure to have the right size for your next project.. Lime wood carving blanks. easily worked with hand tools; ideally suited for fine detailed carving Russian Spoon Carver: A few years ago, some carvers from Russia started buying my bent knives. One of them is a very well known carver (Sergey Appolonov) who wrote an article on spoon carving. With his permission, I had it roughly translated, below. I hope you enjoy it. Be sure to catch the video at the bottom of this page! Sergey Appolono Niche hobbies you can try out on your next getaway, from wine-making to spoon carving. Comment Six lesser-known UK beach towns you can visit to beat the crowds. Video. More videos I will be available for spoon carving courses at the Crannog on the 29th 30th 31st July 1st August and the 6th August. Contact the Crannog or email me at jonmacbookings@gmail.com to secure your place. A one day spooncarving course will cost £80 per day. See you there..

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Uncategorized Follansbee, green woodworking, Plymouth CRAFT, slöjd, spoon carving. Greenwood Fest is now a month behind us, and Plymouth CRAFT is jumping right back into gear. Paula Marcoux just posted notice for a spoon carving workshop coming up in August. You - stump #3, it's best to keep your eyes on your work Each blank is selected for its suitability for carving into a great spoon. Each blank will be in the region of 50 - 85mm wide, no less than 40mm thick and 300mm long. There are between 9 and 12 pieces and so there is plenty of assortment to keep you busy. Maximum box weight 8 Kgs depending on species included. Box size is 300mm x 240mm x 160mm

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THE SHOP. Buy direct from the craftsman to own your handcrafted spoon or bowl and enjoy the pleasure of using a handmade object everyday. All the items in the shop have been made by Martin Damen, Maker of Hand-Carved Spoons & Bowls. The timber used to make all the items available in the shop has been sourced from within 10 miles of the workshop. BeaverCraft, Wood Carving Bent Gouge K8a/14 0.55 - Spoon Carving Tools - Woodworking Hand Chisel Compact Wood Carving Knife for Beginners and Profi - Hobbies for Adults and Kids - Carbon Steel Blade 4.4 out of 5 stars 480. 1 offer from $16.94 #38 Jon runs tailor made courses both here in Devon and occasionally in Scotland, for anyone interested in spoon carving and woodcraft skills. Using traditional hand tools, Axe, hook knife and knife, he teaches the techniques for the fast and safe removal of waste wood, shaping and designing. He also teaches how to attain a super sharp cutting edge.

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The Tutor. JoJo Wood has been carving almost since she could walk. She spent her early years travelling the world with her father, meeting craftspeople and amassing woodwork skills and knowledge. She is now one of the UK's leading spoon carvers, teaching and giving talks internationally. JoJo aims to inspire more women and younger people to. Spoon carving blades. No products were found matching your selection. Search Products. Search for: Searc Irish Shamrock Celtic Heart Knot Wood Carving Wall Carving — Regular price £69.95 Welsh Lovespoon - 8 in Gift Box — Regular price £18.95 Lovespoon 12 with Interlinked Hearts Unbreakable Love — Regular price £3

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Maker of Hand Carved Wooden Spoons and more . I have a mission to spread the use of wooden spoons for eating. Consequently, I salvage green wood (freshly chopped) from wherever I can locally to make spoons and cooking utensils. If you're local to the North East of England and have a tree being chopped down, do let me know Carving Tools and Knives. We have some great carving tools, whether it be a single knife, a Whittlin' Jack or a great quality set we have a range of products to suit your needs. Flexcut Carving Knives. Mora Carving Knives. 51 Products. Sort One Day Introduction to Spoon Carving - 18 th & 19 th March. 10am to 3pm - Special introductory price of £25 including lunch. On the one day course we will cover timber selection, cleaving, using an axe, spoon design, using a knife safely and efficiently as well as using a curved spoon knife The Gosman Spoon Co is a home-spun spoon carving company situated deep in the wilds of the Norfolk-Suffolk border-lands of Southern England. Father (Nick) and Daughter (Sophie) have brought together their creative talents to produce beautiful wooden spoons of every single type you can imagine. Sophie's style is artistic and curiosity-led.

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S02 - Spoon Carving Tool Set with Detail Knife MRSP £45.99 Chip knife dimensions: Total length - 165 mm (6.49 inches) Length of the cutting edge - 35 mm (1.37 inches) Handle length - 125 mm (4.92 inches) Spoon carving knife dimensions: Total length - 155 mm (6.10 inches) Rounding diameter - 25 mm (1 inch) Handle length - 105 mm. Wood Carving Tools and thousands of exclusive Workworking Tools are available at WoodCarversSupply.com Online Tool Shop for all types of Workworking Plans Spoon carving templates & instructions I have been teaching people how to carve wooden spoons since 2004 and it's been amazing to watch the popularity of this craft explode over the years. Spoon carving is a fantastic hobby and a brilliant introduction to carving wood, requiring very little in the way of tools, materials or work space while. Precision Wood Carving Set 12pce. £23.64 £14.99 inc VAT. Stubai 6 Piece 55 Series Premium Carving Set. Stubai 55 series premium carving tools are regarded as some of the finest carving tools available, the blades are manufactured from a special quality Austria tool steel that sharpens easily and will hold a fine edge 3 boxwood and beech handled carving tools made by Wm Marples & Sons, Sheffield. Collection includes:1 x 13mm straight gouge, has a chip 19mm long by 14mm wide. 1 x 6.5mm spoon chisel, sweep 211 x 0.5mm straight deep gouge.These woodcarving tools measure from 191mm up to 239mm long overall. Full Product Details

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BeaverCraft SK1L Left Handed Hook Spoon Wood Carving Knife with Ash Handle. £ 19.99. Beaver Craft SK1L Left-Handed Spoon Wood Carving Knife - 25 mm A hook knife for cutting spoons is made specifically to cut out spoons, bowls, Kuksa or a rounded edge to add some detail to your whittling project SPOON CARVING. 17th - 18th April 2021. Location: Greyhayes, St. Breward, Bodmin Moor, Cornwall, PL304LP. SPOON CARVING. Arrive: 9.30am Saturday. Depart: 5pm Sunday. Cost: £160* includes all meals, tuition, materials. This very special Spoon Carving course starts in the woods and follows the progress of a piece of wood from tree to finished. Spoon Carving. Use traditional greenwood techniques to carve your own spoon. Learn about the form and function of a good spoon and how to make the most of the wood for strength and beauty. The courses are held at the beautiful Footprint nr Windermere, in the Lake District. The day will start at 9am and finish at 5pm It was a brilliant experience, and hanging out with such an international group of spoon carvers was great. So much happened during the three days that for now I'm going to just put up my photos from the weekend. The People The Crafts. Article by Von Brimhall. 444

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Unique & Hand Carved lovespoons, New Designs and laser Engraving for a professional finish. Ideal gift for special occasions Order by Phone - 07598282888 | Email - Lovespooncentre@gmail.co From carving a spoon with a spoon knife to decorative work. Especially in Scandinavia wood carving is very popular. However, because of the ever-growing popularity of bushcraft wood carving has become more and more popular elsewhere as well. Purchase a wood carving or spoon knife at Knivesandtools and get creative Spend a day in nature discovering the ancient art of spoon carving. This course is a great way to get started with woodworking, covering choosing materials, using tools safely, carving techniques, and drying and finishing. You'll leave with the skills and knowledge needed to start carving, and with your own home-made spoon

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Spoon Carving in the Woods. A day workshop for adults surrounded by nature at Cothelstone hill. contact chrissilverwood@live.co.uk to book. See other events. Time & Location. 13 Oct 2018, 10:00 - 14:00. Cothelstone Hill, Cothelstone Hill, Taunton TA4 3DX, UK. About the Event. Learn how to carve a spoon from green wood, using an axe ,knife and. Spoon Carving with Lee John Phillips. 3rd and 4th July 2021. Sat: 12-6pm / Sun: 10am - 4pm. £130. Lee John Phillips is a founding member of Narberth Whittling Association, freelance illustrator and creative educator. When he's not drawing everything in his late grandfather's shed, he's carving wooden spoons. WORKSHOP: Join Lee at Insole. I first started carving Welsh Love Spoons for our daughter's wedding in 2008. This evolved into carving individual Celtic Knots. Like the crosses that I have designed and made, each spoon or knot is a wonderful vehicle that celebrates how we are woven into a beautiful design

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We are based in the beautiful county of Herefordshire where, in our workshop we make a wide range of carving tools, bushcraft knives and leather goods. We have been able to design some really useful tools through our experience as both makers and users and have an ever growing passion for working with different natural materials and for producing beautiful and useful products A full time spoon carver/ greenwood worker since 2014 has enabled a fascination with ergonomics, form and function to play a big roll. Musician's learn covers for an understanding of techniques and styles, with a similar approach to spoons, making copy's and mimics of other makers spoons enabled me to discoverer in 3 dimensions my like's. I think spoon carving is an activity everybody should try. It has the potential to help address many of the issues we face in today's world. If you are interested in trying spoon carving, the Association of Pole Lathe Turners and Green Woodworkers has many groups across the UK where yo Add to cart. An old Marples wood carving vee tool. The blade is marked 'W Marples & Sons, Cast Steel'. This tool has a spoon vee profile. Sweep: spoon vee Width: 5mm Condition: please see photos for condition. Full Product Details. I Sorby Carving Tool - Spoon - Sweep 27 - 10mm (3/8) (Boxwood) £22.00 A set of three spoon carving knives The package consists of a sloyd knife, a hook knife, and a chip carving or detail knife. All these spoon carving knives come with an impressive ergonomic wood handles finish. The build quality is also worth noting at high-carbon steel, the one designed exactly for wood carving