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A tween is a child between the ages of 9 and 12. A tween is no longer a little child, but not quite a teenager. They are in between the two age groups and their behavior and emotions reflect that. The word 'tween has become very popular in recent years They are ten (twins) and while they are not yet teenagers, they are also not little kids any more, and yet they often seem to show traits from both! They are definitely in-beTWEEN. What is a Tween or Tweenager? What Age Is a Tween 10. Their bedroom door only opens a couple times a day, primarily 1) when you are not around, 2) it's time to get something to eat, or 3) they need the cell phone charger. On the plus side, if the door is closed, you don't have to cringe at the week's worth of laundry balled up in the corner

  1. So, what age is a tween? The term 'tween used to mean kids just shy of their actual teens — that is, 10- to 12-year-olds. But these days, children as young as 7 or 8 are being lured into the 'tween..
  2. Tween (10-12 Years) : Girls' Clothing. Target makes clothes shopping for your little girl easy, fun and fabulous. Stock her wardrobe with everything she loves to wear. From tees, jeans and school uniforms to skirts, dresses and ready-to-wear outfits, our girls' clothing collection is pretty, sophisticated and playful. Ready for school or play.
  3. As reported by the National Institute of Mental Health, 3.2 million adolescents, or 13.3%, of tweens and teens between the ages of 12 and 17 have had at least one major depressive episode. 4  Data from one large-scale national survey indicated that around 2.9% of teens between the ages of 13 and 18 had bipolar disorder. 5 
  4. Bullying peaks during the tween years and is escalating and far more vicious. According to Stomp Out Bullying, 1 in 4 tweens are involved in bullying, either as a victim or bully.Tactics include: social exclusion; racial, verbal, sexual or emotional abuse; relational aggression; and electronic bullying (cell phones, websites, pagers or email)

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One Day at a Time is another tween pleaser streaming on Netflix at the moment. The show is a reboot of an '80s comedy series, but this time it's about a Cuban family in Los Angeles. The show has some more serious and mature themes, but it tackles them with sensitivity and in a tween-friendly way (via SheKnows).And while not all the characters are young, the two underaged personalities are. 'tween: 2. Also, tween, tweeny . a youngster between 10 and 12 years of age, considered too old to be a child and too young to be a teenager Tween®20 is a polyoxyethylene sorbitol ester that belongs to the polysorbate family. It is a nonionic detergent having a molecular weight of 1,225 daltons, assuming 20 ethylene oxide units, 1 sorbitol, and 1 lauric acid as the primary fatty acid. The ethylene oxide subunits are responsible for the hydrophilic nature of the surfactant, while. 10 Tween Chores Your Middle Schooler Needs for Survival. Middle School. If there is any season of life that brings stress and anxiety to parents and kids alike, it's these awkward in between years. Few of us look back on this time of our life with great affection. Braces, acne, bad fashion choices. You remember I'm sure

Since you probably didn't have the Internet as a tween, it can be easy to overlook this limit when it comes to your children. But beware -- researchers say 10 percent of tweens have frequent online conversations with total strangers, and 16 percent have thought they were talking to another child, only to discover that their online buddy was an adult posing as a child 10% Tween-20; Skip to the end of the images gallery . Skip to the beginning of the images gallery . Tween 20 is an nonionic detergent used for solubilization of proteins and for cell lysis and for reducing non-specific binding on western blots. Formulation. 10% (w/v) Tween-20. TWEEN® 20 non-ionic, aqueous solution, 10% (w/v); find Sigma-Aldrich-11332465001 MSDS, related peer-reviewed papers, technical documents, similar products & more at Sigma-Aldric The best gifts for tween girls, according to real-life 9-year-olds, 10-year-olds, 11-year-olds, and 12-year-olds, including clothing, décor, beauty, accessories, and tech from brands like Urban.

this is going to be my final part of my series: 10 tv shows for tweens because I want to be able to do other youtube videos. I hope this video is helpful and.. Adolescence (from Latin adolescere 'to grow up') is a transitional stage of physical and psychological development that generally occurs during the period from puberty to legal adulthood (age of majority). Adolescence is usually associated with the teenage years, but its physical, psychological or cultural expressions may begin earlier and end later. For example, puberty now typically begins. 10 Tween Party Ideas. by Lindi Haws. Wed April 14, 2021. in Birthday Parties, Boy Parties, DIY, Girl Parties. 1. I have a daughter turning 12 this year and she is officially a tween! I've been browsing Pinterest for ideas for her upcoming birthday party and thought others might be struggling with tween party themes like I am Each Tween Academy is offered in collaboration with The Weber School, led by an expert in the field and is geared towards rising sixth through ninth graders. In the City Camps is also taking full advantage of Midtown's spaces, including Ponce City Market, Chabad Intown, and the Beltline.. Founder and CEO Eileen Snow Price started the.

Tampax Pearl Regular Absorbency Tampons. Tampax. 4.5 out of 5 stars with 1415 ratings. 1415. $3.94 - $9.29. $5 Target GiftCard with $20 Health Care purchase. Only ships with $35 orders. Free 2-day shipping with $35 orders. In stock at Wenatchee Tweens (age 10-12 years) Today's precocious preteens often shock parents when they begin to act like teenagers. Don't be fooled, they're still children. They'll astonish you with their ability to conceptualize, to argue brilliantly, and then to do foolish things. The Middle School years are a time of magical blossoming, but like all huge. 10% Tween 20 #1662404. What is the education discount policy? For more than 20 years, Bio-Rad has made science education a major priority. To support this effort, the company has implemented a discount policy that allows K-12 and college teaching laboratories to purchase kits, instruments, reagents, and other equipment at preferred prices

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Ruth is a 10-year-old tween. She spends lots of time online playing computer games and talking to the new friends she met online. Now that Ruth is being home schooled, it is even more important to her to go to Facebook and meet new friends Acne and skin problems used to be a teen issue, but, with kids enter puberty earlier, tween acne is on the rise. Dermatologists are seeing kids who are 10 years old and even younger seeking help. My Daughter Is About To Be A Tween, And I Don't Know How I Feel About That. Teens. My Friend Publicly Shamed Her Child--Too Many Parents Make This Mistake. Kids. What We Need To Know About Our Tweens' Brains. Tweens. Why We Should Let Our Teens Keep A Messy Bedroom. Teens Great artwork in a graphic novel for tweens is a must!) 10 New Graphic Novels for Tweens. Pie in the Sky by Remi Lai. After his father unexpectedly passes away, Jingwen and his family immigrate to Australia. Jingwen doesn't speak English so making friends in a new country feels impossible. To distract himself from the loneliness, he dreams.

Preteen/Tween Vs. Teenage Skin. First: a breakdown of how the skin changes during puberty. For most children, puberty will start sometime between the ages of seven to thirteen for girls and nine to fifteen for boys. This is the time when physical changes are most likely to appear - and accelerate - for your son or daughter. Preteen (Tween) Ski Tweens who are definitely too young for Umbrella Academy can still find sibling drama, mystery, and suspense in this show about the culture of elite boarding schools. The teens at the heart of. 10. Much More. Maybe a little overdone for professional musical theatre auditions (but for good reason), Much More, from the long-running show The Fantasticks, is about the hopes and dreams of a teenage girl who doesn't want to grow up to be normal. I included Luisa's famous monologue in the video too thank you so much for getting my 10 TV SHOWS FOR TWEENS to over 10k views! It really means a lot to me and i'm very grateful! I love you all so much and I ho.. Early Adolescence (Ages 10 to 13) During this stage, children often start to grow more quickly. They also begin notice other body changes, including hair growth under the arms and near the genitals, breast development in females and enlargement of the testicles in males. They usually start a year or two earlier in girls than boys, and it can be.

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With kids in particular, though, there is one group that has gotten a bit overlooked in all of this—our tweens. Advertisement. it is happening while he's 10 years old 1,174 tween girls stock photos are available royalty-free. Justice is a clothing store marketing to `tween` girls. Trenton, NJ - April 1, 2019: This Justice store is located at Hamilton Marketplace. Justice is a clothing Browse 726 tweens in swimsuits stock photos and images available or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. large group of children (10-18) in swimming pool - tweens in swimsuits stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. two girls (9-12) wearing swimsuits, standing in doorway, portrait - tweens in swimsuits stock.

On my way out of the mall, I popped into the '' 'tween'' mecca Hot Topic, where a display of Tinker Bell items caught my eye. Tinker Bell, whose image racks up an annual $400 million in retail sales with no particular effort on Disney's part, is poised to wreak vengeance on the Princess line that once expelled her TWEEN 80 70% X 15.0 = 10.5 SPAN 80 30% X 4.3 = 1.3 HLB of blend = 11.8 As you will discover in applying the HLB System, the HLB of an emulsifier or blend of emulsifiers is an excellent indication of what the emulsifier system will do, that is, whether it wil

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Best Book Series for Tweens One of the easiest ways to get kids hooked on reading is to get them into a great book series. All it takes is a captivating Book 1, and they're off and running There is no medical reason your tween can't use tampons from the onset of their period. Tampons are completely safe to use, and kids as young as 10 years old can use them if they are comfortable with using them. In fact, many tweens and teens may even want to start with tampons, especially if they are active in sports or other activities

‎This is 10 for Tweens, the Empowerful Girls podcast that reinforces tweens' self-esteem in 10 minutes. In each episode, host Stephanie Valdez shares tools that empower girls to know they can take on the world! By discussing positive themes, exploring healthy habits, tackling tough topics and teachi Tweens are emotionally linked to their peers with a strong emphasis on group think - to be accepted implies being like your peers. The early understanding, Soon I will be a teenager, and all that it implies, will appear on the horizon between 10 and 11 years of age 28 Best Movies for Tweens That We Can't Resist. Close. New York Kids. icon-chevron-right. New York Kids. Things to Do. Food. Culture. Travel Tween (9-12) Popular Articles 12 Books for Kids Who Only Want to Read Diary of a Wimpy Kid 10 Binge-Worthy Middle Grade Series Giddy Up, Readers! The Best Horse Books for Kids Ages 8 - 12 Popular Topics Action & Adventure Diverse Books Chapter Books & Series Explore All Tween. Teen (13+).

Polysorbate 80 (C64H124O26) is a common excipient and solubilizing agent used in the pharmaceutical industry. Polysorbate 80 (also known as polyoxyethylene-sorbitan-20 mono-oleate, or Tween 80) is used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry in lotions, medical preparations (e.g., vitamin oils, vaccines, and intravenous preparations) and as. girl (10-11) jumping and smiling, portrait - tween girls swimwear stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. girl holding a butterfly - tween girls swimwear stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. girl floating on raft in swimming pool - tween girls swimwear stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images Most girls get their first period when they're around 12. But getting it any time between age 10 and 15 is OK. Every girl's body has its own schedule. There isn't one right age for a girl to get her period. But there are some clues that it will start soon: Most of the time, a girl gets her period about 2 years after her breasts start to develop A teen is a teenager - anyone 13-19. 'Tween' is used to describe kids who are older but not yet teenagers, around 10-12. Some people will even use 'tween' for as broad a range as 8-14. It basically means an 'in-between' period between childhood and adolescence 10 Best Video Games For Tweens & Under. These 10 video games are suitable for kids 6-years-old and older. A study revealed that an hour a day of video games is beneficial for kids. Your child's brain gets a real workout when you allow him or her an hour of video-game play, and the child develops high-level thinking skills that are not taught.

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Say Anything Family Spontuneous - The Song Game - Sing It or Shout It - Talent NOT Required (Best Family / Party Board Games for Kids, Teens, Adults - Boy & Girls Ages 8 & Up) Sleepover Slumber Party Game- Young Tween Teens Girlfriend Fun Activities. 10) Say Anything - This game is perfect to play with 2 families or 1 large one Depending on your tween's shoe size, choose from adult, kids (size 3.5 kids and up), or little kids (size 10.5 to 3 kids) ranges. Movable beats Photo: Rozette Rag The tween years — those magical, change-filled years between about 8 and 12 — can be stressful for the whole family. Raging hormones, social changes, the new academic demands of middle school and body-image issues add up to Stress Central for the family with an 11- to 14-year-old Summer break is here which can mean you have a bored tween at home. Don't worry, we have got 10 boredom buster summer crafts for tweens to keep themselves occupied during the holidays. We have tissue paper crafts, popsicle stick crafts, flower crafts, wall-decor crafts, bottle-decor crafts and many other amazing ideas for tweens and teens to do this summer. We also have these 50+ summer craft. Polysorbate 20 significantly increased both AUC (0-4 hr) and AUC (0-infinity) of midazolam and decreased the AUC (0-4 hr) of 1'-hydroxymidazolam to about 40% (p<0.05) in both single- and multiple-treated rats, along with a significant decrease of the metabolic ratio of 1'-hydroxymidazolam/midazolam to 25%

Vicki's List of Must-Read Tween Chic Lit. 92 books — 20 voters Best Reads For Tween Girls. 43 books — 16 voters Great Books for Tween Boys. 46 books — 14 voters Witchy Middle Grade & Tween. 67 books — 10 voters Tween Novels Made into Movies. 32 books — 5 voters. The tween years (10-12 years old, but I'm including age 9) can be a challenging time. They're not little kids anymore, but they aren't teens yet either. Toys are not as fun, but they're not old enough to go places on their own or have a job Tweens are kids between the ages of 8 and 12. Though they are still not teenagers, tweens are already different than kids. Tweens are starting to assert their independence from their parents, and what other kids think about them is very important. Since tweens take their looks seriously, this is a great time to start talking to them about skin.

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From Amazon. The All-New Fire 7 Tablet is one of the best tablets for kids. Although it lacks the wealth of content the Google Play Store offers, it's still got a lot of games to keep tweens. Let the Tween Meal Plan - I think most parents can get behind this one. Let your tween plan the day's meals. Give your tween full run of the cookbooks, the grocery list and the kitchen. This is a simple way to start teaching your tween valuable life skills. If your tween needs a helping hand, then reach one out

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PBS Tween-20 Wash Buffer (10X) SKU/Catalog Number: AR0194-10 Pack Size: 500mL Form: Liquid: Buffer Contents: 20mM sodium phosphate, 150mM NaCl, .05%Tween-20 Working concentration: 10mL for each membrane of 5cm×8.5cm: Storage : Store at 4˚C. It is stable for one year. Application: WB, ELISA and IH We gathered a list of the trendiest gifts for tween girls between the ages of 8-12. These on-trend gift ideas cover all the bases, including sporty finds, STEM-friendly gifts, and of course, all. 1. One in five tweens has been cyberbullied, cyberbullied others, or seen cyberbullying. 2. Cyberbullying affects tweens in a variety of ways. 3. Tweens use a variety of strategies to stop cyberbullying. 4. Nine out of ten tweens use social media and gaming apps. 5. Many tweens have also experienced bullying at school. 6. Tweens are helpers This awesome yarn painting activity is the perfect arty activity for any tween looking for some painting inspo! 10. Yarn wrapped cardboard letters from Art Bar Try out making these awesome yarn wrapped letters, perfect for creating some cool room decorations. 11 10. Help Your Teen Get Mental Health Treatment. Teens who live with mental illnesses like depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and schizophrenia face a much higher risk of substance abuse than teens who don't. Thus, you should keep an eye on your child's mental health

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Tween definition is - between. How to use tween in a sentence. Recent Examples on the Web: Preposition Through child modeling, cute Disney Channel tween parts, Dancing With the Stars, and even a singing career, Zendaya made her way to the very heart of youth pop culture. — Jessica Chia, Allure, 23 Nov. 2019 Her aesthetic is full of rainbow and glitter, which is what tween dreams are. 10. Teach your tween good physical self-management. Preteens need at least nine hours of sleep every night, regular protein and low glycemic snacks, and regular exercise. They benefit greatly from easy mindfulness practices like listening to short guided meditations. Instilling these habits can take real creativity on the part of parents, but. 10: Play Sports. Sports are a favorite activity for people of all ages, and tweens are no exception. Competitive team sports, such as softball, tennis or track, whether facilitated through a school, community center or city league, receive high rankings from tweens. Not only are sports fun and great exercise for a healthy body, but group sports. American Eagle Outfitters. Ranked in the top 10 of the best tween clothing brands, American Eagle Outfitters (like Abercrombie & Fitch) are mostly recognized for their high-quality denim. They also offer other casual and comfy separates in the form of t-shirts, hoodies, footwear, and lingerie at affordable price points 10 Must-Have Backyard Games for Tweens! Spike Ball. This is probably one of my older kids very favorite backyard games right now- SpikeBall This is an affiliate link: MomOf6 earns a commission if you purchase, at no additional cost to you.! Kind of a cross between volleyball and four square- a player starts by serving the ball down on the net.

10 Rules for Living with a Teenage Daughter Ten goals to strive for when raising a teen daughter Posted May 10, 2018 10. Own up to your own bad behavior Also check out these 10 Encouraging Books for your Tween/Tween Girl about being a Tween. For more ideas for this age, check out these Pinterest Boards: T ween/Teen All Things Kids; Intentional Parentin So, having said that, here is my issue: I am the mother of a 15-year-old teenager and a 10-year-old boy. The boys have separate bedrooms. Recently, I have become aware that my teenage son has been.

About Tween Girls. For tween girls who are particular and opinionated when it comes to clothing and footwear, we have two messages. First: you rock and we get you. Second: you'll find all the latest fashions from all your favorite brands right here at Nordstrom. If you're looking for perfect tween swimsuits, dresses, jeans and tops, we've got. And if you're wondering what exactly I mean by tween in this case, I consider a tween between around ages 9 to 12. Maybe 13. Some of these subscription boxes will appeal to younger tweens around age 9 or 10. Others are perfect for older tweens in the 11 to 12 age range. So, check the age range recommendations for each box 10, 11, 12 Year Olds Birthday Party Ideas for Boys. There are different plans available for the tween boys and tween girls to celebrate the birthday in a special way. Boys have their own way of enjoying so as a parent you can follow some of the birthday planning which boys love the most 51 Hobbies and Projects for Teens and Tweens: Learn to sew - make baby blankets, drawstring tote bags, or face masks for family or your local hospital. Learn how to knit, crochet or macrame. Learn how to weave (see our beginner projects here). Learn how to cross stitch - make Christmas ornaments or birth announcements for family)

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9 out of 10 tweens use social media and gaming apps. Cyberbullying Research Kids Tweens Infographic 6. 30% of tweens stopped cyberbullying by reporting it to the website or appBut almost as many - 27% - don't know how to report it. Cyberbullying Research Kids Tweens Infographic 7 10 reader-approved TV shows for parents and tweens . Last week, I got an email from a parent asking me to recommend TV series to watch with tween children. I don't have kids, and my sense of.

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10 Tips for a Fun Family Road Trip with Tweens. Plan Together - As soon as you know where you are going it is time to involve your tween in the planning process. Have a family vacation planning meeting. Chat about where you are travelling to and let your kids provide input into the trip - are there places they would like to visit, would. This is a great theme for boys or girls. Grab your old black lights and stock up on glow in the dark necklaces to start creating the coolest glow in the dark theme for your teen or tween! 10. This Colorful Boho Party is certainly on-trend right now. This party has loads of boho-chic inspiration for your teen's big birthday bash Tweens and teens struggle with issues that kids even 10 years ago never had. They are lonely and isolated because screen time only offers superficial connections, constantly over stimulated by visual and auditory noise and pressured to make decisions about their sexuality or gender far too early Right click frame 10 and select Insert Frame. Click on a frame between Frame 1 and Frame 10. Right click on that selected frame and select Create Motion Tween. Go back to Frame 10 and select it. Change your Graphic Symbol in anyway you feel like. You can use the Free Transform tool to make it smaller, larger, or drag it to a different. Between definition is - by the common action of : jointly engaging. How to use between in a sentence. between vs. amon

Most girls will get their periods between the ages of 10 and 15, and though it can be hard to predict, there are some general signs she's getting close.If your teen or tween has been showing other signs of puberty like breast development, body hair or discharge, it could mean it's time to get prepared Classy Clutter. This Star-Wars-inspired tween room, created by Mallory and Savannah of Classy Clutter, takes the understated approach, blending fun-themed elements such as movie quotes, characters portraits, and cool collectibles into one clean, sophisticated and contemporary design that this tween-aged Jedi will love for years to come.

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Does your tween want to invite some friends over for a birthday celebration- possibly even a sleepover party (most of our kids birthday parties end up being sleepovers!)- and you are wondering how you are going to entertain all of these kids? Here are 10 awesome birthday party crafts for tweens!. Birthday Party Crafts: Glass Art Necklace Dec 18, 2018 - The BEST GIFTS for 10 Year Old Girls! This board is loaded with gift ideas, presents and toys for ten year old girls! Shopping for a 10 year old girl birthday present? What are the best toys for 10 year old girls? Where do you find the best gifts for girls 10 years old? What are the best gift ideas for girls age 10? This awesome gift guide for ten year old girl is going to slay.

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Hair loss in teenage girls can cause emotional trauma at a critical time in their lives. However, this hair loss can happen for several reasons, and you can often treat and prevent it successfully. 1 Summer chapter books for tweens (around age 9-12) A note: This is for my kid who reads very well, but whose pastime of choice is climbing trees and digging in the dirt. This past year she read and enjoyed books like Harry Potter (1-5), A Wrinkle in Time, The Phantom Tollbooth, Nancy Drew, and the like Tween (10-12) All New Tween and Girls Plus Sizing Options for our best selling princess dresses. Products [45] Sort by: Latina Princess Dress Up. This dress is stunning! We just can't get over the scalloped ruffles draping the neck and waterfalling down the skirt

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As tweens in grades five through eight approach young adulthood, many seek good reads with fresh and relevant stories. For kids reaching that age today, queer characters are showing up more and more in award winning books. One reason for the popularity of these LGBTQ+ books is that they include a diverse range of individuals, providing tweens. Rated: PG-13. A true thriller, The Others is a movie that will definitely scare some tweens. If you're looking for a good fright, this might be the right option, both from a jump out of your seat scare as well as a creepy vibe. Grace (Nicole Kidman) is a devoutly religious wife with two ailing kids Rack-o was originally released in 1956, and since then families have enjoyed this Rack'Em & score fun-filled card game. It is timeless fun for adults and tweens! Playing Rack-O is easy. Players randomly slot 10 cards on their rack. Then players draw and discard until one player positions 10 cards in numerical sequence from low to high Tween boys can sometimes be a difficult group to shop for, so I enlisted the assistance of my 9 and 10-year-old sons to help me put together the ultimate list of gift ideas for boys ages 8-11. The presents in this gift guide (over 35 of them!) are perfect for birthdays, Christmas, and holidays, and they're sure to be huge hits with your. It's ok. It barely fit my 10 yr old 115 pound son. He is a little bigger than other kids his age (height and weight). Based on other reviews I thought this size (tween) would fit him. It was too small to keep the velcro closed. He was still happy with it. He said the face mask limited his peripheral vision, but he also wears glasses

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Our Price $18.99 Retail: Retail Price $29.95 Save 37% ($10.96) 5 out of 5 stars for KJV Kids Study Bible Soft leather-look, blue/green. View reviews of this product. 165 Review 10 Dangers and Problems of Teenage Drinking. Although a lot of media attention is given to marijuana or other illicit drug use, alcohol remains the number one drug of choice for many teens despite the long-term dangers. By Charlie Claywell. Nov 5, 2017. Teens. Top 10 Tips for Raising Teenagers Some fictional friendships serve as a mirror for young readers and help them relate to the characters or reflect on their own relationships. Others can be a window into how a friend might feel and help them build empathy for peers or classmates. Here are 10 page-turning books recommended by tween readers where friendship is a central aspect of the story

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If you've been keeping tabs on Teenage Bounty Hunters, you may have noticed it had a short-but-sweet run on Netflix's Top 10 list.That wasn't enough for Netflix to bring it back for Season 2. Ya tweens are like 10 years old so the crafts will be fun for the if they are crafty. Reply. elia. October 17, 2019 at 12:59 am. amazing for my tweens thanks a lot! Reply. Beverly Lafone. January 25, 2020 at 4:42 pm. Trying to find instructions. Every single project I click on comes to DermSet Anti-aging cream, Would love directions for paper. Teenage circumcision can be a ritual in some ethnic groups. Some parents may delay circumcision until the teenage years to let their child be involved in decision making. However, infancy is considered to be the optimal age for clinical circumcision due to a lesser risk of complications and a better cosmetic outcome (1)

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are one of the most enduring franchises of all time. First introduced in the mid-1980s, this was a team that was initially meant to largely be a parody of things like Frank Miller's Daredevil, but something about it caught fire and suddenly it had everything from films to lunchboxes and has existed in one form or another ever since 10 Best Audiobooks for Tweens. March 13, 2020. Finding the perfect audiobook for your tween can be incredibly difficult. In fact, it can feel downright impossible to find great stories that are thematically mature enough to challenge young listeners without veering over the edge into inappropriately adult content. Thankfully, there are many. Shop the coolest tween styles for girls, ages 10-13